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Flower/Plant Essences

African Blue Basil

Discovering the truth about life and spirituality for oneself. Not basing beliefs on dogma. Making appropriate choices based on inner knowing.

African Violet (deep purple w/white)

For accessing higher states of consciousness, tapping into and becoming one with the Universal mind. A powerful crown chakra opener and balancer.

Angel Cactus

Connecting with the Angelic realms. Developing trust in the goodness of the Universe. Angelic protection during times of stress, knowing that things will work out fine.

Australian Bluebell Creeper

For when a person feels they simply cannot let go and forget the past, unable to forgive. Helps to shed the old at a pace that is comfortable and easy.

Australian Grass Tree

Bees use this tree to fill cracks in their hives. As an essence, it fills in cracks in the aura, mind, body and soul. Very helpful when we feel torn apart by a person or situation. Also beneficial for apprenticing shamans who feel their training has cracked them open far too widely.

Australian Wisteria

Wistfulness, constantly obsessing over what could have been or should have been. Accepting that change always brings something better if we allow it to. Releases lingering sadness.

Aztec Tobacco

Excellent for past life exploration. Helps one to draw upon ancestral support. Releasing the past and moving on.

Baobab of Madagascar

Feeling strong and rooted in one's life path and spirituality. Helps to release self-doubt and fear through the experience of synchronistic events and validation from others. Supports long term follow through on projects, especially those that relates to a person's life work. Also helps a person to feel centered and calm while undergoing a crises. Can also be used to integrate higher and more expansive levels of spiritual energy to help speed evolution on all levels.

Bear's Thread

Excellent for fear of aging, passing seasons. Gleaning knowledge and wisdom from all of life's experiences and sharing them with others. Sewing together the tapestry of your ancestors knowing and wisdom that it may be shared with the generations to come. Also excellent for use after any kind of surgery, illness or accident.


For breathing new life and vitality into the mind and body. Boosts one's natural defenses against illness, especially of the lungs.

Black Pepper

Excellent for use in the career gua (Feng Shui). Helps to get career energy moving, draws success, contentment and fulfillment in one's career. Also helps to protect one's career energy when one is in an environment that is negative or surrounded by co-workers who are sabotaging and have it "in for you."

Blue Cornflower

Draws new love, re-ignites love between long term partners. Helps one to remember and focus on why you fell in love with your partner to begin with. Draws sweetness and joy, a mutual coming together, united in love.

Blue Flax

Helps one find one's special place on earth. Very grounding, soothing and tranquil. Helps one to go with the flow of life while directing one's thoughts and efforts to a brighter future.

Blue Myrtle Spurge

Excellent for writers, speakers and counselors of all kinds. Enhances clairaudience, saying what needs to be said in the appropriate manner and eliminates sarcasm. Helps a person to understand the impact their words have on themselves and others. What we speak of is what comes to pass.

Blush of Dawn Orchid (Pleiome Formosa)

For starting over after a period of darkness and chaos. For knowing that blessings exist even in the depths of darkness.

Button Fern

Deep inner transformation and growth. Releases blockages and obstacles from one's path. Eases depression and fear.  Validation or support.


An excellent catalyst for change and growth. Mobilizes one's energy to push out of ruts. Moving through obstacles with courage and joy.

Chlorophytum Comosom

The key to success in any endeavor is the ability to reach out into as many areas as possible. This Essence helps one do precisely that.

Cocoa Tree

Accepting that a spiritual path can be easy and joyful, that the Universe is always seeking to bestow blessings and gifts upon us, all we need do is to be open to receive. While first working with this essence I was given a technique to use that is very simple and a lot of fun. I think of something I desire and open my heart to flood it with love and then feel it moving out into the Universe. A more complex technique is to visualize a tunnel or cord of light going from your crown chakra up to Divine Mind while opening the heart and sending love to your wish/desire. It can take a bit of practice to feel in synch with this but this technique produces fabulous results! I feel that people who work with this essence may also find themselves developing many new techniques and concepts that will further the evolution and joy of the planet.

Copal Tree

Creating sacred space within and without. Very high vibrational energy, dispels negativity, fear. Opens the door to expanded spiritual awareness and experiences. This essence is so uplifting that I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Coral Climber

Unites the second chakra with the crown chakra. Infuses sexuality with spirituality. Learning to infuse sexual union with Divine energy in order to manifest in the world.

Cosmos Pink Blush

Enhances Self-love, thereby drawing love from others into one's life. Gently opens the Heart chakra and links it with the Throat chakra.

Cristata Opal Cup

An excellent Essence for activating the Christ energy within. Helps one to open up to the joy of life. Attracts blessings, miracles and good fortune.

Crown Flower

Opens the crown chakra and links it to the base chakras in the feet creating a protective cocoon around the aura. Attaining higher states of consciousness while remaining firmly grounded in the body.

Datura - Australian Thornapple

Working with native Australian power allies and guides. Connects one with the essence of the Aboriginal dreamtime.

Datura - Hindu Datura

Excellent for students of vedic astrology, connecting with Indian Gods and Goddesses, especially Ganesha. Clears blockages, gives greater insight as to what a person really needs and desires in life.

Datura - Torna Loco

A Heyoka essence if there ever was one! For when everything seems turned around and upside down. Expect the unexpected with this essence, just be willing to enjoy the trip. Very helpful for women who feel they are going crazy as a symptom of menopause.

Emerald Ebony Tree

Enhances one's ability to branch out in new directions, expanding one's horizons. Having the courage to try something new. Helps to release limiting beliefs, ideas, or circumstances.


Dropping the drama and struggle. Deriving excitement and purpose from living a calm and balanced life.

Ficus Benjamina

Growing into one's full potential. Finding one's niche in life and pursuing that with passion and vigor. Accepting and rejoicing in one's body and living on the earth plane.

Forest Lilac

For many people, owning or being around numerous healing tools on a daily basis can bring up a variety of issues that the healing tools are attempting to clear and yet the person feeling subconsciously overwhelmed, may resist the healing and allow the issues to fester within where they send out toxic energy. I have seen and heard about many instances where healers or owners of new age type shops for example can be very difficult to work for and have a never ending stream of complaints and issues that drive both staff and customers/clients away. In most cases the person is unaware of the type of energy they are sending out and wonder why they never seem to move ahead in their life's work. This essence can be used to help streamline the healing process so instead of having many issues surface at once, each issue is given a space in the queue so to speak which makes the issues much easier to deal as each issue arises, it is dealt with more positive energy so it can be channeled constructively. For those who work with large numbers of essences this essence can also help shield them from feelings of overwhelm and clears the feeling that they must tackle all their problems at the same time.


Timelessness, understanding the eternal validity of the soul;. Becoming consciously aware of one's natural cycles and rhythms, flowing with them rather than fighting them.

Golden Red Papaya

Helps a person to differentiate between what aspects of their psyche is most supportive and life enhancing for them to utilize and which are support players. For example, a person may feel that their greatest joy lies in teaching and yet they also have a talent for counseling others. The person may have taken on the role of counselor feeling they could do the greatest good for others in that profession and yet feel drained and exhausted as a result. Teaching as their primary means of financial support while integrating the counseling aspect as a secondary and as needed role, would be far more empowering and energizing for the person. This essence also links the three lower chakras and helps a person to feel that they are good, worthwhile and have much to contribute to life and others. It can help with relief of existential guilt, knowing that one deserves to be in the world and is lovable simply because one IS. Golden Red Papaya may increase and enhance sexual arousal and this energy can be used to stimulate sexual intimacy between couples or channeled into creative projects as one see fit.

Gymnocalcium Bodenbenderianum

Assists one in making the transition from being other to self-employed. Helps those who are prepared to bloom into a world force for the highest good of all. This Essence is also very beneficial for those seeking to be noticed within a large corporation or organization.

Gymnocalcium Friedrich

Letting it be okay that one is different or unusual. Standing out from the crowd to express one's individuality.

Gymnocalcium Species

Balances the Root chakra, linking it with the upper chakras. Becoming more open to receiving support and acceptance from the world. With this Essence, amazing things grow from small beginnings.

Hare's Foot Fern

Expect the unexpected ! An excellent Essence for both Uranus and Jupiter cycles or Natal placements. Helps to bring bolts out of the blue that shower one with good fortune.

Inspiration (Phal. Orchid)

Enhances artistic endeavors, drawing upon the energy of the muse. Also for living life creatively with joy and passion.

Japanese Black Pine

Excellent for meditation, insomnia, stress. Helps one to take time out for "down time." Very beneficial for those who tend to drive themselves too hard out of a sense of guilt or "no pain, no gain."

Joshua Tree

When I first began working with this essence, a customer called that day and said "what is needed is an essence for when you are dying to the old you but want to feel really good about it". This is definitely an essence for that!

Korean Licorice Mint

Boosts the immune system to increase health and vigor. Also very helpful for clarifying clairvoyant visions and dreams.

Lavender Phlox

This has been a very popular essence for many people, one person has dubbed it the Rescue Remedy for the New Millennium! It is highly protective and shielding, helps a person to move through large groups and crowds without taking on others negativity or issues. This is a fabulous essence for healers and lightworkers for that reason. It raises the vibration of everything it comes into contact with and can be used to smoothe out stressful situations or to be of support in releasing problems to the Universe to be resolved. Many people have begun combining this essence with the Akumon essences Sacred Well and Bridge of Light for an even greater influx of positive energy and experiences. Helps you to stay in the present moment and flow with what ever is happening around you without taking on stress or fear.

Little Rosy Tree

Brings back a sense of childlike innocence and wonder. Helps one to explore the unknown while basking in the protection of the Universe. Draws assistance from one's guardians and animal totems. Excellent for adults as well as children.

Lobelia Crystal Palace

Building a sacred space within so that one's inner Divinity can radiate into all aspects of one's life. Raises both personal and planetary vibrations. Excellent for cleansing negativity in one's self and environment.

Long Spurred Rein Orchid

Being in body was meant to be as pleasurable, if not more so, as being in spirit form. It is only our misguided beliefs that create a painful existence.

Miracle Tree

Helps one to increase one's belief in and acceptance of miracles in one's life, thereby attracting the same.


Goddess attunement. Developing psychic sensitivity. Inner knowing and faith in one's true path. Integrating the Lunar aspect of oneself.

Moonlight Nasturtium

Assists one in attuning to the super conscious mind where all the answers are known. Helps to stimulate and clarify clairvoyant dreams and insights.

Mountain Ash

Being able to persevere no matter what is going on around you. Feeling strong and steady in your focus. Excellent essence for pioneers.

Night Blooming Cereus

Acts as a guide to successfully navigate the subconscious mind of one's self or another. Excellent for counselors and healers when the client is really ready to get at the root of their problems. Both involved should take the essence prior to the actual session.

Noto Cactus

Very uplifting and inspiring. Helps to wash away pain after a disheartening experience.


Oakmoss has been long used as an herb in prosperity and abundance rituals. As an essence it helps one get to the root cause of why one is experiencing abundance issues and what actions to take to resolve them.

Orchid Tree

Reaching up to the heights of Universal awareness and knowledge. Growing into one's full potential. Allowing the soul's energy to be fully expressed through the life.

Peach Palm

For women or men who are strongly nurturing of others, but fail to take care of themselves properly. Helps one to realize that in receiving as well as giving, the circle is completed. Excellent for those whose caretaking of others has left them drained and exhausted.

Peppermint Willow Myrtle

Reawakens childlike trust and faith in wizards, fairy godmothers (and fathers!), Angels, Nature Spirits, Elves and "good" Monsters. Brings more fun and enjoyment into a person's life.

Phantom Orchid

Releases past life and current life energies that are affecting the present in a negative way. Elimination of karma, existential guilt.

Pineapple Guava

One of my favorite essences, it empowers a person to clearly define what career would be the most joyful to pursue while drawing an abundance of support in making that career a reality. Knowing where one is best suited to serve.

Pink Jasmine

Growing through pleasure while relinquishing pain. Enhances sensitivity, intimacy, and sexuality. Attunes one's energy field to one of luxury and bliss.

Polar Star Daisy

Knowing what direction you really want to move in and what actions to take to improve one's life. Allowing for and following Universal guidance and support. Strengthening the all knowing Self within and linking the conscious mind to it.

Purple Bush Bean

Excellent for prosperity and abundance, fertility, reaping a full harvest. Creating a fertile ground in which to plant the seeds of dreams.

Rain Tree

Attunes one to the Divine rhythm and cycles of life. For allowing abundance and prosperity to freely enter one's life and reality. Accepting and embracing the goodness of the Universe.

Rainbow Shower

Brings messages of hope and good cheer. Enhances synchronicity, happy, helpful dreams and visions. Excellent for use in clearing one's home, office or car of negative energy imprints. Can be used to release hauntings as well as helping those who have crossed over to connect with their Guides and loved ones who have also crossed over. For those who seek to re-establish contact with loved ones who have crossed over, this essence can be very helpful.

Red Yucca

Activates the Kundalini energy, attuning the body to the reawakening of the ley lines. Helps to balance nervous energy created by Uranus transits, excellent for mid life crises.

River She Oak

Like the wise old crone who has seen many seasons come and go, this essence reminds us that life is ever flowing towards the new, nothing ever comes to stay forever unless WE insist on clinging to it. Let go and see where the river of life takes you.

Rose Geranium

Strengthens the bond between one's guardian angels and guides with one's conscious mind. Draws beauty into one's life .

Rosy Twisted Stalk

Lifts problems up to higher levels to be resolved effortlessly. Untangles knots that restrict growth and expansion. Unblocks the chakras in the hands and feet.

Scarlet Wisteria Tree

Very effective for easing Saturn problems as well as dispelling rage and fear that has been suppressed. Helps to resolve conflicts with authority, both inner and outer. Claiming the power of the soul.

Scherazi Tobacco

Excellent for both Shamanistic journeying and breaking addictions associated with Shamanistic practices in past lives.  Powerful Crown chakra opener. Stimulates dream and visions.

Sky Wings Iris

This has also become a much beloved essence by many people. It helps to connect us with the Higher Realms and Starry Beings who have only our highest good at heart. This essence, as the Lavender Phlox, was produced shortly before my first meeting with the Akumon and it certainly has been of major support for my connecting with them. Many people have reported feelings of bliss, being connected with the Universal flow, feeling such a strong connection and bond with Spirit that their faith has increased substantially and they expect the best to manifest in their lives which of course is precisely what occur, for what we focus on is what we receive. Sky Wings helps to lift us higher into the realms of joy and peace and to magnetize more of the same to us. It releases fear, negative beliefs, and thought patterns and replaces them with faith, trust, joy, and positive expectations. It is excellent for the third eye, throat, and crown chakras and helps to distribute higher energies more evenly down through the lower chakras as well. A truly beautiful essence!

Snowy River Wattle

For those who feel frozen or dead inside due to trauma or pain in this or other lifetimes. Very healing at a soul level. A gentle yet deeply penetrating essence that frees blocked energy, gets the life force moving again abundantly.

Spiral Ginger

Helps with the Kundalini rising process so one is not thrown off balance but may integrate the influx of spiritual power and energy safely and more easily. Helps to channel fear, anger or worry into constructive, practical pursuits. Excellent for clearing tendencies towards procrastination due to thoughts that one is not really capable or talented enough to successfully reach their goals.


Drawing sweetness and playfulness into one's life. Helps to lighten one's energies to be fruitful in all endeavors.  Remembering who you really are.

Sugar Palm

For those who tend to attract large numbers of people who are seeking guidance and support. While the person desires to be of service, the sheer numbers or complexity of the issues being presented to them for resolution may leave them feeling overwhelmed and overextended. This essence helps to remind the person that it is Spirit that does the real work and to step back and allow the Universe to provide the needed words or counseling support through one's self. This essence is also very helpful for those who tend to set aside their own important projects and goals in an effort to serve all those who come to them for help. Sometimes the greatest good may be achieved by insuring that one does allow times when ones own goals and desires come first rather than always pushing them into last place.

Travelers Tree

Excellent essence for use in the Helpful Friends/ Travel gua. Helps those who feel they need to be moving on from a person, place or situation and yet can't muster the energy or create the right circumstances to do so. Helps the person to discern what maybe holding them back inside so they may come to grips with it and move forward. Also excellent for Shamanic Journeying and OBE.

Tropical Oak

Helps men and women connect with the most positive aspects of their own Inner God Archetypes. Understanding and being more conscious of the energy helps the person to direct the energy rather than being directed by it, thus acting the energy out in ways that are not always beneficial for them or others. This essence may also be combined with Ylang Ylang (see below) to create greater inner balance between the masculine and feminine.

Tulipa Saxitillis

Grounding scattered energy. Relaxes and cleanses the Solar Plexus chakra while linking it with the Crown chakra.  Assists one in acting upon the guidance of the Higher Self.

Vanilla Wattle

A very cleansing essence. Many who are self-employed tend to face special challenges and problems. This essence helps the person to understand why they have attracted the problem in the first place and what inner work they need to be doing to correct the problem. This essence also helps a person to release fears of not knowing what their income is going to be from month to month and helps to promote stability and financial viability of the business. Business owners will find it easier to set policies and boundaries that are appropriate and supportive of their business. This essence also clears the energy from those who do not respect or honour one's work and business as well as clearing away those who make excessive demands on the owners time and energy. Helps the business owner to focus on attracting those who will not only benefit from the services provided but will also be a joy to serve and work with.

White Bog Orchid

Gets one unstuck, promotes forward movement, a good kick in the pants to get the ball rolling on a project. Excellent for those with Aries strong in the chart as they can get the seeds planted, but frequently have trouble with the follow through. This essence helps to keep such people focused and on track without getting bogged down or feeling trapped.

White Flamboyant of Madagascar

For Spiritual Leaders/teachers who find themselves constantly belittling their own great talents and abilities. Many of those who for years have preferred to stay in the background to do their life's work are beginning to be pushed forward into the limelight so others may connect with them and benefit from what they have to offer. This can be quite alarming for these folks and this essence is to help them feel good about their new role and to be able to receive the recognition they really deserve. This essence also helps to counteract extreme shyness and feelings of vulnerability that may be keeping a person from expressing their talents and abilities more fully. Attracts positive recognition and success.

White Star Frangipani

Enhances the ability to be open minded, accepting that the world is filled with infinite possibilities. Releases worry and anxiety so a person can feel safe, protected and at peace. Also helps to stimulate creativity feeling divinely inspired and guided. Opens the crown chakra to further stimulate intuitive abilities and awareness. For those who are overly sensitive on the emotional/psychic levels, this essence helps to provide greater balance and a "thick skin."

Ylang Ylang

Increases pleasure and sensuality. A strong Goddess energy essence that helps both men as well as women to connect with their own inner Goddess archetypes. Understanding and being more conscious of such archetypes helps the person to direct the energy rather than being directed by it. (also see Tropical Oak).

Zinnia (Green)

Enhances communication between one's inner child and adult selves. Adds freshness to one's life, gets stagnant energy moving freely. Also excellent for issue of jealousy or greed.

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