Developing and underdevelopingDeveloping and underdeveloping
What had been tried quietly throughout Latin America, Asia, and Africa — manipulation through debt dependency — has now been presented with full force in the metropolis of the "metropolis."
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Cultural and Creative Industries David HesmondhalghCultural and Creative Industries David Hesmondhalgh
Forthcoming in Tony Bennett and John Frow (eds) (2008) Handbook of Cultural Analysis. Oxford and Malden, ma: Blackwell
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Toc round 2 Starr’s Mill High SchoolToc round 2 Starr’s Mill High School
Kill by Elizabeth Ann Dermody Leonard demonstrates that 95. 4 percent of battered women who kill their abusers are convicted of either first or second-degree murder and sentenced to lengthy prison terms
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Ecowas and the ‘new scramble’ for africa: interrogating the francophone/anglophone dynamicsEcowas and the ‘new scramble’ for africa: interrogating the francophone/anglophone dynamics
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The Angel of HistoryThe Angel of History
The final version is slightly shorter, conforming to the 40,000 characters with spaces stipulations for volume submissions
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Current appointmentsCurrent appointments
Assistant Professor of Early Modern & Modern Europe, History Department, Utah State University
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The Cultural IndustriesThe Cultural Industries
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