The specific aim of the course is to provide students with a solid foundation for the study of the sound patterns of English and to help them master the basic notions of phonetic transcription
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Music and Science FictionMusic and Science Fiction
Philip K. Dick, Anthony Burgess, Samuel R. Delany, William Gibson, etc.; finally, science fiction radio, film, television, and digital media have been influential in shaping popular perceptions of audio technologies, new instrumentation
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Lecture 1 Introduction to the study of phonetics and phonologyLecture 1 Introduction to the study of phonetics and phonology
What kind of disciplines? You may analyze a sound system of the language, how it functions, the grammar, of the vocabulary. Here we’re going to analyze the sound system of the English language
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A. Theory # Organs of speechA. Theory # Organs of speech
Phonetics is the study of speech sounds which are utilized by all human languages to represent the meaning. It concerned with the describing the speech sounds which occur in the languages of the world
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Phonology 1: Consonants: Articulation and transcriptionPhonology 1: Consonants: Articulation and transcription
Important elements of our internal biological arrangement that we use in articulation
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