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Essences for Pets


So many animals are taken to shelters or simply abandoned in the country or along city streets when they are no longer wanted or are the result of pet owners allowing their animals to reproduce without considering the consequences. Even when an animal is fortunate enough to be rescued and taken in by a caring owner, this early abandonment was so traumatic that the animal often fears a repeat of the experience, which may lead to everything from inability to be housebroken to repeated illnesses. This essence helps to release those fears and the pain of having been abandoned so they may fully accept and enjoy the love that their new family has to share with them.

Aging Gracefully

Our animal friends go through many shifts and changes as they age even as people do. They may have to adjust to gradual or a more sudden loss of sight or hearing, their nutritional needs may change as well as the amount of exercise they need to take. The animal may begin to put on weight due to becoming less active or it may become difficult for the animal to move around easily. This Blend helps the pet to adjust more easily to the changes that aging brings and may also be used by the owner to help him/her better understand what their beloved friend may now need in terms of special care.

Healing Abuse

Sadly, there are those who are very abusive to animals and thankfully there are groups and organizations as well as individuals who have stepped in to rescue an animal who was suffering under abusive owners. Yet even after the animal has been removed from the abusive environment many scars still remain. It takes a special person/family to create a healing space for these animals and this essence was developed to be of support for both the new owners and the animal. It helps the animal to feel and accept the love and respect the new family has for him/her and for tem to know that they are now safe and most deeply loved!

Home Away from Home

This blend is for when the animal must be boarded for a time due to one's needing to travel for business or pleasure and unable to have someone care for the animal in their own home. It assists the animal in understanding that they are safe, that you will return for them and this situation is only temporary.

New Environment

For when an animal is facing a change in their home territory. Even a change in furnishings can cause a pet to feel out of balance and unsure of where they now stand in the hierarchy of the household. This blend helps to ease their stress and to better cope with the changes that are occurring. For animals that may be expected to cope with a new caretaker while the owners are on holiday this essence blend can be especially helpful.

New Pet/Jealousy Blend

To an animal you are their whole world! When a new pet is introduced into the family it can cause the first pet to feel very threatened and out of sorts. The animal may fear the loss of your love and attention as well as trying to cope with where this new member may fit in within the Hierarchy. This blend helps both pets to understand that they are both beloved members of the family as well as helping them to redefine their own special territories.

Off to the Vet's!

Trundling along to visit the Vet's, whether it is for routine, annual care, or, in the case of accident or injury, can be very stressful for animals. The sights, sounds, and smells of other animals in fear or pain can be extremely distressing to our fur friends who are so attuned to what is going on around them through all of their senses. They not only sense another's fear, they can smell it which can be very overwhelming for an animal. This essence helps to take the edge off, to keep the animal more relaxed and at ease with what is happening. It also appears to help them better understand that all those involved have their best interests at heart.

Pet Emergency Care

An excellent blend for use during illness/accident in which the pet is involved. It helps the animal to stabilize in the critical first few minutes of an injury or when the pet first shows signs of illness. It supports the animal's ability to immediately begin the healing process and may also be used by the owner to calm and ease his or her own fear and stress. This essence can be used externally as well as internally. It may also be very helpful for animals who suffer from repeated injuries to the same area of the body by clearing the old injury pattern from the vibrational field.


While many animals do quite well after being altered, there are still many adjustments that occur on the physical and emotional levels. This blend helps the animal to adjust to the changes.

The Dreaded Cone

This is an after-surgery essence blend to help the animal recover more quickly with fewer side effects from needed anesthetic and or medications after surgery. It helps the animals' energy field to stabilize more rapidly bringing a sense of peace and calm. Since many animals need to wear a cone round their necks after surgery to keep them from chewing or worrying the impacted area, this too can add to an animal's stress. This blend also helps them to more easily adjust to the contraption they suddenly find themselves attired in as well as easing the stress of not being able to get at the affected area which is a natural instinct for animals. Their saliva contains natural cleansing/medicating substances that help them heal more rapidly. Not being able to get a the affected area, even if it is for their own good in the long run, can be very upsetting to the animal. This essence helps the animal to accept that other forces for their healing are being brought into play and that the wearing of the cone will soon be a thing of the past.

Toilet Training 101

Primarily for dogs yet can be used with cats and other pets as well that one is seeking to toilet train. Animals do want to please their people and do their "duty" in the proper place. Yet some simply seem to have a difficult time grasping the concept, especially young rambunctious puppies that get so caught up in the moment of what they are doing that they are unaware of their need to be let out until it is too late. This blend should be used on an hourly basis, misting the pet or adding the essence to the pet's water bowl several times throughout the day. Remember, too, to reward your pet with heaps of praise when they do signal their need to be let out!

Travel for Cats

While many dogs do enjoy going along for the ride in the family car, it is the rare kitty that also enjoys the experience. This essence blend helps to stabilize kitty, brings a sense of peace and calm, helps to alleviate car sickness which some cats are prone to in a moving vehicle and to allow the cat to be handled more easily upon arrival. This essence is especially helpful for when the cat is being moved to a new home and can be combined with New Environment to further ease the stress.

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