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Crisis, Grief, Suicide, Death & Divorce Titles 79

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Crisis, Grief, Suicide, Death & Divorce Titles 79

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Advances in Suicidology, Brill Academic Publishers, Netherlands, 1989, Active (Ulrich).

Advances in Thanatology, Foundation of Thanatology, United States (Ulrich).

American Association of Suicidology. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting, American Association of Suicidology, United States, 1975 [8th], Active (Ulrich).

Annual Editions: Dying, Death, and Bereavement, Dushkin - McGraw-Hill, United States, 1993, Active (Ulrich).

Archives of Suicide Research, Kluwer Academic Publishers Group, Netherlands, 1995, Ceased (Ulrich).

Association for Death Education & Counseling. Forum Newsletter, Association for Death Education & Counseling, United States, Active (Ulrich).

Conflict Studies (LOC).

Courtroom Medicine Series: Death, Matthew Bender & Co., Inc., United States, 1966, Active (Ulrich).

Crisis & Change, Crisis & Change, United Kingdom, 1965 (Ulrich).

Crisis (Kirkland), Hogrefe & Huber Publishers, United States, 1980, Active (Ulrich).

Crisis (Washington), Deal W. Hudson, Ed.&Pub., United States, 1982, Active (Ulrich).

Crisis Intervention and Time-Limited Treatment, Gordon and Breach - Harwood Academic, Switzerland, 1994, Active (Ulrich).

Crisis Investing, Agora, Inc., United States, 1979, Active (Ulrich).

Crisis Management Reporter, Kennedy Information Inc., United States, Active (Ulrich).

Crisis Papers, Atlantic Information Centre for Teachers, United States, 1974, Suspended (Ulrich).

Cristion, Cristion Publishing Company, United Kingdom, 1983, Active (Ulrich).

Death & Dying Sourcebook, Omnigraphics, Inc., United States, 1999, Active (Ulrich).

DEATH EDUCATION (Continued by DEATH STUDIES) -- 1977-1984

DEATH STUDIES (Continues DEATH EDUCATION) -- 1985-1995 -- Taylor & Francis Ltd., United States, 1977, Active (Ulrich).

Death to Lobbyists, Dubious Publishing, United States, 1997 (Ulrich).

Death, Bad Seed, Inc., United States, 1978 (Ulrich).

Directory of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Programs and Resources, National Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Clearinghouse, United States, 1984, Ceased (Ulrich).

Directory of Suicide Prevention and Crisis Intervention Centers, American Association of Suicidology, United States, Active (Ulrich).

Divorce Chats, United States Divorce Reform, Inc., United States, 1961, Ceased (Ulrich).

Divorce Litigation, National Legal Research Group, Inc., United States, 1980, Active (Ulrich).

Divorce Ministry Newsletter, North American Conference of Separated and Divorced Catholics, United States, 1982, Ceased (Ulrich).

Divorce On-Line, American Divorce Information Network, United States, 1995, Active (Ulrich).

Divorce Practice Handbook, Lexis Law Publishing, United States, Active (Ulrich).

DivorceNet, LawTek, United States, 1995, Active (Ulrich).

Dunhill Personal Injury & Death Bulletin, Dunhill Publishing Company, Canada, 1976, Active (Ulrich).

DWD Newsletter, Dying with Dignity, Canada, 1983, Active (Ulrich).

Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre. Report, Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre, United Kingdom, 1981 (Ulrich).

Emergency Preparedness News, Business Publishers, Inc., United States, 1977, Active (Ulrich).

Emotions and Behavior. Monograph, International Universities Press, Inc., United States, Active (Ulrich).

Foundation of Thanatology. Archives, Foundation of Thanatology, United States, Active (Ulrich).

Funeral and Cemetery Today, Funeral and Cemetery Today, United States, 1995, Ceased (Ulrich).

GEI Newsletter, Grief Education Institute, United States, 1979 (Ulrich).

Gitlin on Divorce, Lexis Law Publishing, United States, 1991, Active (Ulrich).

GMHC Treatment Issues, Gay Men's Health Crisis, Inc., United States, 1987, Active (Ulrich).

Hemlock Timelines, Hemlock Society USA, United States, 1980 (Ulrich).

HIV Medicine, Blackwell Science Ltd., United Kingdom, 2000, Active (Ulrich).

Hospice Journal, The, Haworth Press, Inc., United States, 1985, Merged/Incorporated (Ulrich).

Hospice Today, Hospice of the Florida Suncoast, United States, 1981, Active (Ulrich).

ICISF Presents, International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, Ellicott City, MD, (P).

Illness, Crisis, and Loss, Sage Publications, Inc., United States, 1991, Active (Ulrich).

International Crisis Behavior, University of California Press, United States, 1983 [vol.2], Active (Ulrich).

International Journal of Police Negotiations and Crisis Management, Society of Police and Criminal Psychology, United States, 1984, Ceased (Ulrich).

Jail Suicide/Mental Health Update, - Joint Project of the National Center on Institutions, (Mansfield, MA) and Alternatives and the National Institute of Corrections (US Dept. of Justice, Longmont, CO),, 1991-present, (P).

Journal of Conflict Resolution, Sage Publications, Inc., United States, 1957, Active (Ulrich).


Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management, Blackwell Publishers Ltd., United Kingdom, 1993, Active (Ulrich).

Journal of Critical Care, WB Saunders Co., United States, 1986 [Mar.], Active (Ulrich).

JOURNAL OF DIVORCE AND REMARRIAGE (Continues JOURNAL OF DIVORCE) -- 1990- --Haworth Press, Inc., United States, 1977, Active.Journal of Ethnic & Cultural Diversity in Social Work, Haworth Press, Inc., United States, 1991, Active (Ulrich).

Journal of Loss & Trauma, Taylor & Francis Ltd., United States, 1996, Active (Ulrich).

Journal of Near-Death Studies, Kluwer Academic - Plenum Publishers, United States, 1981, Active (Ulrich).

Journal of Religion and Abuse, Haworth Press, Inc., United States, 1999, Active (Ulrich).

Journal of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Infant Mortality, Kluwer Academic - Plenum Publishers, United States, 1996, Ceased (Ulrich).

Journal of Trauma and Dissociation, Haworth Press, Inc., United States, 1999, Active (Ulrich).

Maledicta: The International Journal of Verbal Aggression (LOC).

Migrants against AIDS - HIV, Migrants against AIDS - HIV, United States, 1995 (Ulrich).

New Crisis, The, Crisis Publishing Co., United States, 1910, Active (Ulrich).

New York Gitlitz on Divorces and Annulments, Gould Publications, Inc., United States, 1988, Active (Ulrich).

Newslink (Washington), American Association of Suicidology, United States, Active (Ulrich).

Omega: Journal of Death and Dying, Baywood Publishing Co., Inc., United States, 1969, Active (Ulrich).

Pennsylvania Divorce and Domestic Reporter, LRP Publications, United States, Active (Ulrich).

Rayden & Jackson on Divorce & Family Matters, Butterworths Tolley, United Kingdom, Active (Ulrich).

Response to Violence in the Family and Sexual Assault (LOC).

Sharing (St. Charles), SHARE Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support National Office, United States, 1978, Active (Ulrich).

Sounds of Death Magazine, Independent Media International, Inc., United States, 1991, Active (Ulrich).

Springer Series on Death and Suicide, Springer Publishing Company, United States, 1979, Active (Ulrich).

Suicidal Behavior: A Survey of Oregon High School Students, (Year), Department of Human Services Center for Health Statistics, United States, 1997, Active (Ulrich).

Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior, Guilford Publications, Inc., United States, 1970, Active (Ulrich).

Survivors Outreach Series, Theos Foundation, United States, 1980, Active (Ulrich).

Synopsis (Columbia), Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Alliance (SIDS), United States, 1990, Active (Ulrich).

Thanatology Librarian, Center for Thanatology Research and Education Inc., United States, 1979, Active (Ulrich).

Trauma (LOC).

Valuation Strategies in Divorce, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., United States, Active (Ulrich).

VE Bulletin, South Australian Voluntary Euthanasia Society, Australia, 1984, Active (Ulrich).

Victimology (LOC).

Violence Against Women, Sage Publications, Inc., United States, 1995, Active (Ulrich).

Vital Statistics [Bureaus, Departments of], Periodicals, All States and Most Countries, inform on most topics related to Death, Life, Divorce, Sociology, etc (Ulrich).

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