Chapter General §101. Definitions [formerly paragraph 1: 001]

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1. The occupant content and the number of required facilities for occupancies other than listed shall be determined by the plumbing official. Plumbing facilities in the occupancies or tenancies of similar use may be determined by the plumbing official from this table. See §411.A.4 of this Code.

2. Twenty-four linear inches (610 mm) of wash sink or 18 inches (457 mm) of a circular basin, when provided with water outlets for such space, shall be considered equivalent to one lavatory (see §415.H of this Code). In accordance with LAC 51:XVII.109.B, the minimum number of required public or public use lavatories/hand-washing fixtures shall be located within the toilet room.

3. When central washing facilities are provided in lieu of washing machine connections in each living unit, central facilities shall be located for the building served at the ratio of not less than one washing machine for each 12 living units, but in no case less than two machines for each building of 15 living units or less. See §§415.E.2.b and 415.M.4 of this code.

4. With the exception of retail stores associated with retail fuel stations and/or restaurant/food service establishments associated with retail fuel stations and retail stores that require two or more different food permits (see note #14 below), a single facility consisting of one water closet and one lavatory may be used by both males and females in the following occupancies subject to the building area limitations (see also LAC 51:XXIII.3119):


Total Building
Area (sq ft)



Retail Store (within covered mall)


Laundries (Self-Service)


Beauty Shops, Barber Shops, Tanning Facilities, and Nail Salons



Usable Floor
Space (sq ft)

Restaurant/Food Service Establishment

(excluding retail fuel stations)


Retail Store (excluding retail fuel stations)


*A single facility [normally allowed under Note #4 for a retail store occupancy (excluding retail fuel stations)] does not apply when the conditions of Note #14(a) below exist.

5. Common toilet facilities (separate for males and females) for each floor are acceptable in lieu of separate facilities required by this Section only when the applicable building occupant content has common access from within the building. When tenancies, rental units, etc., are to be provided with separate facilities of a partial nature, such facilities are not deductible from the total common facilities required. See §411.A.5 of this Code.

6. Applicable to small stand-up restaurants and similar occupancies.

7.(a). Light manufacturing is applicable to those manufacturers manufacturing finished products which require no special equipment to handle single finished products but may require special equipment to handle the products when packaged in containers containing multiple products,

(b). Heavy manufacturing is applicable to those manufacturing processes requiring overhead cranes or similar equipment for the movement of raw materials and/or the finished products.

8.(a). Light Storage: Light storage is the storage of items which can be handled without the aid of special handling equipment such as cranes, forklifts or similar equipment,

(b). Heavy Storage: Heavy storage is the storage of items which require special equipment for handling such as cranes, forklifts or similar equipment.

9. For other than industrial areas of the occupancy, see other applicable type occupancies (applicable to facilities provided due to inaccessibility of those in main or initial occupancy).

10. As required by the Minimum Requirements for Sanitation in Places of Employment (ANSI Z 4.1). See §405.C of this Code.

11. If alcoholic beverages are to be served, facilities shall be as required for clubs or lounges; however, this requirement shall not be construed to require a restaurant/food service establishment which serves alcoholic beverages and consists of 500 square feet or less of usable floor space to add any more toilet rooms than the minimum required pursuant to Note #4 above (as long as such small restaurant/food service establishment does not have a wet bar and thus would not fall under the “Club, Lounge, and Restaurants/Food Service Establishments with Club, or Lounge” occupancy classification). See LAC 51:XXIII.3119.

12. At the discretion of the plumbing official, one properly sized grease trap for wastewater from the kitchen utensil washing sink(s), dishwashing machine(s), etc., is also required. See §1005.D of this Code.

13. Fueling point means the number of fueling hoses which may be activated simultaneously while refueling automobiles or other motor vehicles. See §203Fueling Point definition of this Code.

14.(a). A retail store which requires two or more different food permits (e.g., grocery permit, restaurant permit, etc.) under LAC 51:XXIII and has a combined usable floor space of more than 500 square feet shall be required to provide no less than a minimum of two facilities consisting of one water closet and one lavatory each. See LAC 51:XXIII.3119.

(b). A retail store which requires two or more different food permits under LAC 51:XXIII and has a combined usable floor space of 500 square feet or less shall be allowed to operate with a single facility consisting of one water closet and one lavatory used by both males and females. The allowance to operate with a single facility assumes that a wet bar is not located on the premises. See LAC 51:XXIII.3119.

15.(a). Trough urinals may only be used for stadiums, arenas, and jails, prisons, or other institutions of detention or incarceration. Trough urinals, when used, shall conform to the following requirements: They shall not be less than 6 inches deep and shall be furnished with one piece backs and have strainers with outlets at least l 1/2 inches in diameter. The washdown pipe shall be perforated so as to flush with an even curtain of water against the back of the urinal. This pipe shall be securely clamped as high as practicable to the back of the urinal. Trough urinals, where so equipped, shall have tanks with a flushing capacity of not less than 1 1/2 gallons of water for each 2 feet of urinal length (see §415.L.4 of this Code).

(b). Trough urinals shall be figured on the basis of one urinal for each 18 inches of length, provided that: 24-inch urinal equals 1 urinal; 36-inch urinal equals 2 urinals; 48-inch urinal equals 2 urinals; 60-inch urinal equals 3 urinals; and a 72-inch urinal equals 4 urinals (see §415.L.4 of this Code).

(c). Privacy screens shall not be required for trough urinals. See §415.L.5.c.i.(a) of this Code.

16. If building is a multi-purpose facility (i.e., a retail fuel station and a retail store, or a retail fuel station and a retail store and a restaurant, or a retail store and retail fuel station, etc.), the occupancy which requires the largest number of fixtures shall apply. See §411.A.7 of this Code.

17. Drinking fountain requirement may be waived if drinking water is dispensed in an approved, sanitary manner in accord with the requirements of Part XXIII of the Louisiana State Sanitary Code (LAC 51:XXIII). Minimally, such Part XXIII facility shall hold a health permit from DHH-OPH which requires a three compartment sink and a hand wash lavatory in the food preparation area. Any Part XXIII permitted-facility not meeting this requirement [such as grocery store serving pre-packaged food items only (equivalent to a retail store)] shall install a publicly accessible drinking fountain(s). See LAC 51:XXIII.3119.

18. Toe is defined as the point where the interstate highway's exit/entrance ramp meets the intersecting highway. See §203 of this Codetoe definition.

19. Central facilities shall be installed such that the path of travel to such facilities shall not exceed a distance of 500 feet. The maximum travel distance to the central toilet facilities shall be measured from the main entrance of any store or tenant space. See §411.A.5 of this Code.

20. For pre-school children, between the ages of 0-4, fixtures shall be size appropriate for the age of the children being cared for (toilets 11 inches maximum height and lavatories 22 inches maximum height), or if standard size fixtures are used, safe, cleanable step aids shall be provided. See LAC 51:XXI.105.C.5.a.

21. Refer to the following Parts of the Louisiana State Sanitary Code (LAC 51) for specific information relative to the number of plumbing fixtures required for these other miscellaneous buildings or occupancies:

Building or Occupancy

Louisiana State Sanitary Code
(LAC 51)

Wholesale Seafood Plants (Marine and Freshwater)

Part IX


Part XVI

Jails, Prisons and Other Institutions of Detention or Incarceration (See §415.L.4 of this code)


Hospitals, Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Renal Dialysis Centers

Part XIX

Nursing Homes

Part XX

Temporary Food Service (Festivals or Fairs)

Part XXIII, Chapter 47

Swimming Pools


Mass Gathering Areas

Part XXV

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