The Digital Access +Equity CampaignThe Digital Access +Equity Campaign
The Alliance for Metropolitan Stability, working in partnership with The Community Computer Access Network (c-can) and the ctep ameriCorps project, is engaged in an 18 month outreach and education project called
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Microsoft Windows nt – The FoundationMicrosoft Windows nt – The Foundation
Microsoft and the larger development community. This paper describes the original design process, provides a high-level overview of the architecture
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Frequently Asked Questions letpp project May 22, 2007 What is the letpp project?Frequently Asked Questions letpp project May 22, 2007 What is the letpp project?
Interoperability will be achieved through overlay additions to the existing rf infrastructure of the following components: Internet Protocol
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Review of the new jersey transit corporationReview of the new jersey transit corporation
Secretary of Transportation to conduct civil rights compliance reviews. The New Jersey Transit Corporation (nj transit) is a recipient of fta funding assistance and is therefore subject to the Title VI compliance conditions associated with the use of these
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K-sec meeting Summary October 5, 2017K-sec meeting Summary October 5, 2017
Here is a summary of the materials we read at the k-sec meeting on October 2nd, 2017
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Artifact worksheetArtifact worksheet
Function: a transatlantic telegraph cable is an undersea cable running under the Atlantic Ocean used for telegraph communications
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Public-Private Partnerships and Economic Development: The Case of Downtown BrooklynPublic-Private Partnerships and Economic Development: The Case of Downtown Brooklyn
This paper will analyze partnerships through a case study of economic development in downtown Brooklyn
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Got History? We Do!Got History? We Do!
Timber Bear’s Barnyard for photographs and other supporting information. Use the timeline as your resource to complete the questions that follow the timeline
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