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Sapphire Essences

Blue Sapphire

For all forms of communication including telepathy, opens the throat chakra and helps to alleviate writer's block, extreme shyness or difficulty in expressing one's thoughts clearly. This essence is excellent for those who have any bird as a primary totem and may also be helpful in the better understanding of Astrology.

Black Sapphire

Grounding, protection, supports healers and others who have high stress careers. Excellent for release of deep seated anger that has been long term, fear and depression. Helps to stabilize chaotic conditions and may be helpful for those who feel out of balance around the time of a new/dark moon. Those with Owl, Black Wolf or Raven/Crow as a totem may find this essence to be especially helpful.

Green Sapphire

This essence promotes the understanding of dream symbols, heals and supports the opening of the heart chakra, attracts freshness and new growth/movement. It supports one in feeling joyful, awake, aware and very alive. It also helps to alleviate feelings of jealousy by providing insights into how one may also manifest similar goals and desires. Those with Hummingbird, Lovebird, Lizards or Grasshopper/Crickets as totems may find this essence to be especially helpful.

Indigo Sapphire

To reach for "The Impossible dream" with faith and courage. Excellent for strengthening the third eye, acting upon guidance received, stimulates solution/resolution dreams and seeing the truth even in the most chaotic/confusing situations. It is also helpful for understanding and making the best of difficult Uranus/Neptune transits.Those with Wolf, Crow, Lynx or Bobcat as totem(s) may find this essence to be very helpful.

Purple Sapphire

Release from worry, stimulates a sense of peace and freedom. Moving with the flow of life and not trying to direct or control the outcome of a situation but instead handing it over to a Higher Power for resolution. Helps one to advance spiritually and enhances one's ability to live as the Higher Self embodied. Also supports both the root and crown chakras. Those with Eagle, Mountain Goat or Hawk may find this essence to be especially helpful.

Yellow Sapphire

This is the stone of Ganesha, the Hindu God of wealth and remover of obstacles. It is also known as the Merchants Stone, merchants in the far east wear or carry this stone to promote their business and attract success. As an essence it also helps one to create success not only in business but in any area of life where strength of will and perserverance are needed. I also like to offer several drops of this essence in a bowl of water to honour Ganesha and to ask for continued support and blessings. It also helps to enhance self-confidence, self-esteem, trust in the Universe to provide successful opportunities/outcomes. It also helps those who need a "push" to move forward and alleviates procrastination and apathy. Those with Elk, Mountain Lion or Buffalo as totems may find this essence to be especially helpful.

Star Sapphire

Attracts friendships as well as easing communications/breaking the ice to to speak when meeting new people that one would like to be connected more deeply with. It helps to alleviate fears that one will not be liked or respected by others because of past experiences when one felt rejected or unlovable. It also helps to attract wisdom, self-awareness and insight into compulsions/true motivations for one's behaviour. It also helps one to feel fortunate and blessed by recognizing all the good that one has already received. All totems benefit from this essence.

White Sapphire

Purity, elevation of consciousness, attracts high level guides and master teachers. Cleanses all the chakras as well as the aura, stimulates greater understanding of one's purpose and destiny. This is an especially nice essence to combine with Gold Colour essence. Those with White Crane, Swan, Dragonfly and Polar Bear may find this essence to be especially helpful.

Paparaja - (Pink) Sapphire

Research Essence

Orange Sapphire

Research Essence

Research Gem Essences

We have included keywords following the name of each gem essence, yet these are most certainly just the initial indications, so please always use your intuition and inner guidance when choosing essences.

Pink Topaz

Love and Success

White Topaz

Purity and Light Energy, very high vibration

Champagne Topaz


Aqua Green Tourmaline

Dolphin Energy

Smokey Tourmaline

Protection and Balance


Blessings and Gifts


Finding one's way

Lemurian Seed Crystal

Star Link-up

Blue Fire Mexican Fire Opal

Powerful throat, third eye and Crown Chakra opener

Black Opal

Personal power and recognition, very shamanic

Rainbow Flame Mexican Fire Opal

Powerful activator for all the chakras

Tourmaline with Morganite





Releases worry


Success in long-term pursuits

Eosphorite (Gem Pink)

Universal Support and Blessings, loving one's self

Duftite (deep Green)

Releases feelings of shame and inferiority

Black Phantom Crystal

Shamanic Healing, Totem Animal Retrievals, Raven Medicine, removal of implants and cords

Rainbow Crystal

Release of Negativity

Transformation Crystal

Speeds change and enhances inner awareness

Bridge Crystal

Activation of the Higher Self

Transmitter Crystal

Guide connections, Synchronicity

Violet Spinel

Spiritual Evolution

Brown Spinel

Clears confusion and distress

Ouro Verde Quartz

Major energy amplification, Prosperity

Green Rhyolite

Living with Intention, bridge from this world to the spiritual realms

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