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The strategy of path planning for robot moving is described. In the article by means of graph and Lee’s wave algorithm. Source working space is devided on four rectangles, sizes of which are equal to half of length of corresponding sides. Fission is produced consecutively left to right.

When deviding on rectangles the algorithm is checked is obstacle belongs to some of them. If in this hutch inheres an obstacle or even part of obstacles, this hutch is splitted on four hatches again. Limit of deviding, when size of hutch will is like size of hutch of standard wave algorithm. As soon as hatches including obstacles were determined, all these hutches are rejected and stay only free for moving hutches. On this free hutches all possible variants of achievement from the start point S to finish – point F are defined. All of them will be presented by several single-line area lists. Created list of free for moving hutches, is created moreover each hutch has information on its relationships with borderring hutches, which presents an earl of adjacency - name its more exactly "earl of adjacency of areas". On this area lists wave is started.

From all tinned ways one way as optimal way for robot moving is selected. This choice must satisfacts to one of the next criterions:

a) Minimum lengths of way.

b) Minimum time of passings from point S to point F.

When combining these two methods for the determination of path of a mobile robot moving main defect of graph theory is avoided. Only that graph used which robot gets goal and graph which do not gets goal in the list are not included. This allows greatly to reduce an amount of considered variants.

Shedeeva S.D. Modeling of the adaptable process in make construction from the polymeric composite materials(PCM)

The continuous reeling of a ribbon from the composite materials on the shaped surface of the technological frame is the most wide-spread and perspective method of make construction from PCM.

The system of automation programs in process of reeling on the numerical programs control machine that make for the home manufacture calculated from the make of the circle form details give sizable errors. Therefore arise control problem of the composite ribbon movement and it adaptation to the variable forms of the complex technical surfaces of construction.

So wishing improve construction quality and decrease it weight, no miss that fact, what surface characteristics and, however, an orientation, a deformation, the intense state of ropes change both along line of reeling and by width of a ribbon. These changes considered, may qualify such envelope characteristics as a thickness, a strength, a density of ribbon packing, their lie downing to the surface and to choose the rational ribbon width for the concrete surface. Solution of this problem demand a working the adaptable model that the most full consider all the reel features of the complex surfaces. It let to increase production of this technological process, to improve the quality of construction.

To construct a model necessary to make an experiment, to find the functional dependence, to determine a fault of dimension and size of the finding fault. At present solution of a problem of the mathematical project and calculation for the reeling line of the composite ribbon on the frame surface, for the forming envelope of the reeling size and for a form of the technological ending obtain an emphasis.


  1. B.M.Kein. Theory of a control. - L.1976.

Antonova E.I., Sapotskiy C.M. The extended interface in the System of Intelligent Support of Inspection Patients

The doctor's activities automation problem till now remains unsolved. The important part of this problem is inspection patients. In 1992 System of Intelligent Support of Inspection Patients for the various experts were created in the expert systems department of IACP FEBRAS. The experienced using of this system has shown that the interface in the existing version does not complement to all requirements, showed to such systems.

Mobility of knowledge, used in professional activity is characteristic for the domain of Medicine, therefore the basic requirement to the previous version of system was fast ability of modification. Lacks of the previous version have allowed to determine a new problem. It's the development of dialogue in System of Intelligent Support of Inspection Patients, having in mind the user's needs and the requirements to ability of modification.

Principles, that allowed to take into account peculiarities of developed systems during designing, have been applied at development of dialogue in the specified system.

Designing extended dialogue poured out in a number of researches, which allowed to understand, what's necessary to include in the interface of system for the user to could work with the machine, with most effectiveness, simplicity, convenience and clearness, while solving the applied problems.

Executing the specified researches on system's users showed that the users differ as well on medical specialization, as on the experience in use of computers. The user distinctions have received reflection in developed system's options.

In the extended version of the interface such peculiarities of subject domain, as: the dictionary - set of the medical terms, documentation - accepted formats of the documents (medical forms) and symbols - standard medical diagrams (given by objective researches) were concerned. Means of supporting the ability of modification of the dictionary (description of the circuit of submitted knowledge as of connected library), were offered to be represented as hypertext. The blank forms of the test documents become referenced as the tables. A graphic file and set of graphic primitives, connected with them represent the diagrams. Such organization of external data allows to connect those parts of dialogue from the outside, which undergo greatest changes at updating a nucleus of expert system. Besides the spelling hypertext is not such complex task.

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