Champagne Philipponnat, Brut, Royale Réserve, Mareuil sur Ay, 2008

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South Africa


Martin Meinert Sauvignon Blanc La Barry, Elgin, 2012

Born out of necessity due to his wife only drinking white wine, this Sauvignon Blanc, produced in the best terroir of South Africa for this grape variety, is now getting the recognition that its due. Half way between the Loire and Marlborough, it is balanced, full of fruit and has a zesty mineral finish.



Chenin Blanc,Cannonberg, Western Cape, 2013
This wine has a crisp, tight nose of green peppers and citrus fruit leading to a classic palate of tropical notes and apples.




Chardonnay Seven Day Road, Mudgee, New South Wales, 2011

Upfront tropical fruit balanced by fresh acidity defines this un-oaked Chardonnay from a cooler part of Western Australia.



Clonale Chardonnay, Kooyong, Mornington Penninsula2012

Made by SandroMasele, this wine is a pure expression of its unique terroir, almost Burgundian in its strong identity. Rich, complex, with lovely nutty characters, developing into rich peach and nectarine flavours, long mineral finish.



Semillon Sauvignon Franklin Tate, Western Australia, 2011

Fresh and zingy with delicious limy and pink grapefruit bursting on the palate, aromatic finish


little beauty homeland_summer 2
Little Beauty
Little Beauty is a small boutique winery and its vineyards are situated next to the Waihopai River and face the famous and picturesque Richmond Range. They are sheltered but have taken advantage of their northwest orientation which ensures excellent ripening conditions. Jason is the viticulturist and Eveline is the wine maker, who used to be the senior wine maker at Cloudy Bay.

The wines literally are little beauties. Under the careful management of Eveline, the wine making process delivers true Marlborough wines, however, they are exquisitely elegant and feminine, the flavours are expressive but refined and they will either be enjoyed on their own, or they will be capable of matching very sophisticated food.



New Zealand


Little Beauty Sauvignon Blanc, Waihopai Valley, Marlborough, 2011

The usual Marlborough characteristics of tropical fruits (guava, passion fruit) are present, but the wine remains delicate, feminine and aromatic. The long mineral finish brings a lot of elegance to the wine's structure.



Little Beauty Riesling, Waihopai Valley, Marlborough, 2010

Crisp and zippy with delicious lime sherbet characters. Aromatic and elegant, long mineral finish



Little Beauty Pinot Gris, Waihopai Valley, Marlborough, 2010

Almost Alsatian in style, this delicious Pinot Gris shows great balance between freshness and opulence from the ripe apricot and peach characters, the long finish displays fine spicy notes



Black Edition Little Beauty Sauvignon Blanc, Waihopai Valley, Marlborough, 2010

Unusual Sauvignon with a lot of complexity and richness due to its careful ageing in French oak. Delicious citrus characters rounded by a mellow and creamy acidity



Black Edition, Pinot Gris, Little Beauty, Marlborough, 2010

Produced from a single vineyard, the wine has spent 15 months on lees, having been fermented in French oak, giving the wine a rich, complex yet dry style. Voluptuous characters of soft figs, grilled hazelnut and quince, slightly oily and rounded finish but elegant.




Chardonnay Classic Series, Montes, Curico Valley, 2011

Crisp but packed with tropical fruit characters, rich mouth feel balanced by a fresh finish.



Estate Sauvignon Blanc, De Martino, MaipoValley, 2011

Zippy and fresh with juicy lemon on the palate, made by the first carbon neutral producer in South America.




Villa Vieja Chenin Torrontes, La Agricola, Mendoza, 2012

Packed with floral, aromatic and apricot notes, the rich peachy notes wine are balanced by good acidity.



Santa Celina Pinot Gris, Jacques and Francois Lurton, Mendoza, 2012

Lovely ripe peach and spicy characters, fleshy palate but well balanced by good acidity and a mineral finish.






AlbariñoAbadiade San Campio, RiasBaixas, 2012

The wine is produced in Galicia, the North West of Spain and due to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean; this region produces wine with a lot of freshness and crisp acidity. Packed with citrus and tropical fruit characters, the wine is long.



Rioja Blanco, Sauvignon Blanc, Bodegas Altanza, 2012

Refreshing and full of tropical characters with lovely grassy notes, z t fulltropical characters with lovely grassy notes. ood acidity and a minerla esty but full



La Mar, Caino Branco, Bodegas Terras Gauda, Rias Baixas, 2010

This is the favourite white wine of King Juan Carlos that is served at official banquets. Made with the rare, indigenous CainoBranco, this wine is absolutely fabulous. Produced in very small yields, this is highly concentrated and full on the palate yet very well balanced by good acidity. Showing yellow fruit and citrus characters on the palate and savoury, salty notes on the finish, this is the perfect match for any serious seafood dish. Very little is produced but we are delighted and proud to have secured an allocation of this wine.




Gavi, Marchesi di Barolo, Piemonte, Italy, 2011

This is a classically styled Gavi from a top producer whose passion and expertise is displayed in their wines. The delicate lemon colour leads to a complex nose of citrus, apples, pears, wild flowers, and aromatic herbs.



Vermentino, Poggio al Tufo, Tommasi, Tuscany, 2012

Originally from Liguria, Vermentino is a typical Mediterranean grape variety. Full of juicy and ripe lemon characters, zippy and aromatic. Will match grilled seafood perfectly.



Pinot GrigioTrefili, Cantina San Marziano, Molise, 2012

Packed with zingy, citrus fruit characters, the palate has balanced acidity and a spicy floral finish.



Trebbiano d’Abruzzo, Gianni Masciarelli, Marche, 2011

Made from the local and unique Trebbianod’Abbruzo, this is a typical, delicious white Italian. Bursting with aromatic and yellow fruit characters, the palate is refined with green apple flavours and hints of almonds on the finish




Riesling, Trocken Kabinett, Bernhard Huber, Baden, 2011

Dry and zesty. Very elegant and food friendly. Clean, aromatic, juicy lemons, long mineral finish




Grüner Veltliner Rainer Wess, Wachau, 2012

Very delicate and aromatic, a palate full of spicy notes and orchard fruit characters. Long mineral finish



What is Biodynamic Viticulture?
Biodynamic viticulture, like Organic viticulture, does not use the herbicides or pesticides employed in conventional grape growing. By respecting the soil as a living element, it nurtures the vines, imbruing them with mineral and organic trace elements.
Biodynamic viticulture goes a step further than Organic viticulture: it also takes into consideration the pattern of lunar and cosmic rhythms. The soil is seen not simply as a support for vine growing, but as an organism in its own right. This approach to agriculture was common practice throughout Europe during the Iron Age. It disappeared with the emergence of modern agriculture. It was Rudolph Steiner, an Austrian philanthropist, who reintroduced this practice. The number of wine producers embracing Biodynamy is constantly growing, especially in France and Italy.



South of France


Gaillac, Domaine Clément Termes, Gascony, 2012

A blend of indigenous Loin de L’oeil and Mauzac, whilst being fresh, a bit of weight on the palate with delicious ripe pears characters.



ViognierTerre des Olivettes, Languedoc, 2012

Hard to pronounce but easy to drink, Viognier is this unmistakable grape variety that offers rich mouth feel, fresh, apricot and ripe peaches. Usually grown in warm areas like the South of France.



Picpoul de Pinet, Domaine des Lauriers, Cuvée Prestige, Côteaux du Languedoc, 2012

A clean and refreshing wine from the South of France offering excellent value for money. Loads of citrus and peachy flavours with a lovely aromatic and herby finish.




PouillyFumé, Jonathan Pabiot, 2012 (Organic)

Jonathan is undoubtedly one of the rising stars of the appellation. Now certified Organic, his vineyards produces fantastic Sauvignon Blanc. His low intervention approach to wine making produces wines of great complexity, balance and length.



Muscadet de Sèvre et Maine sur Lie, Château Haute Cariziere, 2012

Reminiscent of quality Trebbiano with lovely floral and almond notes. The acidity is obviously present but is well balance



Sauvignon Blanc de Touraine, Fleur de Printemps, Domaine de la Rochette 2012

Award winning Sauvignon from the heart of the Loire. Crisp gooseberries, limes and a very slightly creamy finish.



Vouvray Sec Domaine Champalou, 2010

The original home of Chenin Blanc, this Vouvray is dry but luscious with delicious notes of honey, white peaches and long mineral and savoury finish.



Sancerre Domaine Vincent Gaudry, 2011 (Biodynamic)

An opulent, rich Sancerre from this boutique and iconic Sancerre producer. Whilst showing the expected gooseberry and citrus characters, the wine has incredible depth and width.


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