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19 The Age of Gemini – 6,800-4600BC

Gemini is an air sign, meaning that it is of the element air. Air is the element of communication. The modality is mutable, which means that it removes what went before, and replaces something else. The glyph (symbol) of Gemini is the twins who are attached to each other. People with strong Gemini in their birth charts are known for having an obsession for talking, particularly to their siblings and friends.

According to the Old Testament, Moses (1,000BC) wrote his commandments on tablets of stone so that they would be preserved for ever to be read. The same is true of the Egyptian temples. The walls and ceilings of the sandstone are the ‘tablets of stone’, and are covered in carvings and hieroglyphics. Practically no square inch is wasted, despite the fact that one would need ladders and searchlights to read most of what they portray. The powers that were had an obsession for recording their messages for posterity, which remained neglected until a few decades ago. Now in the age of Aquarius (fixed Air) millions of people come from all over the world to look at them. At last, in another Air sign, they are appreciated.
At the start of the Age of Gemini, round 6,800BC, the energy (zeitgeist) changed from Capricorn (build, build, build) to Gemini (talk, talk, talk) Writing in hieroglyphics was developed. The Tower of Babel, which failed to be built because people could not understand each other through failures in communication, was used as a cautionary tale.
The bare walls and ceilings of the temples built in the previous Age were bare, so were the ideal place for the powers that were, to have their messages (spin) carved, as permanent graffiti. The colleges of master builders (free masons) became colleges of carving, which became the main work.
As mentioned above, during the last 715 years of the Age, namely from 5,375-4,660BC) the polarity sign dominates. The polarity sign of Gemini is Sagitarrius. This is mutable fire, and is the sign of spirituality and religion. It is therefore consistent that the scenes portrayed in most of the carvings are of spirituality, such as the life force (Ka), portrayed by the ankh, the soul (Ba) the worship by giving and receiving with2 right hands, and 2 left hands, respectively, as described in paragraph 4 above.
After the end of the Age, the habits acquired carried on, but with diminishing energy. There are some scenes of warfare carved 4,000 years later during the Age of Aries for political reasons, such as the conquest of enemies, such as Rameses II in 1245BC. They contrast sharply with most of the carvings, in which the motive was religious.
20 The Age of Taurus 4,600-2,500BC

Taurus is fixed Earth, is a yin (female) sign, and is represented by the bull and cow. These are represented in Dendera, which was dedicated to Hathor, the cow goddess. The Minator in Crete, and the sacred cow in India probably dates to this time. In early Minoan culture the bull was worshipped, and vaulted over, not killed.

The cardinal phase of this age was 4,660-3,945BC. I have seen 4,240BC quoted for the uniting of upper and lower Egypt, but I cannot remember the source. This unification is consistent with the zeitgeist, which is matriarchal, hence peaceful, when people co-operated for the common good, as described in the Minoan culture in Knossos, Crete, where women went bear breasted, fertility was worshipped and agriculture flourished.
The mutable phase of this Age was from 3,230-2,515BC, in which the polarity sign Scorpio dominated. This was consistent with the time of the obsession with death and the afterlife, which gave rise to mummification, and burial in the valleys of tombs. I have written this up, with later history to the present time in an earlier paper (1) to which the reader is referred.
21 Making sense of the gods and goddesses of the Egyptian religion.

I postulate the hypothesis that at the end of each phase of each Great Age, the spirit of the time (zeitgeist) changes. The religion has to follow suit, as a paradigm shift. What was worshipped before becomes anathema. However, there is resistance to change, because we are creatures of habit, which die hard.

For example, it is described in the Old Testament that the Israelites were forbidden to worship the golden calf (the symbol of the age of Taurus) This was because the Ram had become the new symbol for the Age of Aries from about 2500BC. Abraham was said to found the Judaic religion around 2,000BC, and the prophets who succeeded him, and wrote the Torah instinctively picked up on the new energy and preached the new religion.
This means that at every change of Age, (approximately every 2 millenia) the gods and goddesses have to be rebranded with new names, In Egypt , over the last 13,000 years, 6 such rebrandings have been made. This makes it very confusing for Egyptologists.
22 The Gods as representations of the astrological archetypes

I postulate that the main gods and goddesses in the Egyptian (and every religion) represent the 12 astrological archetypes, (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn Aquarius, and Pisces) or aspects of them. These are made up of the 3 astrological modalities, (cardinal, fixed and mutable) and the 4 astrological elements, (fire, air, water, and earth)

These archetypes are eternal, so reappear under different names in different places in different Ages, and different phases of an Age. The following is a glossary of these names, and what I think that they became in Greek and Roman mythology, which succeeded the Egyptian religion. This was probably based on Hinduism, which I believe is older than the Egyptian religion. It was written down in the Vedic and other scriptures, hence was not rebranded.
23 Modalities of astrology (known as the trimurti of Hinduism)

The modalities are eternal principles, representing the cyclical nature of creation, of birth, life, and death, which applies to everything throughout the universe, including stars and galaxies.

a) The cardinal mode is initiation, and is symbolised in Hinduism as the God of creation, called Brahma. He is the father of Manu, from whom all human beings are descended. Figure 11 is a carving of Brahma, from a Hindu temple. Note that he has 4 heads, representing the cardinal directions, north, south, east and west. He also has 4 hands. His consorts are Savitri and Gayatri. (source Wikipedia)


b) The fixed mode is maintenance, symbolised by the Hindu god Vishnu. Shown in figure 12, he has 4 arms, and is the preserver who is all powerful and onmipresent. The statue shown is from the Pandya dynasty 7-8 th century BC. (source Wikipedia) He symbolises the foetus, wheras Brahma symbolises the placenta, which is redundant after birth.


c) The mutable mode is destruction to make way for the new cardinal mode, symbolised by the god Shiva. He is not represented in India because he was cursed by Brahma and Vishnyu to only be represented by a phallus. However, he tends to be represented by Nataraj, the god of dance, see figure 13



These Hindu gods probably have equivalent gods in Egyptian religion, but I do not know their names. The chief Egyptian god seems to be Ra the sun god, symbolised by a golden disc. He seems to be equivalent to the Hindu god Rama, who was an avatar of Vishnu. Rama’s wife was Sita, who may be the origin of Isis. I have attempted to correlate the astrological archetypes with the Egyptian rebrandings in table 3 below.



Name of Sun God

Name of Moon Goddess






Egyptian creator God



Egyptian (Heliopolis)

Ra (son of Amun)

Egyptian (Memphis)


Sekhmet (lioness-headed) (8)





Osiris (the god of creation)

Isis (the goddess of love)


Horus(falcon-headed) son of Isis (virgin) and Osiris *,

Hathor, (cow-headed),

Age of Aries the ram?

Khnum, the ram-headed god

2000BC Abraham, Jewish



Akenaten 1350BC

The one God Aton


Appollo, who slew the Python




Demeter, Gaia





St George

Virgin Mary







* our word: ‘hour’ is derived from Horus.

24 Postscript to previous paper (1) concerning the date of the change of great age from Pisces to Aquarius.

This method of dating monuments rests entirely dating the change of Age accurately, which is hard to do. There is no consensus between astrologers on the year that the great age changed from Pisces to Aquarius. Some say that it has not yet happened. I (with Paul Wright) believe that this happened in 1775, with ‘the shot that was heard around the world’ that sparked the American revolution. I gave some evidence for this in my earlier paper, but the following confirms this.

The further that we progress into the present energy of the separating square between Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries, (which lasts from 2008-2018) the more it seems to resemble the energy of that a few decades either side of 1775 (237 years ago) I take 15 degree orb as producing a significant effect.
From 1748 to 1762 Pluto in Sagitarrius was in separating square to Uranus in Pisces, with 4 exactitudes from 1754 to 1756. Pluto went into Capricorn in 1762 squaring Uranus in Aries (as at present) but losing orb in 1764.
14 years later, in 1778, Pluto went into Aquarius, and Uranus went into Leo in 1788. When their orb reached 5 degrees or less, their opposition caused the French revolution, which started with the storming of the Bastille on 14.7.1789, and continuing with 5 exactitudes in 1792 to 1794, moving out of orb in 1796.
This latter aspect was the more revolutionary, as this axis concerns the power struggle between authority (Leo) and the people (Aquarius). This was reflected in art, with the consent of the emperor of Austria to Mozart setting Beaumarchais’ Marriage of Figaro as an opera buffa, which was first performed in May 1786. It was followed by Don Giovanni in Oct 1787, whose full title in Italian is ‘Il dissoluto punito’ (The dissolute punished) Both are stories which defame the characters of the nobility, which were immensely popular at the time, and continue to this day. They are both very Neptunian, being full of deceipt and lies.
Over only 2 decades (1775-1795) the governmental structure of the whole western world suddenly changed from absolute power of the monarchs, to empowering the people with democracy. Society as was never the same again. This justifies naming it as the year of change of the great age from Pisces, (ruled by Jupiter king of the Gods, and Neptune) to Aquarius (ruled by Saturn and Uranus) France became a republic straight away, with Germany, Italy and most of the rest of Europe following. The monarchy survived in Britain and a few other countries, but it was totally stripped of any political power.

25 The present separating square, causing the ‘Arab spring’

Now, 230 years later, the world is in the midst of a similar hard aspect of Pluto and Uranus in separating square, in the same signs of Capricorn and Aries, as shown in table 4.

Table 4 Separating squares of Pluto and Uranus
















The present separating square started in 2008, and is manifesting in the western world as the crises in the public services of banking, policing, health, ‘fiscal cliff’ etc, which are all ‘Capricorn’ activities of government. However, the Islamic countries are dictatorships, and are now experiencing the energy in the same way that the western world did 230 years ago. It is called the ‘Arab spring’ as it started in Jan 2011, (2 years ago) when those planets came within a 5 degree orb of each other.

However, to call it ‘spring’ is a misnomer, as it is not for just one season. It has already lasted for 2 years, and the transit will last another 5 years before the planets separate out of orb in the 2018. In Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya, the people’s revolutionary forces have already overthrown their rulers to establish democracy, and fighting now is going on in Syria, Mali, Pakistan, and other countries.
Pluto and Uranus had 2 exactitudes of their square in 2012 (24.6.12 at 8 degrees, and 18.9.12 at 6 degrees) and there will be 5 more exactitudes, which are: 20.5.13 at 11 degrees, 1.11.13 at 9 degrees, 21.4.14 at 13 degrees, 15.12.14 at 12 degrees, and 17.3.15 at 15 degrees. They come back to within a 1 degree orb in Feb 2016, within a 3 degree orb in Feb 2017, a 5 degree orb in March 2018, when the transit could be said to be over.
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6 Source Silver Pharoh Psurenes, who ruled 46 years to 1047BC founded Piramis in the Delta (BBC 10.12.10 Pier Monte) who quoted 1069-525BC as an ‘Intermeditate dark age’.

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There were said to have been 170 Pharaohs in Egypt.
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