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Christopher Sean Barclay was born in Lambeth, England on July 25, 1968. As an infant, his family relocated to Guyana, South America. At age 10, he moved to Maryland, USA and attended private school on the island of Barbados.

Chris began drawing and painting at the age 5. He maintained this interest through college, winning awards at Palm Beach State College, where he earned his Associate in Arts degree in Art and transferred to Florida Atlantic University, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. He is currently an adjunct Professor of Arts (at large) at Palm Beach State College, teaching college level drawing and painting courses, as faculty in the Fine Arts Summer Youth Art Program.

He owns and operates a successful landscape design enterprise, Barclay Designs, LLC with exclusive clientele including hotels, private estates and golf courses. He is the recipient of several artistic awards within Palm Beach State College including a national art show where he received faculty recognition for his abstract painting and an award for First Vietnam Veteran’s. Chris has also exhibited artwork in galleries such as: Bruce Webber Gallery, Florida Atlantic University, Palm Beach State College and private collections throughout Palm Beach County.
2013-2017 – Art Instructor and Gallery Technician, Palm Beach State College, Palm Beach County, Florida. Mentored and taught the college Summer Youth Arts Program. Set up and operated college art shows and gallery operations, increasing attendance throughout the tri-county area.
2013 – 2016 – Landscape Designer, Garmizos Inc., Broward County, Florida. Subcontracted to perform design for exclusive clientele in residential and commercial entities throughout Miami-Dade and Broward counties. Led a design crew of 8 landscape personnel.
2010-2013 – Multinational Sales Representative, Brad’s Bedding Plants, Palm Beach County, Florida. Increased sales by 35% over a 3-year experience leading sales teams in the tri-county area. Increased clientele to include Disney, The Breakers Hotel, Marriott, Hyatt Regency and many other new and existing clients.
2008-2010 – Landscape Designer, Del Ray Garden Center, Palm Beach County, Florida. Increases corporate sales using innovative art decorative designs for exclusive clientele. Used academically achieved horticulture knowledge combined with nationally recognized artistic talent to greatly increase sales and enhance customer experience.
2007-2008 – Gallery Specialist, The Jan and Gay Dario Gallery, Palm Beach State College, Palm Beach County, Florida. Executed multi-level art exhibits. Designed advertisements and gallery exhibits throughout the tri-county area in support of collectors, gallery consumers and gallery owners.
2003-2006 – Free-lance Artist and Designer complimented by full-time university studies in Art, beginning with an AA degree from Palm Beach Community College, culminating in a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Florida Atlantic University. Design work included Landscape Design and Horticulture-related artwork. Received national recognition for painting and design.
1993-2002 – Senior Sales Representative, Lovell farms & Botanical Export, Homestead, Florida. Increased corporate sales to an ever-expanding clientele that grew to national sales prominence. Performed color change-outs, grew market share from established vendors and managed the design sales force. Trained and supervised 25 statewide sales representatives throughout my tenure as Sr. Sales Representative.

1991-1993 - Building Material Deliverer, K&A Lumber Company, Homestead, Florida. Operated company equipment delivering building materials to construction sites. Performed administrative functions to include order processing and cash collections.

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Florida Atlantic University, 2013. Self-funded.
Associates of Arts Degree, Palm Beach Community College, 2009. Self-funded.

1998 – University of Florida Certificate – Horticulture, Institute Food and Agricultural Sciences.

1998 – University of Florida Certificate – Vendor, Horticulture Program

2000 – University of Florida Certificate – Tropical Gardening Course

2000 – Miami-Dade County Public Schools Certificate, Animal Science Program

2001 – Miami-Dade County Public Schools Certificate, Animal Science Program

2006 – Palm Beach State College Faculty Merit, National Art Show abstract painting

2007 – Viet Nam Veterans of America-Portrait of a Soldier, Nationally recognized

2016 – Palm Beach State College Fine Arts Workshop Certificate, Art-Film-Photography-Theatre

2013 - Started and currently operate Barclay’s Designs, a boutique operation with exclusive clientele primarily throughout the tri-county area, particularly Boca Raton and West Palm Beach, Florida.

2014 – Present - Provide Art and Painting instruction to students throughout the university system. Supervise the College Summer Arts Program.
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