Company c attakapas Guards Eighth Regiment Infantry

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Company C
Attakapas Guards
Eighth Regiment Infantry

This company was organized of men from the parish of St. Martin

Antoine AMY, 4th corporal
Tranquillin Joseph AMY, private
Alexander A. ARCENEAUX, private
John J. BARRET, private
N. Alfred BARRET, private
Robert P. BARRET, private
Henry Herman BARTELS, private
Thomas Jefferson BERRY, private
Eusebe Boyd BIENVENU, private
Francois Alexander BIENVENU, private
Drozin BLANCHARD, private
Eulalie BONIN, private
Leonard Leonce BONIN, private
Valcourt Francois BONIN, private
Valiere BONIN, private
Desire BOREL, private
Fualdes Remond BOREL, private
Joseph Alcide BOREL, private
Numa BOUDREAU, private
Alphonse BOUGERAL, private
Alcee BOUTTE, private
John BOWLES, private
Esdraze BREAUX, private
C. BRENNEN, private
Arthur BROUSSARD, private
Dolese BROUSSARD, private
Ernest BROUSSARD, private
Martin Lusignan BROUSSARD, private
Stanislas BROUSSARD, private
Theodore Lezaire BROUSSARD, 2nd sergeant
Tho. Jefferson BURROWS, private
Charles W. CALDWELL, private
George W. CALDWELL, private
Calvin P. CAMPBELL, private
George Levi CAMPBELL, private
Don Louis CASTILLE, private
Valsin CASTILLE, private
William A. COBB, private
Douglas Albert COCHRANE, private
Adelma Pierre COMBS, private
Henri Narcisse COUDROY, private
James H. CRAIG, private
Leonidas M. CREIGHTON, 3rd corporal
William H. DAILY, private
Francois Aristide DAUTREUIL, private
Alcibiades DeBLANC, captain
Cesaire DeBLANC, private
Derneville DeBLANC, private
Hujus Emmanuel DeBLANC, private
Louis Cesaire DeBLANC, private
Zenon DECUIR, 4th sergeant
John DEEGAN, private
Ambroise DEGUETERE, private
Louis Homer DEJEAN, private
Dimas De La CROIX, private
Livilier DELAHOUSSAYE, private
Cyprien DERISE, private
Albert DeROUEN, private
Louis Pierre DOMENGEAUX, private
Geo. Washington DOOGAN, private
Matthew DOOLEY, private
Charles Louis DUCHAMP Jr., 2nd lieutenant
Louis Charles DUCHAMP, private
Pierre Arthur Egiste DUCHAMP, private
Benjamin DUFFIELD, private
Cesaire DUPUIS, private
Joseph Elyse DUPUIS, private
Leonard DUPUIS, private
Louis Theolin DUPUIS, private
Theophile DUTEL, private
Darius ESCHER, private
Jean Baptiste T. ETIE, private
Octave ETIE, private
John EWING, private
Arthur FLEMING, private
Edgard FUSELIER, private
Phileas GONSOULIN, private
Eugene GRAVUILLA, private
Arthur GREIG, private
Henri Stanislas GREIG, private
Sidney GREIG, private
Alexander GUIDRY, private
J. M. GUIN, private
Vulzer GUSTIN, private
Jean Jules HARDY, private
Paul Oscar HARDY, private
Louis Alexander G. HARRY, private
Lucien HEBERT, private
Matthew HENNING, private
John HOYLAND, private
Alexander JAMARD, private
Francois JAMARD, private
Edward JENNINGS, private
Ovide JONES, private
Louis Achille JUDICE, private
Jacques Aristide JUDICE, private
Jean Baptiste Numa JUDICE, private
Antoine Adriene LABBE, private
Joseph Arthur LABBE, private
Amos LACOMBE, private
Bernard Henry LACOSTE, private
Arthur, Germain LANDRY, private
Eugene Augustin LANDRY, private
Simeon Ovide LANDRY, private
Victor Thiburse LANDRY, private
Henri Valsin LASSEIGNE, private, 2nd corporal
Amede LeBLANC, private
Henri Camille LeBLANC, private
Etienne Clerville LeBLANC, private
Edouard LeBLANC, private
Euphemond LeBLANC, private
Jules Desire LeBLANC, private
Louis Edmond LeBLANC, private, 1st lieutenant
Jean Baptiste LEGRANDE, private
Lyman Constantine LYONS, private
Jean Baptiste MALAGARIE, private
Agnon Edgar MARTIN, private
Victor MARTIN, private*1
James McGUIRE, private
Jack William MEALY, private
Jean Baptiste Sosthene MELANCON, private
Arthur MEYNIER, private
Edouard Ernest MILLOT, private
Hypolite MONTAGNE, private
Oliver Alvin MORGAN, private
William MORGAN, private
Alfred Harrison MOSS, private
Edgar R. MOSS, private
Levi MOSS, private
Eugene Edouard MOUTON, private
Robert P. O'BRYAN, private
Charles O'ROURKE, private
John P. O'ROURKE, private
Pierre de Cloisel OLIVER, 1st sergeant
A. J. PARKENSON, private
Joeph Alphonse PATIN, private
Samuel PEA, private
Don Louis Edmond PELLERIN, private
Louis Edmond PELLERIN, private
James Edouard PERRAULT, private
Oliver H. PERRY, 5th sergeant
Robert Samuel PERRY, private
Jean Nicholas PETIT, private
George W. PETRY, private
H. PIERRE, private
John T. PRADOS, private
Aristide RENAUD, private
Henry RENAUD, private
Cornelius Leander RICE, private
James ROBERTS, private
Robert H. SIMPSON, private
Joseph SLATER, private
James Leopold SMITH, private
Joseph SMITH, private
Robert C. SMITH, private
Simon Eugene SONNIER, private
Jules ST. JULIEN, private
Louis Numa ST. JULIEN, private
Lucien ST. JULIEN, private
Numa ST JULIEN, private
Richard S. STAKES, private
Robert Dugan STANSBURY, private
Uriah W. STANSBURY, private
George Mortimer STUBENGER, 2nd lieutenant
Jacques Pierre THIBODEAUX, private
Albert Jean THOMAS, private
Joseph TRAHAN, private
Ladislas TROSCLAIR, private
Paul Alcibiade VEASEY, private
Emmanuel Alfred VEAZEY, 3rd sergeant
Pierre Alcide VEAZEY, 1st corporal
Felix VOOHRIES, private
Edouard WAGNON, private
Samuel R. WALLIS, private
Joseph WOEFFLE, private
A. WOODS, private
Washington YOUNG, private
Joseph George ZIMMERMAN, private

Roster Sources:

1. From the records and files of:
N. Wayne Cosby
P. O. Box 372
Watson LA 70786
Mr. Cosby lists his sources as the Compiled Service Records, of the 8th Louisiana Infantry, located at the Louisiana State Archives, and the Record Rolls of 8th Louisiana Infantry, LHA Collection located at the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, Tulane University in New Orleans LA. He has additional information on most of the men and will be happy to share via email.

2. from "Hispanic Confederates" by John O'Donnell-Rosaler:

*1 - Victor MARTIN, private

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