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Hummingbird Essences

Hummers are very territorial by nature, especially when protecting food sources. This often leads to what Hummingbird fanciers call "hummer wars." So these essences may be quite helpful in resolving inner conflicts or conflicts between two or more people. Because Hummers are so brightly colored we also feel these may have an impact on the chakras as well and in fact since I began using the Garnet Throated Hummingbird essence I have noticed a real cleansing not only of my root chakra but a willingness to tackle head-on the issues that surfaced. I also found that once the main issue surfaced that it was easy for to me to know the correct healing modality needed and that the issue would be resolved quickly. I also found the following rather interesting: While I cannot claim that this essence was responsible for helping keep my allergy symptoms at bay this time of year, I did notice a marked decrease in my symptoms once I began using this essence. Because Hummers are also referred to as "flying gems" they may also be useful in the resolution of wealth and prosperity issues and may help in Feng Shui "to keep wealth from flying away". They are truly exciting, bright essences that we are very honoured to be able to share with you. We welcome your comments and feed back on these our newest essences! If you want to try one and are unsure which to choose, hold the issue you would most like to see resolved in your life in your mind and heart and then scroll down the list. The one(s) that jump out at you are most likely the ones needed at this time. Or simply choose one based on how it makes you feel intuitively, one that feels the most joyful to you.

Violet Sabrewing

Resolution and clarity, banishes indecisiveness and helps to focus the mind on achieving a set intention. Moving forward with faith and courage, finding one's right path and refusing to let outside circumstances deter you from your goals.

Green Violet Ear

Making a quantum leap to a new point of view, adjusting to new life circumstances and situations with greater skill and ease. Feeling more at peace within your self and comfortable in your own skin. Loving and accepting yourself as you are rather than feeling you must meet someone else's expectations and ideas of perfection in order to be loved.

Green Mango

Allowing for greater sweetness and fulfillment in life. Allowing projects to come to fruition rather than putting them off in the hopes that other goals will prove to be more beneficial. Knowing what to do when that will bring the greatest sense of satisfaction and happiness.

Violet Headed Hummingbird

Hearing one's guides, opens the crown chakra and bestows a strong sense of peace and bliss. Trusting in your ability to know without having to understand how you know what you do. Seeing the perfection in all things and trusting in the flow of the Universe even when it appears that your prayers are not being heard and answered. At just the right moment you will see that the Universe was working beneath the surface to bring the right circumstances about to bring you the answers to your prayers.

Emerald Chinned Hummingbird

Accepting new opportunities and allowing for the unexpected which can bring great happiness and a new path to explore. Making choices that are based on that which gives you a feeling of joy and excitement. Helps to release boredom and expectations that things will never change. Very helpful for when you feel life has given you a knock out punch, pick yourself up and get moving again!

Coppery Thorntail

Increases independence, conscious direction of the life force and one's creative energies. Helps to stimulate a can do attitude. Helps one to become more aware of what makes you feel irritated or is painful but the irritation and pain has dulled due to being present for so long. Inspires one to take the appropriate steps to release the "thorn from one's side."

Blue Chinned Sapphire

Excellent for transits of Saturn that are stressful, helps to reap the benefit of the transit while softening the harsher aspects. Helps one to take greater responsibility for one's life not putting the blame for what happens on others but knowing that you yourself have created it all. This means that you are also the one who can change things without waiting for someone else to change first! Helps to stimulate wealth consciousness, feeling a greater sense of peace and trust that the Universe will abundantly supply all that one needs.

Coppery Emerald

Wonderful for creative visualization and helping one to become more aware of how thoughts and emotions manifest in the life experience. Stimulates greater energy flow on all levels, increases the expectation of good and fortunate circumstances.

Blue Tailed Emerald

Increasing oneness with Spirit. Knowing your true friends with always be there for you and those that choose to leave your life due to their discomfort with the choices you make will be replaced with those who will support and understand you as you are. May assist with hyperactivity as well. Very calming for use after nightmares.

Violet Capped Woodnymph

Greater access to the subconscious and using it's power to create miracles in your life. Greater understanding of the wisdom teachings of the ages and allowing yourself to roam freely throughout the cosmic world. Taking a leap of faith and learning to fly.

Emerald Woodnymph

Using our time, energy and resources wisely. Choosing to bring into our lives only those things which are of true benefit to the self and that also nourish and sustain one's life goals and dreams. Never giving up on a dream or goal but knowing that as one keeps the focus firmly on the prize that it shall either manifest or something even better will manifest in it's place.

Sapphire Throated Hummingbird

We have already received wonderful feedback on this one, very protective yet calm and gentle like a blue lagoon. I also feel it is an important essence for the Upper chakras, especially the throat.

Indigo Capped Hummingbird

This Hummingbird essence helps us to tap in to our intuition and hear it more clearly, it also promotes trust in where we are being led and nags at us like a fishwife when we try to ignore the guidance we are being given! There have been moments when I could almost feel this tiny birds wings beating against my head, saying wake up woman, Lord love a Duck, this is important insight here! Yet it also goes beyond that in helping is to manifest the correct guidance to reach our goals and also has been very helpful for me and a few other very psychic folks when we feel we are getting a lot of extraneous information that we can't really use or offer to others. Hummers are very protective and this essence is also very helpful for psychic invasion and attack as well as clearing prior psychic gunk and debris from homes, cars and businesses. And it is also available in a Myst with essential oils as well which I love to use round the flat as the area we live in can get, shall we say, rather entertaining! I have noticed that since I started misting the flat with this essence and EO combination that LAPD is not flying overhead nearly as often which for a while was getting to be very obnoxious.

Cinnamon Hummingbird

Focusing on success rather than failure, accepting that success is inherent in everything you do. Helps to draw those who can help you reach greater states of success and fulfillment, not taking no for an answer but finding another path up the mountain. Redefining what success means to you personally.

Amethyst Throated Hummingbird

Enhances the ability to express spiritual concepts and ideas to others. Excellent for speakers and lecturers who are desiring to reach a more expanded audience and reach more into the mainstream public. Speaking as your Higher or Expanded Self.

Garnet Throated Hummingbird

Speaking of prosperity and abundance rather than lack. Focusing on what has already been given and giving thanks for it. Helps to clear congestion in the throat chakra that inhibits self-promotion. Valuing your time and energy and as a result others shall do the same. Very helpful for those who find it difficult to charge what they are worth for their services.

Crimson Topaz

Purges old negative energies, frees up vast supplies of inner energies and resources that can be used to create a more expansive reality for yourself. Helps to draw greater resources both material and spiritual, inspires feelings of courage and great strength. "I am now free to pursue my destiny."

Fiery Topaz

Releases procrastination, focusing on priorities rather than allowing other things to pull you off track. Facing life circumstances head on rather than running away in fear or because of feeling an inability to cope. Knowing you can meet and best any challenge.

Rainbow Starfrontlet

Infinite Potential. Seeing the true beauty that is use. Capitalizing on your talents and abilities and sharing them with the rest of the world. Having the courage to shine and allow others to see and honour your worth.

Orange Throated Sunangel

Expressing your sexual needs in a straight-forward and unashamed manner. Inspires and promotes creativity, tapping into the inner muse. Helps those who are reclusive or tend to bank their inner fire out of fear of offending or harming others. Increases self esteem and self confidence, feeling good about who you are in the present moment.

Bronze-Tailed Comet

Overcoming inertia, releases stuck situations, thoughts and beliefs. Helps one to feel enthused and motivated. Excellent to get one up off the couch and moving the body through exercise. Excellent for those who tend to fly off the handle, instead empowering them to express their anger and frustration in ways that are more gentle and conducive to resolving the situation. This is a very helpful essence for getting one's career onto the fast track.

Violet Throated Metaltail

Accessing higher levels of information, maintenance of proper boundaries, raises the frequency of the body allowing it receive more expansive energies from the Universal flow. Helps to draw enlightened teachers and Master Guides and Energy Beings from throughout the cosmos that will enhance and bring great good fortune into one's life.

Magenta Throated Woodstar

Brings alignment to the life purpose, helps one to work more directly with one's Higher Guides, enhances sense of purpose, willingness to go beyond the edge of the known. Regeneration after a set back or long term negative circumstances.

Green Hermit

Assists one in reaching spiritual mastery in this lifetime and turning to support and give a spiritual hand up to those whom are following behind you. Becoming a guiding light for others even as others who are further along the path than you are also turning to support your forward movement.

Sooty Capped Hermit

Dispels confusion, fear, clears negative energies and forces. Repels psychic attack and negative thought forms sent you way. Helps to clear buildings of negative or frightening haunting and violent etheric imprints that have permeated the walls and furnishings in the home or office. Clears negative thought patterns and beliefs.

Cinnamon Throated Hermit

Being more willing to change and accept changes in the life. Amplifies natural healing and transmittal of healing energies through sound and the voice. Helps to bring buried emotions to the surface where they can be examined and released.

Jamaican Mango

Accepting that life is meant to flow easily and naturally. Releasing struggle, fear of success and happiness. Aligns all the etheric bodies towards that which is for one's highest and most joyful good. Helpful for those who live in cooler climates while longing for warmth and sunshine.

Violet Bellied Hummingbird

Aligning one's will with the Higher Will of the Divine for support in manifestation. Increases sensitivity to others, releases the need to always be right even when it is detrimental to one's happiness. Draws more light and healing energy into the aura while expanding it and repairing cracks and holes. Has been useful in the alleviation of pain both mental and emotional.

Blue Headed Sapphire

Allowing the Universe to carry you along, following the flow of the river to the appropriate shore. Moving away from stress and turmoil to find one's place of peace of mind. Making choices based on intuition and then allowing the rational aspect of the mind to help you follow through with the practical application. Draws thoughts of wealth, ease and contentment. Opens the mind of those who are closed down and refuse to acknowledge the spiritual aspects of life. Becoming more aware of the play of spiritual energies in your life.


Helps one to understand one's soul purpose for being and how best to carry that purpose forward in life. Opens and expands the crown chakra which allows for greater sensitivity and understanding of spiritual laws and energies and the impact they have on one's life. This is the Lotus of the Hummingbird essences. Understanding that the Soul purpose is that which has been created in the beginning and is carried forward in time throughout all eternity.

Brazilian Ruby

Strengthens and empowers the root chakra, moving away from destructive influences and circumstances. Being willing to rock the boat if that is what is required to bring healing and wisdom to a life situation. Excellent for those who are called upon to protect and defend others. Helps to combat burnout and stress. Renews strength of purpose, motivation, and enthusiasm for starting over in life.

Tourmaline Sunangel

Enhances one's fame and reputation, doing one's best in any situation and receiving the acknowledgment and support from others who recognize your true talents and abilities. Allowing yourself to become better known through your life's work so that others may benefit from it.

Little Sunangel

For those who feel less than others, for feeling that what one has to offer is not nearly as good as what others can give. Accepting that one has an important role to play in life. Accepting that sometimes the most valuable gifts come in the most unusual ways and packages. Draws sunshine and harmony into the life and radiates this energy out to others.

Red Tailed Comet

Excellent for Uranus in the tenth house of career. Encourages one to take the appropriate risks that one feels guided to take without fearing that one will fall flat. Helps when resources appear to be exhausted, including financial resources. Opens up new channels for money and abundance to flow to you.

Fire Throated Metaltail

Eases feelings of rejection and unworthiness. For those who find it difficult to get moving on new projects out of fear that all the hard work will come to naught. Releases the need for drama in order to feel alive. Enhances a feeling of excitement that something truly wonderful is about to manifest in your life and this propels the manifestation. Eases stress from over work, sets up an energetic force field that is extremely protective and nurturing.

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