Class of 2006 Eagle Scout Recognition Event

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Class of 2006 Eagle Scout Recognition Event
Atlanta Area Council, Boy Scouts of America is hosting an Eagle Recognition Event on March 4, 2007 to celebrate the accomplishments of our Class of 2006 Eagle Scouts. This event will be held at the Robert Ferst Center on the campus of Georgia Tech. We look forward to your serving as a mentor to an Eagle Scout at this upcoming event. Mentors are asked to be at the Georgia Tech event from 2:00 P.M. until 4:30 P.M.
Our goal is to furnish, for every 2006 Eagle Scout, a mentor who practices in the Scout’s chosen primary career field of interest. An Eagle Scout Mentor need not be an Eagle Scout, but he must be willing to participate in the recognition ceremony and serve as a role model and career resource over the longer term. The mentor will meet the Scout and parents, and with 2-deep leadership, may optionally invite the Scout and his parents to the workplace if desired by the Scout, and if appropriate. Each Scout has identified a broad career interest and, optionally, a specific interest within his chosen field.
Mentors can sign up this year by submitting the attached information survey to Pam Peterson at Atlanta Area Council by February 6, 2007. Accepted mentors will be contacted with event details. I can be reached at, work phone 404-848-6733, and home phone 770-642-2289 at home if questions arise. Please help expand this program by asking other suitable individuals to participate also, as more mentors are needed this year. Thanks!

Yours in Scouting,

Bob Stong

Mentoring Chairman

Eagle Class of 2006

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