Spring Break 2012Spring Break 2012
A great way to spend spring break, as a family, is to travel. Simply, taking a trip together, anywhere, can draw your family closer together. Here are some of the top vacation destinations you and your family may want to check out over this
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Mission statement of International Hindu SchoolMission statement of International Hindu School
Hindu School is to instill the leadership, creativity and courage in the minds of its graduates and to give them a drive for a life-long pursuit of knowledge
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Imagineit workshop, part of Project aceImagineit workshop, part of Project ace
This lesson has been tested with students with visual impairments in grades 7 – 12
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Building Biomes and WorldBuilding Biomes and World
The students are expected to write up a description for each biome including bonuses, where the good farmland is if any. Anything the student might need to know about settling there when the world is settled
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The Material World: ChemistryThe Material World: Chemistry
Students will develop and carry out investigations that use a variety of approaches. Variables will be considered and logical and justifiable conclusions drawn
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The role of arts education in nigeriaThe role of arts education in nigeria
This article explores the meaning of Arts and Education from different perspectives
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