Policy #: 16-01 Effective: April 1, 2016 RevisedPolicy #: 16-01 Effective: April 1, 2016 Revised
To assure that users in the College of Health and Human Development (hhd) are aware of various limitations surrounding the purchasing, use and maintenance of Apple products to include computers and tablets
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Using the Macintosh with VoiceOver & ZoomUsing the Macintosh with VoiceOver & Zoom
This manual contains extensive coverage of using the Macintosh computer with VoiceOver speech/Braille access and Zoom screen enlargement macOs sierra Version 10. 12 or later needs to be installed to use this manual
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High Level pki services apiHigh Level pki services api
Pki product being used. If each pki product and each application can meet at a common interface, more applications will become pki enabled for all pkis
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Journal of Electronic Library, volume 21, number 6, p. 575-586, 2003Journal of Electronic Library, volume 21, number 6, p. 575-586, 2003
The aim of this research is to develop a new human-computer interface model and an associated computer system for visually impaired people so that they can browse the World Wide Web via Internet
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The future of talking computers Last modified: October 13, 2003, 1: 00 pm pdtThe future of talking computers Last modified: October 13, 2003, 1: 00 pm pdt
In addition, voice recognition takes this application one step further by using it to verify, identity, and understand basic commands. These technologies will play a greater role in the future and even threaten to make the keyboard
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Supervisor: Dr. Jonathan (Yahya) Cazalas SignatureSupervisor: Dr. Jonathan (Yahya) Cazalas Signature
The aim is to learn parallel programming on gpus using nvidia’s cuda and use this knowledge to solve problems & improve the evaluations in the domain of real-time approximate query location in mobile computing
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Abbreviations & DefinitionsAbbreviations & Definitions
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I'm Nick Zeppos the chancellor of Vanderbilt University, a nd welcome to the Zeppos Report podcast where I have the privilege of talking with some of the most interesting people who are shaping and helping us understand our world
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Forum Data: Power Monitoring & Management (PM&M) BatteriesForum Data: Power Monitoring & Management (PM&M) Batteries
Increased battery capacity per charge cycle Existing battery capabilities are insufficient for some users, particularly those who attach multiple accessories or use their power chair/scooter as a one-passenger vehicle
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