Computer application II (use of packages) windows, msword, powerpoint, excel and internet table of content chapter One

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Undoing and Redoing Actions

  • Word provides an easy way to undo, or reverse, actions you have performed while entering and editing text or formatting a document.

  • The Undo command reverses the last action that was performed

  • The Redo option is used to revert the last undo action.



Undoing Actions

Redoing Actions

  1. Select the Edit à Undo command.

  2. Click the Undo () button on the Standard toolbar

  3. Hold down the Ctrl key and press the Z key

  4. You can undo several actions at one time by clicking the down arrow next to the Undo button to display a list of the actions you have recently performed

  5. The Redo option is used to revert the last undo action

Select the Edit à Redo command.

Click the Redo () button on the Standard toolbar.

Hold down the Ctrl key and press the Y key.

Modifying/Formatting a Document

You can modify a document by using various formatting tools that help customize and enhance the appearance of text. Enhancing a document with character formatting enables you to draw attention to parts of the document and improve its readability. For example, you can apply different font styles and font sizes to text, or you can underline and italicize text.

Task: Identify the part of the document that needs to be modified in appearance and then change the appearance of the text
Formatting Text

Formatting text allows you to:

    • Draw attention to different parts of the document

    • Improve readability

Formatting of text includes:

    • Modifying font

    • Highlighting text

    • Changing case

    • Alignment of the text

    • Indentation of the text

  • To modify text quickly

    • Highlight the text that you want to format by dragging your mouse over while holding down the left mouse button

    • Change the text to your desire

Modifying font

You can change the appearance of text by modifying the different characteristics of fonts

Definition of Font

A font is a formatting characteristic that defines the way in which text appears in a document. It is the pattern applied to the characters in the document. Different fonts contain different collection of characters and symbols. You can change the fonts by using the Font dialog box, or by selecting required buttons from the Format toolbar

    • Select the text to be changed.

    • Select Format à Font command (Font dialog box displayed)

    • Select the required text formats -font style, size, color & effects

    • Click the OK button to apply changes to the selected text

Font Type

Font type is the preformatted design for the letters in the font. E.g., the most commonly used font types are Times New Roman and Arial

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