Chapter5 Multiple Choice

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Multiple Choice

1. _______ is a preliminary version of a software program in the final testing phase.

a. Alpha
b. Beta “System Requirements and Software Versions”
c. Bitmap
d. PDF

2. What type of programs are Picasa and Gimp?

a. 3D rendering programs

b. animation programs

c. sound capturing and processing programs

d. image editors “Computer Aided Design (CAD) Programs”

3. Which is not a format for saving an image created in a paint program?

b. PNG

c. WAV “Computer Aided Design (CAD) Programs”
d. BMP

4. __________ is a small or minor software update.

a. Service pack

b. Patch “Software Upgrades”

c. Codec

d. License

5. Which of the following is not a Web Authoring application?

a. Visio “Web Page Authoring Programs”

b. Dreamweaver

c. Flash

d. Fireworks
6. Apple and Adobe are in disagreement about the use of __________ to create apps for the iPhone and iPad?

a. Fireworks

b. Dreamweaver

c. Photoshop

d. Flash “Applications that Run from the Internet: Web-Hosted


7. Which of the following is an example of productivity software?

a. Personal information management programs “Standalone Programs, Integrated Programs, and Software Suites”

b. Web Browsers

c. graphical MUD

d. Flash

8. Which program is a MMORPG?

a. MUD

b. Illustrator

c. World of Warcraft “Computer Games”

d. Turbo Tax

9. The minimum level of equipment that a program needs to run is referred to as _________?

a. system requirements “System Requirements and Software Versions”

b. system update
c. beta value
d. default value

10. __________ software is software that is expressly free from copyright.

a. Shareware

b. Commercial

c. Public Domain “Commercial Software, Shareware, Freeware, and Public Domain Software”

d. Freeware

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