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An important essence for both psychic shielding and wearing away of undesirable conditions. Essence can be used both internally or sprayed in a room to clear negative energies and astral gunk.


Helps to stabilize the root chakra after a traumatic or frightening experience. Helps to instill a sense of faith and trust that the Universe will not leave one hanging but is always prepared to step forth and bring in new opportunities and solutions to difficulties.


Draws good luck, fortunate circumstances, lucky breaks. Very helpful for manifesting that which is desired and bringing completion to that which is ready to leave one's life.


A wonderful essence for assisting a person in getting unstuck, gets energy flowing smoothly again. I personally have noticed that whenever I use this essence or wear Amber that many good things tend to happen to me.


Very calming and soothing, helpful for children or adults who are over stressed/burned out. Helps to release relationships that are going nowhere without pain or heartbreak. Assists both people involved in understanding why the relationship needed to end. In some cases, it can bring about a renewal of the relationship if it is for the good of both people.


An all-purpose spiritual essence, Amethyst also keeps our energy bodies clear of debris and toxicity. When combined with other essences, it is very helpful for drawing prosperity and abundance.

Amethyst/Smokey Quartz/Citrine

Assists in bringing about what is desired into manifestation. This essence is more for long-term goals such as buying a house, business expansion, drawing a marital partner, and so forth rather than for quick manifestation. It also helps to align one's energy field with the energy of right focused will, pulling in protective and stabilizing energies from the earth and remaining grounded while opening the higher chakras.


This essence clears negativity from the aura and the mental body. It is the essence for attaining "Heaven on Earth".


Excellent for those who are resistant to change, fearing the loss of previous lifestyle, circumstances or simply the fear of the unknown. Helps to diminish the uncomfortable side effects of changes, integrating the changes more easily into one's life.


A very important essence for helping people understand that restraints and limitations are self-created, not imposed upon one from without. Helps to release belief systems that are no longer conducive to growth, expands horizons and brings about a sense of hope for the future.


Unites the right and left sides of the brain, so they function in harmony with one another. Opens the Heart Chakra, eases pain and fear held within, increases trust in the self and others. Especially helpful for someone who has lost a soul mate.


The essence of Joy, bliss, and happiness, Apophyllite attunes us to the expectation of good in our lives.

Apophyllite Pyramid

A very powerful essence for bridging this reality and non-ordinary realities. Atlantean, Lemurian lives may be remembered and integrated into the present life. Very useful for examining which direction to move in, what would be the most beneficial path especially for long-term goals.


This essence helps us to realize all that is not for our higher good in a very gentle fashion. This is also an excellent essence for cleansing the third eye and throat chakras.


Excellent for astral travel, reconnecting with one's Star family or group. Eases feelings of home sickness for the stars beyond, stranger in a strange land emotions. Also helpful for seeing that as one door closes, another opens that is of even greater benefit than that which has gone before. When using this essence, it is also important to ground before and after using as it does tend to make one rather spacey.


This is the stone of good luck and prosperity. This essence encourages growth in whatever area we choose to work on. It is an excellent essence for plants as well.


This essence cleanses the mind and allows for insight on dysfunctional habits and thoughts that limit our potential.


Excellent for the solar plexus chakra and remaining committed to one's path even in the face of set backs or disruptions. May be very helpful in getting to the root cause of disease and illness as well as providing insight into healing modalities that may be most useful. Empowers those who are suffering from low self esteem and lack of self worth and also helps to balance those who are overly ego centered and need a little more humility.


Excellent for when needing to stay focused to bring goals into manifestation, being aware of what needs to be tended to and having the energy to do it. Excellent for space cadets, allows one to be grounded, head in the clouds, but feet firmly grounded to make dreams a reality.


Very light hearted, joyful essence that helps a person to realize that we are always in the right place at the right time doing the right things. Draws helpful people, angelic in nature, that have many gifts and blessings to share. Many times these people will appear and then just as suddenly disappear but more always seem to take their place.


This essence helps to access our inner courage, especially when facing the unknown. It assists us in remaining open to the support of the universe.

Blue Lace Agate

Very soothing, this essence helps us to reach alpha states more easily, and releases tension stored in the body. This essence also opens the higher chakras.


An extremely powerful essence for energy work and light workers. This essence gets energy moving, especially through the activation of the kundalini. Creates sacred space, energy, situations wherever it is used. Can also be used to bring things into manifestation, use the essence while focusing on what is desired and seeing it come into being.


This essence helps us to know and take the appropriate actions to manifest our dreams.


The mineral this essence is produced from is very sacred to Native Americans, often being carved to create the sacred pipes. To use this essence is to reconnect with Native ideas, beliefs and roots, to restore the sacred energy so needed by Turtle Island at this time. This essence can and should be sprayed around as many wilderness and city areas as possible, to recreate the valuing of mother earth and all of her inhabitants.

Celestite Geode

Healing the depths of the Soul, especially of past life traumas and feelings of fear and guilt. Opens one to hearing messages from one's spirit Guides and allies, attuning to one's off planet Soul family and is especially helpful for Starseeds who feel alone and alienated on the earth plane. Opens the throat chakra to support the channeling process, empowers healers to select the right tool or healing modality for their clients.


The Life's work essence, what would you love to be doing for the next week, month, or year? What career would you love to create for yourself where you are getting paid, abundantly, for doing what you love? This is the essence to help you not only answer those questions, but how to bring it all about.


Wonderful essence for flowing with changes in life, following through on projects and ideas instead of allowing one's self to be sabotaged by fears. Helps to avoid procrastination and instead to delve into what needs to be done with great enthusiasm and delight! Helps those who are undergoing a seemingly "enforced change" to feel much more comfortable and stable with what is happening in their lives. Excellent for those who find themselves needing or wanting to move to a new home. Helps the person to take root and ground in the new environment more quickly.

Chalcedony Pink

Accepting love from one's Guides and Expanded Self, opening to receive more from the Universe and those around you. Helps to boost one's faith in one's self and to know that your own talents and abilities are greatly needed at this time.


A highly positive essence that helps to remove unwanted implants and negative thoughts and beliefs that poison one's life. It cleanses the aura, balances the chakras, reduces feelings of anger and stress, as well as situations that promote the same. This essence has a way of removing negative people and things when sprayed in one's environment.


A wonderful essence for those who own their own business, it bestows power and the wisdom to use such power wisely in one's day to day and business affairs. I have been spraying this essence in my cash box with some rather interesting results! It appears to amp other manifesting techniques as well, such as creative visualization, meditation, affirmations, etc. It also helps one to get up and moving, doing what needs to be done to promote one's business and career.


A very heart centered essence that promotes the Christ consciousness within as well as assisting one in perceiving those not of this world. Excellent for journeying, understanding symbols seen in non-ordinary reality as well as amping natural psychic talents.

Cuprite with Malachite

This essence alleviates fear and worry by attuning us to the supportive, nurturing aspect of the goddess who loves all her children unconditionally.

Danburite Pink

Helps one to feel the unconditional love of Spirit, knowing you are worthy of having the absolute best in life and trusting that the Universe is always working on your behalf. Releases fear, lack of faith and trust in the goodness of others. Helps one to communicate from a heart and soul level. Raven and Crow people are likely to find this essence to be very helpful for them especially.


Opens and aligns the heart chakra with that if the Universal Heart Chakra for right relationship and love. Promotes success in all endeavors including that of relationships, business, personal and family success. Helps to provide courage for when the going gets rough, knowing that this is just a phase and too shall pass. Also excellent for prosperity and abundance, helps to instill a sense of worthiness to receive all the blessings the Universe desires to bestow. Helpful for finding one's right path in life, that which will bring the most joy and success.


An essence for increase of that which is desired. When using this essence, focus on what is desired only, do not allow for stray thoughts to intervene. It is helpful to make a wish list, reading the list while using the essence and then placing the bottle in dosage strength on top of the list. Do not use stock bottle to do this, as it will program the bottle for that one set of wishes only.


An excellent essence to use for banishing indecisiveness, procrastination, waffling once a path has been chosen from the heart. Relying on intuition to show you the right choices for you, being in a state of grace. Universal support and divine intervention abounds.


An excellent essence both for teachers and students. Supports the ongoing learning process and helps one to understand complex information.


Validating one's perceptions about reality even when others disagree. Your reality is based on your beliefs and perceptions, no two people view reality the same way. This essence also increases clairvoyance and clairaudience, especially when working with higher guides and teachers. It enhances self-love and self-esteem, especially when there has been deep childhood wounding.


Creates a strong magnetic field around the aura to draw what is needed for forward momentum into your life. It also clears the root chakra, and the pathways between the chakras so that the energy flow is kept in balance. Very helpful for Kundalini energy rising up through the chakras, helps to stabilize the process so that the person does not feel overwhelmed but can put the enhanced energy flow to good use.


An Essence of faith and Angels,

to trust in the healing process knowing that what ever course of action you have chosen, it will work for you. Restore hope after dreams are shattered and all hope seems lost. Hopeite helps you to pick up the pieces and start over again, or to empower you to head down a new path that is better than the old.


The essence of joy and gratitude. It brings a fresh perspective to any situation while alleviating tension and worry.

Magenta Fluorite

Another totally awesome essence! This is especially helpful for those who feel out of step with the norm, pioneers, rebels and mavericks are likely to test strongly for this essence. Those with Chiron strong in the natal chart may find this essence to be very helpful in bringing forth new healing tools and concepts. Excellent for those who are way ahead of their time and feel frustrated that others do not seem to understand them. Helps to draw recognition and success, especially for those who are working so hard to heal others and the planet.


Awakens Higher consciousness, stimulates clairvoyance, intuitive awareness. Helps to stimulate both dream activity and recall, lessens negative or frightening dreams, calls in the Angels of love to protect and guide. Draws good fortune and the expectation that things are on the upswing in one's life. Seeing all the possibilities available to you and not settling for second best or just what you think you can have but going for what you really love and desire.

Pink Diamond

A powerful catalyst for opening and healing the Heart Chakra. It anchors the Christ light in the Heart Chakra and transmits it throughout the persons energy system, including the other 6 chakras and the chakras in the hands and feet. It draws Universal Love and support, eases fear, enhances self-love and abundance (Green Diamond combined with the pink is wonderful for manifesting). Also helps the person to speak from the Heart, to infuse one's words with love and compassion yet also standing up for one's self and saying what needs to be said.

Polished Fire Quartz Crystal

Heals traumas from past lives. Lights a fire under one's feet when you need to get moving on something and just can't muster the energy to do so! For those who have been traumatized by violence and feel frozen in their ability to move forward, this may be a very important essence in getting the energy moving again. Helps to instill faith in the present and future, dispels depressing thoughts and feelings and replaces them with strong vibrations of joy.

Quartz Crystal/Elestial

This essence assists us in connecting consciously with "Framework 2," a concept Seth, through medium Jane Roberts, discussed in their book The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events. Framework 2 is where we journey subconsciously to gather energy to manifest in our conscious reality, or Framework 1. By doing so consciously, we are choosing from all possibilities.


This essence helps us to bring the energies of the Higher Self into physical form. It also facilitates communication between the conscious and subconscious minds for release of suppressed material.

Shooting Star Kyanite (black)

Another excellent essence for those who are pioneers or are very unusual in their outlook and life expression. Helps to connect those who are seeking greater expansion and enlightenment with many Master Guides and Teachers, both on and off the earth plane. May be very helpful for students of astrology and physics. Even while reaching for the stars and greater and greater states of expansiveness one still feels grounded and balanced on the earth plane. This essence may also help one to absorb greater amounts of light energy to both enhance the energies of the light bodies as well as repairing damage from cordings.


This essence facilitates new beginnings and brings joy into our lives. It balances the heart chakra and brings about a greater belief and expectation of goodness flowing into our lives. This essence also assists in awakening clairvoyance and telepathic capabilities.

Vogel Crystal

A powerful essence for light workers as it helps to focus energy of specific goals both for personal and planetary healing. May be used to transmit healing and telepathic words of encouragement to others. Helps one to understand more clearly the messages one is getting from Guides and Totems as well as one's Angels.

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