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Pyrope Garnet

Purplish Pink or Blood Red in colour.

Almandite Garnet

Dark Brownish to a Purplish Red Colour that is really lovely.


Purplish red colour, Rhodolite is a combination of Pyrope and Almandite.


Orange to Orange Red.


Orange to Brown in Colour.


An exquisite Green colour.


Similar to Tsavorite but very rare.


Yellow. Also a very rare Garnet type.


Light Green with inclusions that look like horsetails.


Dark Yellow to reddish Yellow


Dark Green to Brownish Green


Clove Brown or Orange Brown






Dark Brown


Blue Green






Brownish black to Pure Black

Garnet Combinations

Rhodolite Garnet/Smokey Quartz

Pyrope Garnet/Diamond

Tsavorite/ Diamond/Green Diamond

Hessonite Garnet/Green Tourmaline


Totem/Garnet Combinations




Henritermierite/Great Horned Owl






Kimzeyite/Grizzly Bear


Andradite/Golden Eagle


Black Tourmaline

Excellent for psychic protection, dissolves negativity in the aura and helps to release painful or toxic emotions. Powerfully grounding. Excellent for use as a shamanic essence for journeying into the void for healing and support.

Deep Blue Tourmaline

Excellent for psychic, intuitive development, dream work and recall. Activates inner guidance, knowing what to do in any given situation. Enhances the ability to see auras, sense energy patterns and blockages, both within the Self and others. This is a very powerful essence for healers and light workers.

Green Tourmaline

Wonderful for the heart chakra, regulates higher vibrational energy flows so one does not feel spacey or ungrounded when working to open the higher chakras. Also opens and balances the chakras in the hands and feet, providing a deeper connection with Mother Earth. Assists with issues of abundance and prosperity, eliminating negative beliefs about money, opening the heart to receive.

Light Blue Tourmaline

Opens the throat chakra. Excellent for teachers, speakers, counselors of all kinds as well as writers. Helps one to speak one's truth and to live in harmony with all beings. Helps to align the meridians, Cleanses negative thought patterns, fears and doubts.

Red Tourmaline

Activates the Root chakra, clears survival issues, inability to ground because of fear of being afraid of being in body. Helps to increase courage, stamina and focus to achieve a goal or complete a project. Excellent for people who dream of doing great things but fail to take the appropriate steps to achieve their goals as it helps to get them up and moving in the right direction.

Rose Pink Tourmaline

Helps a person to give and receive love, following a heartfelt quest and drawing abundant support and assistance from the Universe. An open heart allows the Angels of miracles to enter and to create a reality of upliftment and joy for all. Wonderful for people who have suffered a wrenching blow that leaves them feeling as though their heart has been broken wide open. This essence helps them to heal and mend the broken pieces so they are whole again.

Violet Tourmaline

Opens and balances the crown chakra, drawing in very high, Spiritual energy. Helps to enhance higher guide connections, draws magical teachers and helpers. Linking with the Divine mind through which anything is possible.

Watermelon Tourmaline

Balances Male/Female energies to create a sacred union within the self that can then be reflected into the outer world. This essence impacts all relationships we have with others, as it helps us to

feel whole and balanced within. Brightens and expands the aura, which draws better things, new people and positive situations into a person's life.

Yellow Tourmaline

Activates the Solar Plexus chakra enhancing self esteem and self confidence. Especially helpful for those who feel unwanted or unimportant, thinking they have nothing to share that would be of value to others. We all have been given gifts and talents by Spirit that are greatly needed in the world. Allowing your inner light to shine brightly for all the world to see. You are a star!

Orange Tourmaline

Eases congestion in the second chakra, helps to alleviate stuffiness and coolness towards others, feeling more joy and excitement in being alive. This essence has been helpful for PMS and sever cramping and bloating during the menstrual cycle when Moonstone has not been helpful. It may also be combined with Moonstone for greater relief when the cycle is especially painful or other symptoms are more intense. It sparks greater creativity, more awareness of the abundance one already has along with expectations of even greater good, helps to release blocks to prosperity consciousness especially when combined with Red and Green Tourmalines.

Clear Tourmaline

Activates the higher chakras 8 - 10, clears psychic overload and congestion, helps to alleviate intrusive psychic information that the client cannot possibly do anything with. Especially helpful for Intuitives who tend to dream or have visions of horrifying events that become very overwhelming and disruptive to the client's life. Helps to alleviate mass fear consciousness although one must still take the appropriate measures to insure that one is not subconsciously pulling this kind of frequency in.

Tri-Coloured Tourmaline (Yellow/Pink - Red/Green)

Helps to bring in a greater sense of power and freedom through the lower chakras up through the heart chakra. Helps one to focus on heart's desires and harnessing the will to move towards those goals. Helps to increase physical energy, awareness of blockages in the body, stimulates an awareness of the need for recognition for one's work and activities, insisting on credit where credit is due rather than allowing someone else to take the credit and the reward for one's work and ideas. Helps one to take practical steps and alleviate procrastination and fear. Helps the individual to see themselves as something special that others can respect and look up to.

Reversed Watermelon Tourmaline - Red rind with Black core (Research essence)

This essence so far does seem to be very helpful for those who are going through an extremely difficult time and feel there is no hope in sight. There is a sense of walking out of the darkness and into the arms of the Light and a very loving presence. I have not used this essence with clients as extensively as I would have liked and it is not really a part of the regular repertoire, yet both this essence and a Lavender Tourmaline are starting to push themselves forward to be worked with more frequently so have decided to go ahead and include what I do know about them in hopes that further research will expand the available information on them.

Lavender Tourmaline - (Research essence)

Lavender Tourmaline is a light lavender/blue shade and seems to impact both the throat and crown chakras quite strongly. It has a very peaceful energy, a sense of being surrounded and supported by the angelic realms as well as one Higher or Expanded Self. It helps to release a sense of turmoil, confusion and is wonderful for "letting go and letting God".

Brown Tourmaline - Research Essence

Green Tourmaline in Matrix - Research Essence

Violet Tourmaline in Matrix - Research Essence

Rubellite Tourmaline with Lepidolite - Research Essence

Tourmaline - 11:11 - Research Essence

This is a most unusual tourmaline with a green rind, a dark green to black second rind with a light rose triangle in the center. The stone had been sliced into the shape of a pyramid.

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