Forestry Department Food and Agriculture Organization of the United NationsForestry Department Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
This paper is one of a series of fao documents on forest-related health and biosecurity issues. The purpose of these papers is to provide early information on on-going activities and programmes, and to stimulate discussion
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Latin america agriculture forest irrigation watershedLatin america agriculture forest irrigation watershed
Alcorn, j (1981). “Huastec noncrop resource management: implications for prehistorical rainforest management.” Human Ecology 9: 395-417
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I. Results from Prior nsf supportI. Results from Prior nsf support
Sirabelli, P., A. Giuliani, A. Colosimo, and J. Dippner. 2001. Breaking down the climate effects on cod recruitment by principal components analysis and canonical correlation. Mar. Ecol. Progr. Ser. 216: 213-222
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By-catches and discards of the Greek swordfish fisheryBy-catches and discards of the Greek swordfish fishery
In terms of weight, the landed swordfish represents the 84% of the total catches, while 14% and 2% correspond to commercial by-catches and discards respectively
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Restricted – Commercial (When completed)Restricted – Commercial (When completed)
Name of link project: Rearing Protocols for Atlantic Halibut Larvae During Transition from Endogenous to Exogenous Nutrition.
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