What is an Object Anyway?What is an Object Anyway?
In this first lecture we are going to think about these things called objects. We are going to be using objects as a key component of our programming. What are they and how do they fit into programming?
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SystEm of skeletal junctions systema articulare, syndesmologiaSystEm of skeletal junctions systema articulare, syndesmologia
Connecting bones don’t have created articulations areas; understandably the joint capsule is also missing. Movements in these synarthroses are limited, mostly minimal in its extent, or they are connections practicably immobile
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Lev Manovich What is Visualization?Lev Manovich What is Visualization?
Powerful and Wealthy Nations [1805]; in reference to “The Chart, No. 1, representing the rise and fall of all nations or countries, that have been particularly distinguished for wealth or power, is the first of the sort that ever was
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Climatic change and the gulf stream byClimatic change and the gulf stream by
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Art terminologies in three dimensional artArt terminologies in three dimensional art
Abstract/Abstraction: the simplification or distortion of an object that makes it difficult to recognize as reality
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