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Microsoft PowerPoint 2003/XP/2007

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Microsoft PowerPoint 2003/XP/2007
Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Components of PowerPoint

  • Basic operations

  • Working with Presentation

  • Views in PowerPoint

  • File operations

  • PowerPoint Help

  • Opening an existing presentation

  • Opening multiple presentations

  • Creating New Presentations

  • Using the Blank Presentation Option

  • Using Templates

  • Using AutoContent Wizard

  • Saving a Presentation

  • Closing a Presentation

  • Modify text

  • Modify the appearance of text

  • Modify the slide structure

  • Modify the layout of a slide

  • Save a presentation

  • Apply templates

  • Insert a picture

  • Animate text and pictures in a presentation

  • Add transition effects to slides in a presentation

  • Deliver a presentation

  • Print a presentation

Basic Concepts and Definition
What is Power Point

Power Point (PPT) is a presentation software that enables a user to create powerful presentations. Presentations created with PPT can have audio and visual effects making them look professional or jazzy as per the requirement. You can create educational presentation for schools to professional presentations for big companies. PPT allows you to include formatted text, graphics, pictures, sound, and animations in the presentations

You use PowerPoint to create effective slide show presentations. The PowerPoint screen has many elements.

What is a Presentation

A presentation is a collection of slides. A slide is like a frame in a presentation that represents data. During a presentation, the slides are displayed one after the other and the contents of the presentation are displayed through these slides on screen.

Presentations are designed for delivering information to an audience. Presentations can contain text to display information or have multi-media effects to make them impressive and interactive. Presentations are saved as files with a .ppt extension
Starting Power Point

To start Microsoft Power Point, select the:

Start à Programs à Microsoft PowerPoint command

    • This displays the Microsoft PowerPoint window (see next slide)

    • Title bar

    • Menu bar

    • Toolbar

    • Task Pane

    • Slide pane

    • Slides tab

    • Outline tab

    • Status bar

    • Notes pane

Download 9.57 Mb.

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