Running head: explanations for confidence ratingsRunning head: explanations for confidence ratings
What are Confidence Judgments Made of? Students’ Explanations for their Confidence Ratings and What that Means for Calibration
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Quantifying projected impacts under 2°C warmingQuantifying projected impacts under 2°C warming
This report complements Task 3 of wp2 “High resolution global climate scenarios”
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Development of a Voice Recognition ProgramDevelopment of a Voice Recognition Program
It compares the multiple repeats of the word to stored fingerprints of the four speakers saying, “open”. This program is a good foundation for allowing a user to identify a person based upon voice fingerprinting
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Cloud Computing: Architectural and Policy ImplicationsCloud Computing: Architectural and Policy Implications
It closes by offering a few observations on the impact of cloud computing on the industry structure for data centers, server-related technologies, router-based technologies, and access networks, as well as its implications for regulation
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Final exam teachers : François Bellavance and Jean-Claude LebrunFinal exam teachers : François Bellavance and Jean-Claude Lebrun
Pierre Bourque as well as their opinion on the «one island, one city» project. For the question, «The mayor presently exercises his second mandate. Would you say that you currently trust him more
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Weekly Challenge #03Weekly Challenge #03
Calculate the standard deviations of the scores of the ten matches for both Batsmen
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