Chapter 4: Straight Dudes Seeking Same: Mapping the Relationship Between Sexual Identities, Practices and Culture

Chapter 46: Deconstructing Down Low Discourse The Politics of Sexuality, Gender

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Shalton Charles due tmm
Chapter 46: Deconstructing Down Low Discourse The Politics of Sexuality, Gender,
Race, Aids, & Anxiety

This reading Confirms cultural misconceptions embedded within the down low discourse. It also Identifies many myths associated with Down Low offering substantive evidence to dispute those fallacies. This reading Problematizes Down Low discourse in itself and how it contributes to the spread of HIV/AIDS. Throughout, Pinpoints structural factors at fault arguing that individualistic explanations divert us from locating and implementing real solutions.
Chapter 47: Gay Pakistanis, Still in Shadow, Seek Acceptance

Homosexual acts are illegal in Pakistan. Gay, lesbianm bisexual and transgenders have to seek hideouts away from even their families and friends. Support groups are very protective of eachother and where they have meetings. A group of youths are actively trying to foster more acceptance from their culture about their sexuality. There are no civil rights that protect gays and lesbians from discrimination. Pakistani society is segregated on gender lines but you can easily lead a gay life, as long as it is not promoted or obvious. Some men have sex with other men to get a break from their wives or for money. The gay and lesbian support groups are trying to find the proper way to shed light on the issue.
Chapter 49: Out in the Country

This reading examines role of visibility and public space in shaping identity policies among rural LGBT individuals. Rural areas lack the physical, social and financial resources avail in urban areas for maintaining queer spaces. Highland Pride Alliance (HPA) co-opts various public spaces such as the nearby Walmart. HPA members utilize online and physical public venues to express public selves and the contemporary call or visibility and public recognition.
Chapter 50: How Could You Do This To ME How Lesbian, Bisexual , and Queer
Latinas Negotiate Sexual Identity With Their Families.

This reading details three primary strategies used by LGB Latinas in negotiating sexual nonconformity with their families. Erasure of nonconformity primarily occurs among younger and economically dependent Latinas who have disclosed their sexual nonconformity. There is no disclosure between LGB Latinas and their families. The families provided most acceptance for
LGB Latinas to live their nonconforming lives.

Avoidance of disclosure occurs when everyone acts as if nothing was stated in regard to sexual nonconformity, it is completely ignored to maintain the facade, LGB Latinas must maintain distinct boundaries between family and sexual lives.

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