Chapter 4: Straight Dudes Seeking Same: Mapping the Relationship Between Sexual Identities, Practices and Culture

Chapter 36: Reclaiming Raunch”? Spatializing Queer Identities at Toronto Women’s

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Chapter 36: Reclaiming Raunch”? Spatializing Queer Identities at Toronto Women’s
Bathhouse Events

Pussy palace events began in the fall of 1998 and since then have been held on an irregular basis. The inaugural pussy palace in Canada had over 350 women in attendance. The organizers view these atendees as indicative of Toronto’s untapped desire in the lesbian community. These events are expressed as political projects, designed to contest preconceived ideas about women’s gendered and sexualized selves. TWBC (Toronto Women’s bathhouse committee) opens up a liberating sexual possibility while discipling gendered and sexualized identities. The TWBC positions their agenda within a feminist framework and regards their endeavours as politically transformative for women. Their main goal is to open up the possibility for non monogamous and casual sexual practice in order to breakdown the constraints imposed in an earlier historical era.
Chapter 37: Visibility as Privilege & Danger Heterosexual & Same-Sex Interracial
In this article, Gayle rubin argues that sexuality is organized into systems of power that reward certain individuals and activities, while surpressing others. She argues that those who practice, good hetertosexual activity, are rewarded with respect while those who practice abnormal sexuality suffer disreputability, criminality and restricted mobility. She omits intersexuality relations though. Ignoring this neglects the manner that racial hierarchies have structured and regulated sexual behaviors and identities.

Visibility as a privilege argues a man and women can comfortably express affection in any social setting, even a gat one, without wondering if kissing or holding hands will lead them to violence. Same sex intimacy is entering an era of visibility, which is seen through news coverage of gay related issues, gay sports stars and rock stars. Dislocation visibilaty occurs when they are not holding hands or being physically affectionate in a crowd of people. They are assumed to not be together.

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