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Q5. Write a letter to the Corporation Commissioner ,Corporation of Faridabad ,informing him about the poor condition of the roads and street lights in SGM Nagar in Faridabad ,explaining the difficulties faced by the people of the colony .You are Arijit ,a resident of SGM Nagar,Faridabad.


This autumn break you are planning to visit Srinagar, Kashmir .Write a letter to travel agency in Srinagar requesting him to book you a room in a hotel .Give other details of your journey and facilities you require .Sign yourself as Kriti Kumar , New Delhi. 6Marks

Q6. Correct the following sentences using proper tense forms. 4Marks

I .The rose is always smelling sweet.

ii .The patient died before the doctor had reached there.

iii .All that glitters are not gold.

iv. One of his friends have just qualified Civil Services Exam .

Q.7 .The following paragraph has not been edited .There is one error in each line .Write the correct word in your answer sheet as shown in example. 4 Marks

Life was not as t seems to be-----is

It is full of up and downs--- i.

The grass always look greener on the other side---ii

We have an habit of grumbling---- iii

We are ever satisfied --- iv

We make us lives miserable-- v

by expect too much from everyone --- vi

This is what we face disappointment--- vii

So never expect nothing and be happy--- viii

Q8.Look at the sentences given below in a disorderly form, Re arrange them to form meaningful sentences. 2Marks

  1. She/rather/surrender/would/than/die

  2. in enjoying/whatever/get/he/can/believes/he


Q9. Read the stanza given below and answer the questions that follow: 3 Marks

When did my childhood go?

Was it the day I ceased to be eleven

Was it the time I realized that Hell and Heaven

Could not be found in Geography,

And therefore could not be

Was that the day !

  1. What does the poet want to know?

  2. Where could Hell and Heaven not be found?

  3. Explain ‘Therefore could not be

Q10.Answer any three questions in not more than 40 words. 3*3= 9 Marks

i)How did the sparrows express their sorrows at the death of the grandmother ?

ii)Why did Jonathan ask for a hug and called him the best daddy and the best captain in the world ?

iii)How is population explosion perpetuating poverty ?

iv)Describe the homecoming of Ranga .Why was it a great event in the village ?

v)Andrew was torn between two choices . What were they and what did he decide?

Q11. ‘We have not inherited this earth from our forefathers ; we have borrowed it from our children’ Comment on this wise statement. 6 Marks


Who stole the horse and why? How did they use the horse and what made them return it to its true owner ?

Q12. How does the attitude of Virginia differ from that of the rest of the family towards the ghost ? 6 Marks

Q13. Who were twins and how did they make the life of the ghost miserable ? 6 Marks

Sample Question Paper-III


General Instructions:

This question paper is divided into foursections:

   Section A Reading Comprehension 20 Marks

   Section B Writing 20 Marks

   Section C Grammar 10 Marks

   Section D Text Books 30 Marks


Section- A(Reading)

Q1. Read the passage given below and answer the question that follows:- 

Life is an institution. We have a principal, God, who looks over the entire working of our life. He allots teacher, namely our parents, to guide us through this path. We learn lessons and it is up to us whether we want to pass or fail. Every morning we wake up and give a tick mark to the attendance file of our lives. The only difference in this school of life is you cannot play truant even for a day! Though from time to time one may doze off and not pay heed to the message that is being given to us.

From the start my parents taught me and my sister to be good human beings first. Life has been kind, sometimes harsh but mostly fair. We make many mistakes, some of which we admit and others, we conceal. But now that I’m 22 years old, I can review every step taken by me.

Think positive. Yes, it's that simple. Thoughts are actions. Imagine if there are a billion good thoughts, the universe will throw back a billion good actions. Something within tells me: 'Forget the world and listen to your heart'. If we all just start listening to our inner soul maybe we won't scratching our heads while taking the final exam. I am not at all close to being perfect but I know I want to get near it, not by maturing the business world, not by being perfect self, according to me, is kind, compassionate, and empathetic one who sees the good in people and shares the good within themselves.

The true test is for us to examine, and to be honest to ourselves before we give a tick mark to our answer sheets. I had a lot of questions ready, my doubt all written; point by point, since I could not get the answer from my teachers I made an appointment with God. Doubts about life love death, fear, sorrow. i was angry. Why can’t' He guide us?

God was there by my side, every minute, every step. Even though i haven't gotten all the answers i know i will get there. He will take me there, in my own time, the same way He has gotten me here, where i am now.

Some say one should never pity nor envy anyone else andI am happy to be me. The first important teaching to learn, count your blessings. We all stand to be a little more aware about what life is really trying to teach us and for some be aware that life is trying to teach us something. 

Money is like our grades in school. It helps us move to the next steps but after that, who remembers what we scored in math in the third standard? People forget that when we die money does not come along with us. It becomes like our grades, we don't remember how much we earned or how much we lost. Families fight, friendships are ruined; parent child bonds are broken. Isn't that a waste why would anyone choose paper over love?

Here's plea for whoever is reading this let us all try and be the best pupils in this school called life. Be true and love not only others but also yourself Love God wholeheartedly because that's all He wants, and you know what they say. "Be in his good books and you will go to the head of the class."

A) Choose the correct option -

1) All our questions can be answered by 1

   (i) Parent

   (ii) Friends

   (iii) Good

   (iv) Ourselves
2) We can be good pupils by 1

   (i) Loving ourselves

   (ii) Loving others

   (iii) Both a and b

   (iv)Onlybeing good
3 We can escape envy by1

i) Learning from life

ii) Being thankful to God.

iii) Reflecting on our blessings

iv) None of the above.
Answer the following questions -

(4) How is God equal to a principal? 1

(5) What is the difference between life at school and school of life? 1

(6) Why are good thoughts compared to good actions?1

(7) 'Money is like our grades in school.' 'Explain'?1

(8) Pick out a word similar in meaning to

a. Straying b. Jealous2

(9) Pick out a word opposite in meaning to

a. 'uncover'b. confused 2

(10)What plea does the writer make? 1

Q2. Read the passage given below carefully and answer the questions that follow: (8) marks

1. The practice of soil conservation involves methods to reduce soil erosion, prevent depletion of soil nutrients, and restore nutrients, already lost by erosion and excessive crop harvesting. Most methods used to control soil erosion involve, keeping the soil covered with vegetation.

2. In conventional farming, the land is ploughed several times and smoothed to make a planting surface – a practice that makes it vulnerable to soil erosion. To reduce erosion, an increasing number of farmers in many countries are using conservation – tillage farming, also known as minimum – tillage, or no- till farming, depending on the degree to which the soil is disturbed. Farmers using these methods disturb the soil as little as possible in planting crops.

3. For the minimum-tillage method, special tillers break up and loosen the subsurface soil without turning over the topsoil. In no-till farming special planting machines inject seeds, fertilizers and weed-killers into slits made in the un-ploughed soil.

4. In addition to reducing soil erosion, conversation – tillage and no-till farming reduce Fuel and tillage costs and water loss from soil. They can also increase the number of crops that can be grown during a season.

5. Soil erosion can also be reduced by 30-50 percent on gently sloping land by means of contour farming – ploughing and planting crops in rows across, rather than up and down, the sloped contours of the land. Each row planted horizontally along the slope of the land acts as a small dam to help hold and slow the runoff of water.

6. Terracing can be used on steeper slopes. Each terrace retains some of the water running down the vegetated slope. Terracing provides water for crops at all levels and decreases soil erosion by reducing the amount and speed of water runoff. In areas of high rainfall, diversions ditches must be built behind each terrace to permit adequate drainage.

7. In strip cropping, a series of rows of one crop, such as corn or soybeans, is planted in a wide strip. Then the next strip is planted with a soil-conserving cover crop, such as grass or grass-legume mixture, which completely covers the soil and thus reduces erosion. These alternating rows of cover trap soil that erodes from the other rows, catch and reduce water runoff, and help prevent the spread of plant diseases and pests from one strip to another.

8. Windbreaks can reduce erosion caused by exposure of cultivated lands to high winds or shelter beats. These are long rows of trees planted to partially block the wind. Windbreaks also provide habitats for birds, pest eating and pollinating insects and other animals.

1. On the basis of your reading of the above passage make notes on it using headings and subheadings. Use recognizable abbreviations, wherever necessary. Give the passage a suitable title. (5 marks)

2. Write a summary of the notes prepared in not more than 80 words. (3 marks
Section - B (Advanced Writing Skills and Grammar)


Q3. You are Anil / Anita, the school captain of Orchids International School. You wish to call a meeting of the students council to discuss the measures to be taken to check the explosion of crackers in the school premises during Diwali time. Draft the Notice in not more than 50 words.   4marks


You are Ankit/Aditi, the school captain 0f  PratibhaVikasVidyalaya. You have decided to celebrate “The Grand Parents Day” in school. Draft a formal invitation to be sent to the grand parents of students of your school giving details of the programme, day, date and time etc.  

Q4. Tourism as an industry is flourishing at the global level yet in our homes we do not have time to entertain our guests with warmth and true hospitality. Guests are no longer the gods as they were thought to be in earlier times. Write an article, discussing the present day preoccupations of the people with themselves for your school magazine. 10 marks


Children usually come to school without taking breakfast in the morning. This habit affects adversely the performance of students in academics and sports. Write a speech in about 100-125 words to be given in your school assembly giving the benefits of taking.

Q5. You are Rohan/ Rohini of 48, New Bank Enclave Delhi. Write a letter to

the editor complaining about the badly maintained parks of your colony.

6 marks


You are Shahid/ Shachi of B-3/230, Vivek Vihar, Delhi. Last month you bought

a Samsung LED TV from Delhi Electronics, Patel Nagar. Now it is not working

properly. Write a letter to the dealer complaining about it.

Q6The following passage could not be edited. It has a missing word in each

Underline the error in each line and write the correction in the space

provided1/2 x8= 4 Marks

In today's world that is easy to (a) ..............

grow up with inculcating reading (b) ..............

habits. There is so many television (c) ..............

programmes computer games or the (d) ..............

playstation to keep me busy (e) ..............

For, those not only serve as (f) ..............

entertainment gadgets and are (g) .............

educational two at the same time (h) .............
Q7. Rearrange the following jumbled words to make meaningful sentences(1x4= 4 marks)

(a) some / history / ancient/ I would / books / look at / like / to / Indian /on

(b) minutes / you / could / a few / for / please / wait / ?

(c) relativity / Albert Einstein / of / theory / is / known / for / best / his.

(d) know / you / light / do / travels / always/ line / that / a straight / in

Q8. Edit the following sentences2marks

a. To error in human, to forgive is divine.

b. A stich at time saves nine.

Section C (Textual Questions )30 marks
Q9 : Read the extracts given below and answer the question that follow (anyone) 3marks

Now she’s has been dead nearly as many years

As that girl lived. And of this circumstance
There is nothing to say at all,
Its silence silences.
a. How many years are over after the death of her mother?
b. What does ‘this circumstance’ refer to?
c. Why has the poet nothing to say about this circumstance?

Q.4.Read the lines given below and answer the following questions:-

       When did my childhood go?

       Was it when I found my mind was really mine,

       To use whichever may I choose,

       Producing thoughts that were not those of other people

       But my own, and mine alone

       Was that the day!

(a)    What do words ‘my mind was really mine’ mean?

(b)   What kind of feeling is generated in the mind of the poet in lines 3,4,5?

(c)    Which day is the poet referring to? Do you think the poet’s feeling is right?

10. Answer any three the following questions in about30- 40 words.3x3=9marks

(i) “That was the turning point in our friendship.” What was the turning


(ii) How did the narrator react when the realized that ‘Wave walker’ was


(iii) How did little Aram define stealing when he had to decide whether or

not to ride the horse?

iv) What horrified the author on her second visit to Mrs. Dorling's house?

vWhy did Einstein consider the school 'a hateful place'?

Q11. Answer the following question in about 100 words: 5marks
The grandmother was not formally educated but was serious about the author’s

education. How does the text support this?


Q12. Answer any one out of the two questions given below. 5 marks

(a) “Scientific interventions are necessary to unearth the buried mysteries.” How do you thinkprogress made in scientific field is helpful in revealing the mysteries?

(b)What should be the relationship between a teacher and a student according to The Browning Version...

Q13 Human survival and environmental conservation go hand-in-hand.Comment. 6 marks
Q14. : Answer the following in about 150 words (any one) 6 marks
Who was Lord Canterville? Why did he discourage Mr. Otis from buying the Chase? 

Why do you think the family member try to avoid talking about the ghost?

Q15. Answer the following in about 150 words (any one) 6 marks
Why was Mr Otis not willing to accept the casket of jewels? Explain


Describe the situations which show that the Canterville chase was haunted?

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