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Child Abuse Prevention and Reporting PolicyChild Abuse Prevention and Reporting Policy
In adopting this policy, we accept the responsibility to educate ourselves about child abuse, and to take the steps that are necessary to assure the policy’s successful implementation
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James E. Stark, Ph. D., P. C., R. C. E. Clinical Psychologist, Georgia #298James E. Stark, Ph. D., P. C., R. C. E. Clinical Psychologist, Georgia #298
Assessment of Brain Damage in Adults and Children with the Halstead-Reitan Neuropsychological Test Battery
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The unitarian universalist congregation of atlantaThe unitarian universalist congregation of atlanta
The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta (uuca) is a faith community of 700+ members and 300+ friends in metro Atlanta. Its mission is to change lives by encouraging spiritual journeys which combine personal growth with social justice awareness
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Monthly Executive ReportMonthly Executive Report
Visitors and members are finding their place within the congregational community
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Unitarian universalist congregation of atlantaUnitarian universalist congregation of atlanta
It is hoped that a written manual will both contribute to these objectives as well as to assist the staff in complying with the prescribed accounting and business operations of uuca
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Planned Parenthood BackersPlanned Parenthood Backers
Here is a list of our enemies, whether bad stuff on tv, Amnesty. Common Core, the Gaystapo, the Planned Parenthood backers, etc
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