Special Issue: China’s National S&t programsSpecial Issue: China’s National S&t programs
National Natural Science Foundation of China and Innovation Fund for Technology-based Firms
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Academic Program ReviewAcademic Program Review
For each program that is reviewed, a recommendation will be made by the Academic Dean to the Vice President of Academic Affairs
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Existing Academic Program Offline Template Program Prioritization Fall 2015Existing Academic Program Offline Template Program Prioritization Fall 2015
Prioritization Plus. Program authors are advised to check with their approvers for any internal deadlines set by their colleges or divisions for program narrative submission
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Accounting Program Review, 2011 Evergreen Valley CollegeAccounting Program Review, 2011 Evergreen Valley College
The mission of the program is to meet the changing needs of the business accounting community and high tech industries in Silicon Valley
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Evergreen valley collegeEvergreen valley college
Good teaching is more a giving of right questions than a giving of right answers. Josef Albers (1888-1976) German-born American artist and educator
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Summary of department/program summary of ProgramSummary of department/program summary of Program
Your explanation should include a brief history and a discussion of any factors that have been important to the program’s development. Please explain the purpose of your program, what students you serve, what services you provide
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