Computer Graphics Course Code: bcs-2404 Course Name: Computer Graphics Credit Hours: 3 Prerequisite: None Instructor: Sumera Kanwal

Applications of Computer Graphics

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Applications of Computer Graphics

  • Simulation
    • Approximate imitation of the operation of a process or system
      • A flight simulator uses 3D graphics to simulate the experience of flying an airplane.
      • Such simulations can be extremely useful for initial training in safety-critical domains such as driving.
      • Also for scenario training for experienced users such as specific fire-fighting situations that are too costly or dangerous to create physically.

Applications of Computer Graphics

  • Medical imaging
    • Creates meaningful images of scanned patient data.
    • Medical imaging: computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound, and positron-emission tomography (PET)—generate three-dimensional data

Medical Imaging is another driving force

Further Applications of Computer Graphics

  • Display of Information
    • Spoken and written languages serve a similar purpose, but humans prefer visuals.
    • Information is displayed by:
      • Architects via making design of buildings
      • Mechanical designers via creating designs for mechanical devices and equipment.
      • Cartographers via developing maps to display geographical information

Further Applications of Computer Graphics

  • User Interfaces
  • Our interaction with computers (visual paradigm)
    • windows, icons, menus, and a pointing device (a mouse)
  • Users of the Internet
    • Access is through graphical network browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer)
    • We have become so accustomed to this style of interface that we often forget that what we are doing is working with computer graphics.

Applications of Computer Graphics And the list is too long…

Reference Material

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