David E. KimDavid E. Kim
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Mimics the movement of Real InsectsMimics the movement of Real Insects
Abstract- this paper presents an introduction to the world of swarm robots and adumbrates its applications and how it is applicable in a real life scenario, in what scenarios the robotic swarm can be used
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The Information Processing Techniques Office and the Birth of the InternetThe Information Processing Techniques Office and the Birth of the Internet
Systems with feedback cannot adequately be treated as if they were of one-way action for the feedback introduces properties which can be explained only by reference to the properties of the particular feedback
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Nenad Grujović2, Dejan DivacNenad Grujović2, Dejan Divac
Jaroslav Černi Institute for the Development of Water Resources, 80 Jaroslava Černog St., Beglrade, Serbia
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Psychoanalytical Jurisprudence 1ACPsychoanalytical Jurisprudence 1AC
Illinois University, his studies focus on postmodernism, post-structuralism, the Frankfurt school, chaos theory, complexity theory, catastrophe theory, topology theory, constitutive theory, edgework analysis
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