Kennan\Kennan's Telegram (Excerpt)
Part 1: Basic Features of Post War Soviet Outlook, as Put Forward by Official Propaganda Machine, Are as Follows
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Masaryk universityMasaryk university
I hereby profess that I have written the diploma thesis The Chechen Terrorism—development and present alone, using only the literature and resources given in the list
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New styles in \"leftism\"New styles in "leftism"
Staughton Lynd appears on p. 324. Certain editors of Dtssent have indicated an interest in writing on aspects of the subject where they disagree with one or another of these articles
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Russian Theory of International RelationsRussian Theory of International Relations
In International Studies Encyclopedia, edited by Robert A. Denemark. Vol. X, Hoboken, nj: Wiley-Blackwell Publishers, 2010, pp. 6375-6387
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The Economic Decline and Soviet Foreign PolicyThe Economic Decline and Soviet Foreign Policy
Randall Schweller and Stephen Brooks argued that the final phase of the Cold War, at least, was to be understood in essentially realist terms—that it was a case, to use E. H. Carr’s phrase
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Dina (diana) zisserman-brodsky curriculum vitae and list of publications • Personal InformationDina (diana) zisserman-brodsky curriculum vitae and list of publications • Personal Information
B. a and M. A. (direct track), Lomonosov Moscow State University, Journalism and Communication Studies, Department of Sociology of Mass Media
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