Year 9 The Arts — MusicYear 9 The Arts — Music
African influence. The blues influenced later American and Western popular music, as it became the roots of jazz, bluegrass, rhythm and blues, rock and roll, heavy metal, hip hop and other popular music forms
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Speech Generating DevicesSpeech Generating Devices
Sgds, sometimes referred to as voice output communication aids (voca), are considered an aided technique sgds offer the advantage of spoken language for individuals who use them
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Introduction to Media Transfer Protocol (mtp) December 10, 2010 AbstractIntroduction to Media Transfer Protocol (mtp) December 10, 2010 Abstract
Protocol (mtp) for Windows® operating systems. It provides an overview for portable-device manufacturers that want to understand the benefit of supporting mtp in their hardware
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Rig templates artist contractRig templates artist contract
These notes relate to a recommended contract template for Artists 0 to be engaged in independent radio productions for the bbc. In the case of productions for Channel Four Radio
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Rig templates author contractRig templates author contract
This agreement relates to a one-off agreement between the Author and Production Company for the Programme to allow the producer to make a radio programme based on the Authors underlying Works
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