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Fruit Essences


Keyword - Health.

Helps to release bad habits that contribute to health problems. Purifies one's energy field. For those who are seeking to establish better health regimens such as taking daily exercise and eating more nutritious foods, this essence can be of great support. Also excellent for those on "heavier" spiritual paths such as shamanism, which can be physically demanding.


Keywords - Emotional Balance.

Eases mood swings associated with a woman's monthly cycle and also helps to release the cravings for sugar and chocolate at these times. Calms the nervous system and supports one in not taking on more than one can reasonably handle but to focus on those things in one's life that are the most fulfilling and productive. May help those who crave sweets due to a lack of "sweetness" in their lives.


Keywords - Male energy and direction.

Very helpful for those who need to take a stand or assert themselves more fully so they can accomplish what they came into this lifetime to do. Gathering one's energy and resources and aiming them in very specific directions while being able to deflect any incoming energy that would pull one of track. Also helps to channel anger and aggression into positive goals and expression.


Keywords - Pruning.

For pruning back growth that has roamed uncontrolled into the wrong directions. Helps one to step back, redefine goals, cut away that which is disruptive or causes a drain on one's resources. Also helps to clear dark or murky thoughts and self-criticism that one is not doing as much as one thinks one should and tends as a result to take on too much.


Keywords - Fruitfulness and Abundance.

Opens the third eye and crown chakras, helps with the assimilation of energetic nutrients so that the body may vibrate at a higher energetic level. Helps one to accept greater abundance, doing that which enhances one's ability to attract more money and resources into one's life and putting less emphasis on worrying about "How much this costs" or "I want this but it is so expensive!" Knowing that if something is really good for us the money will come for it if we are willing to trust and receive.


Keywords - Cheerfulness and Optimism

Focusing more on the light side of life, seeing the humor in things and being able to laugh at one's own folly. Accepting greater joy and happiness, brings a feeling of freshness and renewal to life and daily activities. Very uplifting and inspiring, excellent for those with a strong creative bent that need to find a new direction or complete old projects.


Keywords - Tough nut to crack

Helps to release stubbornness, able to meet challenges head on. Finding the good in difficult circumstances so one may thrive and move on. Encourages the release of negative patterns that seem especially difficult to break free from. Also helpful for those who suffer greatly during hot and humid weather.


Keywords - Love and forgiveness, release of anger.

Opens the heart chakra, able to forgive both yourself and others. Fosters cooperation between those who have been at odds. Excellent for pets who have a difficult time getting along with one another. Brings peace and release from anger, jealousy and fear.


Keywords - Energy enhance.

Excellent for the skin, releases toxins and impurities. Helps to clarify emotions, enhances energy levels and an "I can do it!" attitude. A very refreshing essence that raises one's expectations of good and self -confidence.


Keywords - Orderly mind.

Helps to clear the mind and restore an orderly thought process. Clarity is enhanced and negative thought patterns are cleared. This is an excellent essence to mist one's environment with after a row or argument with another or when one is living with someone who is of a frequent negative mindset or is obstructive. Also helps to stabilize the solar plexus chakra so that one s assertive without being overbearing. Helps one to "make lemonade when life hands you lemons."


Keywords - Happiness and optimism.

A glad heart and mind attract more to be happy and glad about! Increases stamina and strength. Excellent for releasing feelings of self pity and an "Eeyore" type of attitude-- "oh what a gloomy day" sort of energy.


Keyword - Worthiness.

Learning to "mother" and care for oneself and one's own needs rather than becoming a martyr in taking on the needs and wants of others. Feeling good about yourself, knowing that you too are worthy of having your needs met and the best in life. Helps to banish feelings of guilt when you need to say "no" to another's requests, looking out for your own best interests while maintaining strong personal ad business ethics. Supports self-awareness and self-healing.


Keywords - Calm and peace.

Handling crises and the temporary overly full schedule with ease though do keep in mind that as soon as possible the overload needs to be completed and a more balanced schedule resumed. Brings a softness to the personality yet not allowing others to take advantage of you. Setting appropriate boundaries and sticking to them! Helps one to become more aware of when a crises or problem may be in the making so one can take the steps needed to dissipate the energy before it manifests.


Keywords - Career and uniqueness.

Self-confidence, developing a strong sense of individuality that truly reflects who you are. Creating a career that is unique and truly fills a niche rather than simply jumping on whichever bandwagon is currently passing by.


Keywords - Trust in one's abilities.

Believing in your own talents and abilities and actively seeking out those people and opportunities that can help you flourish in these areas. Releases feelings of despair and lingering grief and sadness. Helps to support the body's defenses against negative energy that may lead to illness such as colds and flu.

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