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A series of CAD tacks of technological processes comes to the goals multialternative optimization. Used schemes of sorting allow to form a variety of perspective variants. Under the condition of the iterational process stop based on the balance of its informative characteristics of entropy and mean capacity there are two main parameters: set power of perspective variants (L) and environment where the meanings of probable alternative variables are fixed pzm when approaching the meanings 0 or 1.

Aggregation is considerate as building of a new variant among perspective variants having properties of two variants at least.

The set xl is represented by the population П=(x1,…,xi,…,x0) where any two individuals xl, x1M united in one parent pair can propagate.

The algorithm of aggregation is determined on the one hand, by the mode of selecting parent pair x1, x, E carrying paternal and maternal range and, on the other hand, by the scheme of sexual propagation.

For realizing the indicated schemes integrated estimation of variants are calculated [i], [m] L, which interpreted as degrees of fitness H(xl) for each individual having genetic type E(x1).

The following consequences of algorithmic procedures are suggested: individual selecting in parent pair, gene recombination aggregated variant rating, set correction of perspective variants. If the fitness degree of a new variant _ then this variant is involved in the set of perspective variants and variant _ is eliminated from the set.

After sorting out parent pairs and forming the new set of perspective variants obtained on the basis of aggregation its reduction is realized using selected schemes.

The final selection of a variant is produced with applying expert estimation algorithm.


In the suggested paper authors present a second version of CBMAN (C++ Builder MAN) software system intended to solve ergonomics problems related to vehicle design and testing. Using the objective-oriented approach, architecture exposure create premises for the system operation characteristics development. Ergonomic design and testing of a 3D layout for driver's workplace is accented. In order to solve this task the CBMAN system is provided with means of simplified graphic 3D modelling and editing of elements for the driver's workplace and a set of interfaces for interaction with specialised CAD systems as Unigraphics, AutoCAD, etc. The skeletal and wire model for the 3D-dummy and procedures for its animation have been developed and included as components of the system. This model still at the early design stages allows to analyse future driver's workplace for convenience, to make necessary changes in its arrangement. Choice of modifications of driver's cab arrangement is carried out proceeding from the computer analysis: driver’s posture in cab; external and internal space visibility; analysis of invisible zones; reach of control means and convenience of work with pedals; possibility of driver’s impact with vehicle components during activity and others.

The main system component – parameter kinematic model of 3D-dummy. It’s developed in the form of articulate mechanizm, consisted of 24 rigid interacted segments. The statistics from antropometric guide are used for the definition of longitudinal segment’s dimensions. It’s provided the possibility of using for the dimensions of dummy’s segments the international normative documents SAE and national antropometric standards. The automative generation of required dummy type, taking into account it’s sex, race and 1%, 5%, 50%, 95%, 99% percentile is realized in CBMAN system. At the same time, it’s possible for the user to generate the dummy with arbitrary antropometric characters in interactive mode. . According to principles of inverse kinematics the models and rapid algorithms of dummy’s limbs animation are carried out. In particular, a rapid algorithm for the calculation and choice of the optimal final position of the limbs during their transfer to the defined space point is realized. As the optimal the position with minimal deflexion from the natural anatomic posture of human’s extremities in corresponding space point is considered.

A present version of CBMAN system is realized for Windows NT/98/95 and operates on the personal computer of type Pentium II. The system speed characteristics can be positive compared with it’s analogs (Ramsis and others), oriented at the expensive graphical stations, such as Silicon Graphics.


Inductive converters thanks to their easy usage, high reliabitity, comparatively low price and powerful functional possibilities have been widely adopted in up- to date information measuring technique controlling a number of technological parameters in different fields of industry. Using of uncontact output method (current curl method) and noise prooved form of information presenting (frequency method ) in these converters allows to ensure high sensitivity and quick effect of these converters to get the greatest correlation signal - noise.

It is necessary to take into account projecting inductive frequency converters that the required metrological characteristics of converters can be achieved only when the optimum meaning of many parameters linked with both the magnetical circuit and the converters measuring scheme are chosen. Thus, for example outward signal (in this case frequence oscillation changes) is connected directly with autogenerator regime parameters as well as with quantities of introduced resistances which in their turn are determined not only by electrophysical parameters of the conductive material but also by the geometric dimensions of the material and the bobbin, mutual disposition relatively each other, clearance size and so on.

Hence the new automatized projecting system of inductive frequence converters has been worked out allowing in the process of projecting model numerous solutions and carry out their detailed analysis and give (an effect) optimum. More over we get a series of solutions based on optimum procedures of the structural varielies as well as the inside parameters of converters.

With the help of the imitation modelling on ECM (Electronic Computing Machine) the solution of quite a number of the important projecting questions, such as analisis of the influence of different factors on the quality of conversion, determination of the admittance quantity on the parameters, state the value of the converter capacity in the workable conditions of exploitation have been received.

Algorithms and programs of the probable analyses have been carried out on the statistical testing method determination of the admittance on the parameters of the converter.

The working out program system of analysis and calculation of the parameters of the converter as well as the invariability of algorithms calculation allows to use the mentioned means by automatized projecting and other classes of converters.

The questions of realization of structure data and programming when processing and reflecting of the diagram information have been considered too.

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