Computer Studies Cluster Policies and Procedures in Thesis Writing Persons Involved in Thesis Writing Instructor

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Cluster Program Chair

The cluster heads performs the following functions:

  • Ensure that the research projects to be conducted are in accordance with the research agenda of the institution or CHED.

  • Recommends to the research coordinator the members of the thesis panel, thesis adviser and thesis reader.

  • Endorse the hardbound of the research project to the college dean as the partial fulfillment for their degree.

Research Coordinator

The primary function of the research coordinator is to ensure the compliance of the research projects with disciplinary format and with the specifications found on this research guidebook.

Also, she is expected to perform the following:

  • Assigns thesis adviser, thesis reader and members of the panel in coordination with the thesis teacher.

  • Schedules the title defense, thesis proposal and final oral defense and make the letter of the communication informing the thesis adviser, thesis reader and members of the panel about it.

  • College Dean

  • The college dean accepts the hardbound of the research projects as the partial fulfillment for their degree.

The following fees are the amount the researchers have to pay:

Thesis Adviser’s Fee 1500 php

Mambers of the Panel:

Chairman 700 php

Members 500 php

Thesis Reader 1000 php

Technical Critic 500 php

Procedure on Defense

  • Fill out the necessary application form for the defense in the research center for the scheduling of your defense.

  • Five (5) copies of the research work should be submitted in the research center five (5) days before the defense.

  • Follow up the schedule of your defense including the venue of the defense.

  • Request the necessary materials/equipment needed for the defense.

  • Necessary thesis fees should be settled before the final oral defense

Download 22.58 Kb.

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