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ACM. The ACM Computing Classification System [1998 Version]., January 1998.
Neal Coulter, James French, Ephraim Glinert, Thomas Horton, Nancy Mead, Roy Rada, Craig Ralston, Anthony Rodkin, Bernard Rous, Allen Tucker, Peter Wegner, Eric Weiss, and Carol Wierzbicki. Computing Classification System 1998: Current Status and Future Maintenance. Technical report, CCS Update Committee, January 1998.
Giorgio De Michelis, Eric Dubois, Matthias Jarke, Florian Matthes, John Mylopoulos, Joachim W. Schmidt, Carson Woo, and Eric Yu. A Three-Faceted View of Information Systems. Communications of the ACM, 41(12):64 - 70, December 1998.
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