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Chinese Astrology

The Rat

I am the self-proclaimed acquisitor. I am a link yet I function as a complete unit. I aim at encompassing heights and strike my target, sure and steady. Life is one joyous journey for me. Each search must end with a new quest. I am progress, exploration and insight. I am the womb of activity. I AM THE RAT. 

The Ox

Mine is the stabilizing force that perpetuates the cycle of life. I stand immobile against the test of adversity, resolute and unimpeachable. I seek to serve integrity, to bear the burdens of righteousness. I abide the laws of nature patiently pushing the wheel of Fate. Thus, I shall weave my destiny. I AM THE OX.   

The Tiger

I am the delightful Paradox. All the world is my stage. I set new trails ablaze, I seek the unattainable, and try the untried. I dance to life's music in gay abandon. Come with me on my carousel rides. See the myriad of colors, the flickering lights. All hail me the unparalleled performer. I AM THE TIGER.   

The Rabbit

I am in tune with the pulse of the universe. In my quiet and solitude I hear the melodies of the soul. I float above commonplace dissent and decay. I subdue by my ability to conform. I color my world in delicate pastel hues. I epitomize harmony and inner peace. I AM THE RABBIT.   

The Dragon

I am an unquenchable fire, the center of all energy, the stout heroic heart. I am truth and light, I hold power and glory in my sway. My presence disperses dark clouds. I have been chosen to tame the Fates. I AM THE DRAGON.   

The Snake

Mine is the wisdom of the ages. I hold the key to the mysteries of life. Casting my seeds on fertile ground, I nurture them with constancy and purpose. My sights are fixed. My gaze unchanging. Unyielding, inexorable and deep, I advance with steady, unslacked gait, the solid earth beneath me. I AM THE SNAKE.   

The Horse

I am the Kaleidoscope of the mind. I impart light, color and perpetual motion. I think, I see, I am moved by electric fluidity. Constant only in my inconstancy, I am unshackled by mundane holds, unchecked by sturdy, binding goals. I run unimpeded through virgin paths. My spirit unconquered - my soul forever free. I AM THE HORSE.   

The Sheep

I am nature's special child. I trust and am rewarded by trust. Fortune smiles upon my countenance. All things blossom in the gentleness of my love. I strive to find beauty in all I behold. I am fair of face and full of grace. I AM THE SHEEP.   

The Monkey

I am the seasoned traveler of the Labyrinth. The genius of alacrity, wizard of the impossible. My brilliance is yet unmatched in its originality. My heart's filled with potent magic that could cast a hundred spells. I am put together for mine own pleasure. I AM THE MONKEY.   

The Rooster

I am on hand to herald in the day and to announce its exit. I thrive by clockwork and precision. In my unending quest for perfection all things will be restored to their rightful place. I am the exacting taskmaster, the ever-watchful administrator. I seek perfect order in my world. I represent unfailing dedication. I AM THE ROOSTER.   

The Dog

The martial strains have summoned me to hear your sorrows, still your pain. I am the protector of Justice. Equality-my sole friend. My vision is never blurred by cowardice, my soul never chained. Life without honor is life in vain. I AM THE DOG.   

The Boar

Of all God's children I have the purest heart. With innocence and faith, I walk in Love's protective light. By giving of myself freely I am richer and twice blest. Bonded to all mankind by common fellowship, my goodwill is universal and knows no bounds. I AM THE BOAR. 



Going into the heart of creation to be rejuvenated and renewed.


Eases fear and depression. Very soothing. Also excellent for the Throat chakra and Saturn issues.


Reaching into the depths of the Earth for connection and assistance in earthly matters.


Channeling, drawing in and radiating out energy in all its forms.


Draws prosperity and abundance, good fortune. Solar energy.


Intuition, clairvoyance, mystical visions. Strengthens and balances the Third Eye chakra.


Very healing for the Sacral chakra. Balances and strengthens sexual and creative energies.


A beautiful Essence for healing the Heart chakra and the inner child.


Very grounding. Draws light into the Root chakra. Eases and heals survival issues.


Mystical revelations, Divine Mother, and Moon attunement.


Opens the Crown chakra and helps one reach higher levels of consciousness.


Excellent for the Solar Plexus chakra. Links personal will with Divine will.

Dolphin Energies

Dolphin Cellular Healing

Clears negative energies and past life traumas that may have been stored within the body. Also helpful for releasing negative energy imprints, cordings and attachments.

Dolphin Blessings

This essence is for allowing the Dolphin realms to bring you gifts of joy, abundance, peace and harmony. Expect the unexpected, for the Dolphins will bring you more than you could ever have imagined for yourself! It also helps the person to discover their Dharma, that which you came to do as an expression of your Soul's highest gifts and energies. Finding and following your Dharma is one of the greatest blessings a person can experience.

Dolphin Telepathy

I believe that each person who is strongly drawn to the Dolphin realms have a personal Dolphin guide to assist them in creating a more joyful reality for themselves and others. This essence helps you attune to your personal Dolphin guide so you know what steps to take and act upon your inner guidance for the good of all.

Dolphin Higher Consciousness

This essence helps a person to grasp and utilize the intent behind the Universal laws that govern all things. Understanding and working with these laws brings fulfillment, peace and a greater understanding of one's purpose and place in the larger tapestry of the Universe.

Dolphin Higher Vibrations

Dolphins are masters at lifting the vibration of any being or thing they come into contact with. This essence acts to uplift both the person using the essence and can also be used in the home or office to bring about more harmony, peace, joy and good fortune. Higher vibrations are simply the result of allowing more of the Universe to flow through a clearer channel. This essence helps to clear more of the channel both within and without.

Dolphin Rainbows

This is a very special essence that the Dolphins requested. It will act differently for each person who works with it, but its focus is to be a channel for the upliftment of every aspect of a person's life.

Dolphin Faith

One of the greatest gifts we can be given is the gift of faith. It is faith that brings about the healing, the abundance, the fulfillment within. Whatever we ask, if we ask it with the faith it will be given, we shall receive it! Dolphins are now offering this gift to humanity.

Dolphin Hidden Treasures from the Deep

Within us is the expression and fulfillment of everything we could possibly desire. This essence helps a person to bring forth those gifts, the true desires of the Soul, that which will bring each person the greatest peace, joy, and happiness no matter how deeply it appears to be buried! I know from personal experience, working with his essence yielded a treasure trove of creativity and inner guidance that has proven to be a major blessing in my life.

Dolphin Love

Feeling loved unconditionally, support through challenging times (and we have all had plenty of that lately!) letting go and allowing Dolphin Love to heal and renew mind, Body and Soul. Very relaxing, like being wrapped in a warm fuzzy pink blanket!

Dolphin Soul Mate

Assists in drawing a persons proper partner, the person whom they can work with to achieve life goals and purpose. Helps those involved in Soul mate relationships to understand and be more consciously aware of all the dynamics involved in such relationships and the higher purpose for the relationship in this lifetime.

Dolphin Freedom

This essence is to empower you to say, "This is my life's journey and I can live the journey in any way that I see fit! I now give myself the freedom to be whomever I feel I need to be because my Soul speaks to me from that level of my being."

Dolphin Communication

Giving voice to your unique inner song, communicating openly, lovingly and freely with others. Helps you to communicate what you need from others and learning to say "no" when it is appropriate.

Dolphin Soul

Being in tune with the beauty, wonder and splendor of your own being. Knowing you have the power of you as Soul, as a child of a bountiful Universe, you can be and do anything you envision for yourself. Having such clarity and insight into your own Soul that you now allow yourself to heed your Soul's urgings to live the most joyful life you can imagine!

Dolphin Intuition

Everyone has an inner voice that guides and directs us throughout our lives. We can make it stronger, clearer, so that its power may influence every aspect of our lives. This essence helps you to hear, follow, and trust in your intuition. You already know the answers and the way. Listen!

Dolphin Abundance

Abundance is about more than just money. You can have an abundance of joy, creativity, right livelihood, love as well as an abundance of things that are not so wonderful. This essence helps you to focus your awareness and power on what you do desire rather than worry or stressing about anything negative. What we focus on is what we receive and this essence helps to ensure the focus is positive.

Dolphin Prosperity

Allowing money to flow into your life freely, effortlessly for doing what you love to do with your time and energy. Very helpful for those who have difficulty accepting money for their healing work. Knowing that the Universe always provides us with an abundant flow of money if we allow it into our lives.

Dolphin Career

Are you doing what you really love, want, need to be doing as you life's work and to earn a living? If not, what do you believe keeps you from it? The Universe is asking each of us to start on our life's path and work now! Allow the dolphins to show you the way, help open the doors and path, and provide you with all that is needed to support you in doing and living your life's work.

Dolphin Business

A wonderful essence for those who want their business to reflect the spirituality and passion of their Soul. This essence is also of great support to those wanting to start their own business, helps to draw the right people, energy, money and practical knowledge to insure it's success and prosperity.

Dolphin Going Home

Everyone has a special place called "home" even when it seems we are strangers in a strange land or have been searching for "home" unsuccessfully. The Dolphins know the time has come for each of us to find our proper home wherever that may be on the planet and to trust that if we are open to that special place, we will be picked up and carried along to it even as the Dolphins have picked up and carried drowning sailors to a safe shore.

Dolphin Decisions! Decisions!

In every persons life there comes a time when we are faced with making a life-changing decision but are also faced with more than one choice. Which is the correct path to follow? This essence helps you to make a clear, focused decision based on your highest guidance and your heart's knowing.

Dolphin Ecstasy

Sheer joy, sheer bliss, sheer pleasure! Sometimes all we really need is a dose of pure ecstasy to renew ourselves on all levels. The Universe was created out of ecstasy and it is our true nature. Dolphins experience this kind of ecstasy in everything they do and desire to remind us that ecstasy is our birthright. Enjoy!

Dolphin Protection

An excellent essence for protection against psychic attack, others negative thoughts, beliefs, and feelings, especially those directed against you by others. While everyone is good and a child of the Universe many of us are still very unaware of how our energies impact ourselves and others. This provides a filter so that only positive energies can penetrate our energy fields, helping to repel anything that is not in our best interests. It also prevents any negativity we ourselves are unknowingly sending out, stopping negative karma in its tracks.

Dolphin Transitions

All of us are going through some rather colorful times! The old is falling away yet the new has yet to become firmly established. This essence helps us to move through our personal and collective transitions with grace, trust and a strong sense of balance within. The proper steps present themselves, we only need act upon them as they appear.

Dolphin Motivation

Rather a cosmic kick in the arse to get you up and moving, heading in the right direction, focusing on achieving your goals rather than saying, "I can't," this essence says, "Yes, you can!" It encourages Self-determination, refusing to back down in the face of obstacles, always seeking and finding a way through to the next level of your development. Instead of feeling drained at the end of the day, you reflect back on just how much you accomplished and feel a real sense of satisfaction that you are so much closer to your goals!

Dolphin Angels

This is such a sweet essence, very supportive, uplifting and incredibly loving. It is wonderful for people who have been through a very rough time in their lives and so need the gentleness and support these loving Dolphin Angels have to offer. There is such a sense of peace, comfort and joy with this essence that is almost indescribable! I always feel as though these gentle beings are supporting me on a fluffy cloud so I can release and give over what needs to be given over to the Universe for resolution.

Dolphin Child

As adults I think many of us forget how tough it can be growing up, all the pressures, fears and tensions that children are exposed to in today's world can be overwhelming for adults so think of how our children must feel! So many children coming into the world today are very sensitive Souls and as such need lots of protection and shielding from the mass consciousness until they are grown enough to handle what is being thrown at them. Dolphins are fearless protectors and as such this is a wonderful essence for the little people in our lives. This essence is also excellent for helping our children to develop healthy self esteem and to value themselves and the contributions they have come here to make.

Dolphin Yuletide

The Dolphins wish to remind us that the magic of the holiday season is always around us, everyday, not just during the season marked on the calendar! Wouldn't it be wonderful if every day could be like the perfect Christmas day? The Dolphins say that is how is supposed to be, and if we are open to it, we will find that there are many gifts, material and otherwise, that the they and the Universe are desiring to give us. When we open our hearts as wide as we can and affirm that we are now openly receiving all the gifts that the Universe has for us, then we too live the Spirit of the season in each and every moment of our lives. This is also an excellent essence for those of us who feel most keenly the loss of a dear friend or beloved family member at this time of year or who had less than joyful experiences around the Christmas season. Those we love are always with us for love never dies. And we can choose right now to recreate for ourselves a more positive experience of this and every holiday season.

Dolphin Letting Go

Letting go at a very deep level, allowing the pain and conflict to be dissolved. Feeling the energy of the Dolphins carrying you along on the tides of life while feeling safe and protected. Everything you are releasing now is being transmuted and recycled as clear positive energy. What is of true value to you in your life shall be returned in this uplifted state or you will be given something even better that will bring you so much more satisfaction and joy. Be at peace dear one, the Dolphins are with you now and you are letting go in order to be uplifted and healed. Every time I have used this essence in relation to a problem it has always worked itself out very quickly.

Dolphin Eclipse 2000

This essence was produced with the Dolphins at Venice Beach and is intended for ringing in the new energies that are emerging into our current individual and collective realities. Things are changing so rapidly that often it is hard for many of us to get a good grasp on what is happening and what we need to do next. Often there is a sense of being off balance or fluctuating between feeling very high and then dropping back into old patterns. This essence is intended to help ease those fluctuations and bring more balance and stability into one's life. I have also noticed a lot more laughter in my life since this essence was produced and a deep feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction.

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