Christmas and holidays, etc

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BRYAN ADAMS [GREEN WAX, with m- PS] a&m 8651dj—Christmas time/same m- 4

BILLY CRYSTAL [with m- PS] a&m 2795—the Christmas song 5:22 and 3:33 versions m- 5

DUCK’S BREATH [with m- PS] duck’s breath 4502—I’m going out of my mind (it’s Christmas time)/I deliver toys m- 5 Novelty

BILL DURKIN AND FULL ORCHESTRA [with m- PS] in victa 7112—“the Cardinal Cushing Christmas record” 4 songs m- 4

MIKE DYKE [with m- Title Sleeve] southern tracks 1073—a Christmas card/same m- 4

THE EAGLES [CANADA, with m- PS] asylum 45555dj—please come home for Christmas/funky new year m- 4

ELAINE AND DEREK… [with m- Photo Card insert] vee jay 415dj—it’s Christmas/the Christmas story vg+ 5 scarce 1962

THE ELIGIBLES capitol 4304dj—my first Christmas with you/the little engine choo choo cha cha vg+ wol 5

ELLIOTT, WALTER & BENNETT paid #ATL 3—the twelve days of a atlanta falcon Christmas/it m- 4

PIT 4—the twelve days of a pittsburg (*sic*) steeler Christmas/it m- 4

BBS 6—the twelve days of a buffalo bill Christmas/it m- 4

PES 7—the twelve days of a philadelphia eagle Christmas/it m- 4

COB 9—the twelve days of a cleveland brown Christmas/it m- 3 (odd, I have a couple more copies than the others)

RAY ELLIS & HIS ORCH. columbia 41056dj—like jingle bells/snow, snow beautiful snow vg+ 3

ELMO & PATSY oink 2984—grandma got run over by a reindeer/Christmas m- 6 scarce “local” release

soundwaves 4658—grandma got run over by a reindeer/Christmas m- 3 (still before national hit)

[with m- PS] epic 05479—grandma got run over by a reindeer/percy, the puny poinsettia m- “djwol” 4

JACK ELTON rci 2401—jingle bell rock/winter wonderland m- 3

THE ENCHANTERS coral 61916 [REPRODUCTION] mambo santa mambo/bottle up and go m- 4 R&B Group, great

PERCY FAITH columbia [GREEN WAX, no number, master 111903/4] dj—away in a manger/we three kings… m- xol 4

[no number, master 119961/2] Christmas is…./happy holiday vg+ 4

THE FALLEN ANGEL CHOIR [with M- PS] angelic 6039—christmas wrap/clanging bells m- 4 Portland, OR 1986 novelty

JOSE FELICIANO rca 74 0404dj—feliz navidad/the little drummer boy m- 4

DEBRA FERRARA deblyn 718—christmas time (is near)/jingle bells vg+ 6 “music by the DEL FI’s” clearly Fury/Fire subsidiary

dj 731—Christmas time/little girl m- 4 later release, I guess…

JOSE FERRER rca 47 7823—yes, virginia, there is a santa claus/santa’s marching song vg+ 3

MICHAEL FINLEY [with m- PS, and color Promo Insert, cool] bumble bee 101—Christmas each day/when god… m- 5

FIREFALL atlantic PR 473dj—christmas in love/always m- 4

GEORGE FISCHOFF [TEST PRESS, handwritten label, HE did the writing himself “to dad and madge”!] starry night m- 5

ELLA FITZGERALD verve 10224—good morning, blues/jingle bells m- 3 (GERALD is so happy that she fits him, haha)

ROBERTA FLACK atlantic 3441—25th of last December/why don’t you… m- sol 4

THE FLIRTS by-lew 1000—christmas recipe/the happiest time of the year m- 4 light 60s girl group, Uniontown PA label

WEBB FOLEY M 666—extra Christmas/littletown Christmas m- 4 (and, yes, partial titles ARE underlined on the label)

TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD capitol 2334—little boy king/bring a torch, Jeanette, Isabella vg+ 3

PETE FOUNTAIN coral silver star series 65605, orange label—santa claus MEDLEY/the Christmas song (merry…) vg+ 3

THE FOUR LADS columbia 40788—the stingiest man in town/mary’s little boy chile vg+ 3

THE FOUR SEASONS veejay 696—I saw mommy kissing santa claus/Christmas tears m- 5 with original Veejay sleeve

STAN FREBERG capitol 3503dj—green Christmas (part 1)/(part 2) vg+ 2 1970s pressing

PAUL FREEMAN columbia 38 06576dj—carol of the birds/same m- 3

THE FROGS mums 6025dj—alfie, the Christmas tree/same m- wol 4

LOWELL FULSON hollywood 1022—the original lonesome Christmas part 1/part 2 vg 2 1960s pressing

jewel 813dj—lonesome Christmas (pt. 1)/(pt. 2) m- 3

kent 477—I wanna spend chdristmas with you (part 1)/(part 2) m- 3

hollywood 576 242dj—the original lonesome Christmas (part 1)/(part 2) m- 3 Seventies pressing

FUNK MACHINE creative funk 12004—soul santa – part I/II m- 8

THE GANG FROM N. J.///STEWART BRODIAN [with m- PS] mountain records 001—why wait for Xmas? (2 versions) m- 3

JULIE GARDNER and the JOLLITEERS Yorkshire 10001—I feel like Christmas (waltz/swing versions) m- 3 NYC 1980 era?

ART GARFUNKEL AMY GRANT columbia 38 06590dj—carol of the birds/same m- 3

JOHN GARY fraternity 860dj—thank the Lord (for this THANKSGIVING day)/ vg+ xol 3

THE GATEMEN colpix 671dj—silent night/white Christmas m- 5 (with Colpix sleeve, too)

GEMS chess 1917—love for Christmas/all of it (cleans to m-) coh 5 SOUL, sixties girl group

MICKEY GILLEY epic AE7 1356—mickey gilley Christmas medley (“Live at Gillley’s”/studio versions) m- wol 3

RICHARD GILLIS 20th century 2316dj—C. B. santa claus/same m- 3

VAN GIVENS paula 286—droopy Christmas tree/daddy’s baby boy m- 4

THE GORMAN SISTERS arrow 721—Jesus is my santa claus/silent night m- 4 middle Fifties

EARL GRANT decca 25703—silver bells/jingle bells [[vg+ 3]] [[DJ vg+ 3]]

GEORGE GRANT OF THE CASTELLS classic artists 114—at Christmas time/one little teardrop (cleans to m-) 3

LEE GREENWOOD [with m- PS] mca 52733dj—christmas to Christmas (loving you)/lone star Christmas m- 3

JOE GUMIN king 5406—jingle bells/auld lang syne m- 4

MERLE HAGGARD capitol 3746—if we make it through December/bobby wants a puppy dog for Christmas vg+ 3

DARYL HALL JOHN OATES [with m- PS] JINGLE BELL ROCK, from daryl/from john [ [GREEN WAX m- 5]] [[RED WAX m- 3]]

DORA HALL [with SPECIAL half-Title Sleeve] calamo 1024—blue Christmas/rockin’ around the Christmas tree m- 4

THE HALOS pioneer 2106—the toy parade/old fashioned Christmas m- 5 KID GIRLS, early or middle 60s

EMMYLOU HARRIS reprise 1379—light of the stable/boulder to birmingham m- 3

KEITH HARRIS, ORVILLE AND DIPPY [ENGLAND, bbc 138] come to my party/thank you for telling me bout Christmas m- 4

TED HART Hartco 001—christmas flowers/the Christmas letter m- 4

DONNY HATHAWAY atco 6799—this Christmas/be there m- 3

7320—this Christmas/be there m- 3

THE HATTON SISTERS skyway 115—seasons greetings/(toss your heart…) on catalina vg+ tol 4 flip not Christmas

DONNA HAZARD excelsior 1004—my turn/I don’t want to dance with y0ou (no more) m- 3 Christmas?? It’s in that box…

BOBBY HELMS little darlin’ 0038dj—jingle bell rock/I want to go to santa claus land m- 3

mca 65026—jingle bell rock/captain santa claus m- 3

THE HEPSTERS ronel 107—rockin’ n’ rollin’ with santa claus/I had to let you go [REPRODUCTION, OR…?] m- 5 good r&b

HIGH ON “POPS” ORCHESTRA high on organ & chimes 7111—up on holidays/holiday medley m- 3

DAVID HILL rca 47 7430—christmas bride/Christmas in your heart m- 4

AL (HE’S THE KING) HIRT rca 47 8478—white Christmas/hooray for santa claus vg+ 3

AL HIRT rca 47 8706—santa claus is coming to town/nutty jingle bells m- 5 I LOVE THE FLIP!!!! great novelty

THE HOLLYHILL SINGERS valiant 6061—hanukkah/virgin mary had a little baby m- 4

HOLLY TWINS liberty F55048—I want elvis for Christmas/the tender age m- wol 9

RON HOLMQUIST romar 72991—a very special day/happy birthday son vg 3 BIRTHDAY, not Christmas

HOMEMADE THEATRE a&m 1776—santa jaws (part I/II) [[m- 5]] [[DJ, part I/same m- 3]] [[CANADA PS ONLY, vg 2]]

THE HOOSIERS CLW 7012—mom/why is santa late for Christmas m- 4 Denver 70s country

HERNANDO HOPKINS abc para. 9973—rudolph the red nose reindeer cha cha/notre dame…[[(clean to m-) 4]] [[DJ m- 4]]

LIGHTENING HOPKINS decca 48306 [1960s pressing] merry Christmas/happy new year m- 4

ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK [with m- PS] epic AE7 1170dj—christmas song/silent night m- 3

FERLIN HUSKY capitol 2023—christmas is holy (not a holiday)/Christmas dream vg+ 3

BURL IVES big tree 130—the gingerbread house/tumbleweed snowman m- 4

LITTLE TIMOTHY JENNINGS genuine 1228—an orphan’s prayer at Christmas/the Christmas song m- 5

SHARI LEWIS [with M- PS] musicor 1140dj—some things for Xmas (a snake, some mice…)/mr. santa - 5

SHAWN PHILLIPS a&m 1238dj—a Christmas song/same m- m- 3

DAVE PRATT & THE SEX MACHINE BAND [with m- PS] 98 KUPD [RED WAX]—red Christmas/anti-jackson rap M- 6

THE SHADES fujimo 9573—prancer’s got some red spots/santa claus is coming to town RARE! Indiana 60s record m- 7
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