Computer application II (use of packages) windows, msword, powerpoint, excel and internet table of content chapter One

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Starting MS Word

    • Click Start à Programs à Microsoft Office à MS Word

    • The Word Window is displayed



Title Bar

Displays the title and name of the current document

Document Area or Workspace

The area where to type and edit text. In this area, you will see a flashing vertical line, indicating the insertion point, where the text will appear

Menu bar

Displays all menus with each menu consisting of a set of logically grouped commands; E.g., Format menu groups all commands for formatting text

Each of these menu bar items has a drop-down sub-menu

A drop-down sub-menu comprises a list of options, which are displayed when you click on the Menu bar item.

Task Pane

Provides shortcuts for performing commonly used commands, such as creating new documents or searching for specific text

Scroll bars: (horizontal and vertical)

Enable you to move through a document that cannot fit completely in the workspace

Status bar

Displays information about the current document. E.g., the current page number, total number of pages in a document, the line number on which the cursor is positioned and the column number

The Document window

Consists of various toolbars:

A toolbar Is a collection of buttons that provide easy access to the options available on the menu bar

Commonly used toolbars are:

Standard Toolbar: This toolbar contains buttons for the frequently used actions, such as opening files, saving files, and copying and pasting text

Formatting Toolbar: This toolbar provides various tools that help your format the text in the document area. For example, changing the font size or the style of text

Drawing Toolbar: Consists of various drawing tools - to draw different shapes, arrows, and geometrical figures. You can modify these graphics by adding colours and 3-D effects or by moving the graphics behind or in front of the text. You can also insert preformatted text styles, text boxes, and pictures.

Download 9.57 Mb.

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