Chapter 4: Straight Dudes Seeking Same: Mapping the Relationship Between Sexual Identities, Practices and Culture

Chapter 13: Geisha of a Different Kind Gay Asian Men and the Gendering of Sexual

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Chapter 13: Geisha of a Different Kind Gay Asian Men and the Gendering of Sexual

Typically Gay identities are formed through a range of social interactions. Sadly, Portrayals & images of gay Asian men have been constructed as feminine. This action is described as racial castration. Gay Asian Men are described as passive and subservient in relation to gay white men. In actuality, Gay Asian Men prefer to be with white men. Gay Asian Men are "rewarded" by the dominant gay community for conforming with white male companionship.

Chapter 14: Gay-For-Pay: Straight Men and the Making of Gay Pornography

Here they discuss Homosexual performances. These performances consists of non-gay performers participating in the making gay porn. These men exemplifies situational homosexuality. Revenues of the porn industry are comparable to Hollywood’s annual domestic ticket sales and professional sports players. The gay market represents ten to twenty five perfect of their revenues. It is said that gay men often turn to gay pornography for cultural and sexual validation. It provides them with knowledge of having a gay sexuality. The effectiveness of these pornographic films is the ability to satisfy the viewer’s expectation that it is real. They use the Sexual script theory. It helps to understand how these performers create characters and reconcile having gay sex while identifying as non-gay. Gay for pay group offers and interesting example of situational homosexuality. When entering this industry, they adopt a nom de porn and a career script. (personality traits, physical characteristics and performance style) To assist heterosexual men while filming homosexual pornography videos, they may constantly interrupt the homosexual activities, use heterosexual forms of pornography and use visual aids to help keep them erect and achieve an orgasm. The making of gay male pornography provides an example of situational homosexuality. Since it is a type of sex work, the sexual conduct is a specific response to their customers preferences and doesn’t represent their preferred sexual response.

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