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Recently in metrical technician bored are developped integrating sensors of technological parameters with extended functional possibilities. From standpoints of technology of fabrication integrating sensors present itself united whole analog electronic transformation facilities and numerical information handling facilities. Last circumstance has allowed the researchers to begin a sensor development (several distinguishing from traditional) with the certain mentality. In this aspect by authors is offerred sensor of alternating current, which distinguisher is a realization active itself diagnostics condition of sensor. Active itselfdiagnostics expects a determination of current condition of sensor, hereinafter, on the base of available rules, determination of need in introduction needed correction by means of the mechanism of inference. One of the problems decided in the sensor, expects a diagnostics of presence as a result the current measurement () systematic forming inaccuracy and inaccuracy nonlinear features, but in the event of their presence in the current result, realization of their adjustment.

Mathematical base of deciding a specified problem is the following: Assume,as a result the current measurement received result in the type of point with coordinates (). Hereinafter on the second stage is chosen step  (value  is installed beforehand at need by the sensor on the measure of usages) and is realized test measurement in two points- () and ().

The following stage active itself diagnostics expects a function study around the point ( ).

Last stage an itselfdiagnostics is concluded in the introduction to necessary events a correction in the received result.

Supposed intellectual sensor can bear fruit for the constant voltage measurement (current), square-law value of voltage (current), acting value of voltage (current) in single-phase and three-phase circuits.


The development of ”intellectual” systems of the automated manufactures is closely connected to creation and perfection of sensor devices for perception , touch and recognition of images at performance of operations of sorting and account of various details, transported on horizontal open flat-belt conveyors by the piece or parties .

For perception of the external information are usually used contact (electromechanical and acoustic) and contactless (optical and electromagnetic) sensors, and for touch of robots - the tactile sensors, which basis are made by a layer of conducting rubber covering prehensile body of the robot /1/. All these sensors, differing various circuitry realization , except optical, in essence react to presence current-carrying of products of a various configuration and overall dimensions.

Therefore in such industries, as instrument-making and machine-building, it is expedient to use contactless electromagnetic sensors, which would have the unified electrical circuit of formation of an information signal (FIS) .

Specified it is possible to ensure with use of the phenomenon of skin-effect caused by change of brought in active - jet resistance in electrical conduction metal environment and in “alive” biofabric of the man /2,3/, if as the circuit (FIS) to apply a resonant sensor controls simultaneously generating high-frequency fluctuations and which are finding out change of an electromagnetic field on brought resistance. As a sensitive element of a sensor the LC-contour is used, the good quality Q of which changes at the expense of penetration of vertical currents into a metal specifying element (SE) or in a biofabric of a finger of the man, but in resonant sensor controls of perception (SCP) and touch (SCT) is shown differently. In SCP the change of good quality is perceived by the coil of the inductance which has been reeled - up on the round ferrite core of a small diameter, and is provided at spatial approach(approximation) metal SE to an end face of the coil, i.e. eddy-current sensor control of perception (ECSP) is contactless with resolution equal half of diameter of ferrite /2/. In SCT the change of good quality is fixed by a touch by a finger of the man to a point of connection of inductance and capacity of a contour, i.e. the tactile sensor of touch (TST) is contacting and is characterized by rather high resolution /3/.

Thus in both cases the LC-contour is included in the circuits FIS, realized or on contours of shock excitation, or on self-excited oscillators working in a mode of failure of fluctuations, and forming discrete target signals /2,3/ as at approach SE to the coil in ECSP, and at tactile in TST .

Using ECSP and TST , the coordinators for recognition of images of products as information rulers and fields are developed, the generalized block diagram of configuration of the equipment robotechnical system for automation of operations on open conveyors is offered, and as is proved expediency of using eddy-current ruler for recognition of images of flat metal mobile products.


1. For Perception and recognition of images .-M.: Mechanical engineering, 1989, -272 p.

2. Nabiev I.A., Chebarev A.I. Research of change of good quality of an oscillatory contour at approach of metal to an end face of the coil of inductance // Izv. HIGH SCHOOLS USSR - Petroleum and gas, 1966, N 5. -P. 93-97.

3. Chebarev A.I., Amiradjanov A. Research of change of parameters of an oscillatory contour at influence of the man - operator // the Scientists of a Slip AzINEFTEHIM . Baku, 1976, N 7. - P. 101 -106.

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