Resume Rudolf B. HusarResume Rudolf B. Husar
Characterization of Tropospheric Aerosols over the Oceans with the noaa advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer Optical Thickness Operational Product, with J. M. Prospero and L. L. Stowe. J. Geophys. Res. 102, D14, 16889-16909 (1997)
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Geoffrey Charles Fox PhoneGeoffrey Charles Fox Phone
Phone: 8122194643(Cell), 8128567977(Lab), 8123239196(Home), 8126690772 (SkypeIn), 8123910207
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Judith Lynne HannaJudith Lynne Hanna
Professional Focus: cross-disciplinary study of performance in the arts and society
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Media updateMedia update
On International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons civil society warns: If we don’t take action, a nuclear weapon accident will happen
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Ronald L. DanielsonRonald L. Danielson
Management of university technology and information resources; impact of information technology on organizational performance and behavior; technology-supported pedagogical innovations; learning and collaborative environments
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Nancy yen-wen chengNancy yen-wen cheng
Independent research, assistant for William Mitchell's caad workshop for architecture professors, 1995
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Yu-Tung Liu October 7, 2007Yu-Tung Liu October 7, 2007
Chairman of Review Committee, Far East International Digital Architectural Design Award, 2000
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Edward a. FeigenbaumEdward a. Feigenbaum
Ph. D., Graduate School of Industrial Administration, Carnegie Institute of Technology (now Carnegie-Mellon University), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, September 1960
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Ewing L. (“Rusty”) Lusk Work AddressEwing L. (“Rusty”) Lusk Work Address
Parallel Computing, Program Visualization, Automated Theorem Proving, Logic Programming, Database Technology, Systems Software
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Ece/trans/WP. 29/1089/AdEce/trans/WP. 29/1089/Ad
Regulations (WP. 29) requested the secretariat to circulate the final version of the summary report of the Round Table held at its June 2010 session
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Ece/trans/WP. 29/2011/46Ece/trans/WP. 29/2011/46
World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (WP. 29). It is mainly based on ece/trans/WP. 29/2010/141 amended as requested by wp. 29 at its November session
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