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This is a special group of essences that was designed to help people focus on the core issues they may be having with manifesting and to remove those core issues so that the rate and speed of manifestations may be enhanced. They may be used together as a group or as singles. These essences can also be produced based on the Soul energy of the person purchasing them. Essences based on the Soul Energy of the individual are priced the same as our other Soul Energy Essences. In choosing which of these may be appropriate for you we suggest that you go with the one(s) that jump out at you at first glance even though they may not appear from the descriptions to be what you need at this time. Often there are deeper issues at work that must be cleared first and those essences that are appropriate for that will make themselves known to you while your mind is not focused on what you think you should be choosing.


Becoming extremely clear about what truly brings you joy and fulfillment. Sorting through others beliefs and expectations that may be impacting you in negative ways. Not only standing tall in your own truth but also CHOOSING what you yourself want to believe in. Seeing through things that might appear on the surface to be setbacks but in reality are the springboards that will support you in moving forward further and faster.

Trust and Faith

For knowing the whole of the Universe is working with you and through you to manifest your heart's desires and dreams. Knowing that you can do it!


One of the most important elements in manifesting is setting an intention. Once this process is completed, the Universe can move to bring about what you have chosen to manifest.


Focusing on what is desired draws the energy needed for its manifestation. This essence helps you to stay focused on your goals not allowing distractions or fears to interfere.

Personal Power

For knowing deep within yourself that you have the unlimited power of the Universe within you that can create anything you desire. Learning to harness the proper tools that will support you in bringing this power forth, what ever they may be.

The Unified Self

Helps to align all parts of yourself (inner child, teacher, critic, mother, father and so on) so that you and your inner selves are working together in harmony to manifest your life's goals. If further support is needed in this area, the vibrational essence Working at Cross Purposes can be combined with this to help you understand why different aspects of yourself may be working at cross purposes and will further enhance the bringing together of these different selves.


In order for manifestation to occur, we must willingly release what we desire to the Universe and not try to hang onto it because we think that we must do "something" to bring it about. When we allow the Universe to receive our intentions and desires totally, then it will step in to bring forth the energy needed for the manifestation.


Being grateful for what we already have and are. When we are thankful for things, even for those things that have not arrived yet in our current reality, it speeds up the process of claiming and manifesting what is ours by birth right. The more gratitude we feel, the more we are able to manifest.

Master Vortex Essences

There are huge shifts happening on the planet, both in our individual lives and on a mass level. Some of these shifts have been rather challenging for many of us and yet they all point the way to our eventual liberation from the chains of the old order. We are needing to seek out new levels of awareness and conciousness and for many, there is an almost overwhelming urge to evolve even more rapidly than at any other time in the history of our planet. These Master Vortex Essences have been given to me to be produced to help all of us who resonate with them to evolve faster and more deeply than ever before. Vortexes are the containers for unlimited supplies of Universal energy and wisdom, they have been seeded all over the planet and are gaining in their strength and intensity as more and more people become awakened to the greater possibilities that physical life holds. Consciously seeking out and working with these vortexes helps to create quantum shifts and changes in reality that we have never seen before. The Universal Wisdom knew that the time would come when many of us would be in the throes of monumental changes and seeking greater ways of being of greater service to the planet as a whole. Universal Wisdom also knew that at the same time, many of us would be facing monumental challenges on very personal levels as well. These essences are intended to help us move through those challenges with grace and a sense of the Divine Purpose behind these challenges. We were never meant to remain stuck in the challenges but to learn from them rapidly and move on to even greater levels of awareness and Universal Connection. Our Divine Purpose as a whole is to manifest Heaven on Earth.

These are the first 11 Master Vortex Essences. I have listed them in the order they have been given to me. They can be worked with singly or in combinations and as always, I advise that you choose which essences resonate for you the most strongly. They can also be used in order, beginning with the first and moving on through each essence in turn. My own understanding is there is no right or wrong way to work with these essences, simply follow your own Higher Guidance. I have not included a lot of information on each of these essences to be going on with as I do not want to limit the potentials of each. What I have done instead is to give an idea of the energy flow of each Vortex in as few words as possible.

Master Vortex One

The energy of the "Great Awakening".

Master Vortex Two

The energy of the Power of The Soul in physical expression.

Master Vortex Three

The energy of Individual Vortex Connection, your personal Vortex.

Master Vortex Four

The energy of Vortex Alignment with the Chakras.

Master Vortex Five

The energy of Shape Shifting/Re-creating Personal Reality via the Vortex Connection

Master Vortex Six

The Energy of Synchronicity as Higher Guidance.

Master Vortex Seven

Understanding and Attracting Prosperity as Divine Energy through the Vortex Connection.

Master Vortex Eight

Connecting with the Overseers of Vortex Energy for greater understanding and wisdom of their use and potential.

Master Vortex Nine

Connecting with the Higher or Expanded Self as Vortex Energy.

Master Vortex Ten

Beginning of Directing the Flow of Vortex Energy for Healing.

Master Vortex Eleven

The Matrix of Universal Law.

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