Glossary for Chapter 1 AlgorithmGlossary for Chapter 1 Algorithm
Algorithm a systematic solution procedure for solving a particular type of problem. (Section 4)
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Ethics and Factual Television: a short historyEthics and Factual Television: a short history
He spent several years filming, developing his negatives on site, dealing with all manner of technical and physical difficulties. It was a tour-de-force
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Powershell How-To Series Project: Core Server Role installationPowershell How-To Series Project: Core Server Role installation
Server Core computer that is running Microsoft® Windows Server® 2012. I am assuming that the computer already has the operating system installed
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The Calling Program’s ConventionsThe Calling Program’s Conventions
Ibm developed a series of rules called “Linkage Conventions” which specify the responsibilities of the cooperating programs. We will call the main program the “calling program” and the subroutine it calls the “called program”
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Imagining new york city shaun O’ConnellImagining new york city shaun O’Connell
Parts of the city have been deemed marginal Norman Mailer wrote "Brooklyn is not the center of anything" and Ralph Ellison said “Harlem is nowhere” but Manhattan has always been the vital center of the city that not only never sleeps but never stops
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Table of contents revision history afrs batch interfaceTable of contents revision history afrs batch interface
Added information on new field in Transaction Record Layout, updated screens, and updated agency name
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