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Abdominea Minimiflora

Helps to release cordings that occur through power struggles via the Solar Plexus chakra. Helps one to realize the extent in which personal power is leaked away by continuing to engage in power struggles and redirects the energy into more constructive channels.

Aeranthes Grandiflora

Helps a person to step out of what is known and familiar with faith and courage. Choosing the path that most calls to you no matter what the consequences. Feeling protected and guided in the face of opposition, drawing upon the courage of the Soul and the Higher Self.

Aeranthes Rhodosticta

Very helpful for when we realize that change needs to occur in one or more areas of our lives but we still struggle against it. Helps us to sense what the new will be like so we can make clearer choices as to how to direct the change.

Aerides Odoratum

An essence for adjusting to the changes occurring in our neighborhoods and communities. Especially helpful for those who feel out of place in their community. Helps one to connect with those who become valued friends and allies along the journey.

Amerorchis Rotundiflora

A wonderful essence for those who are very " thin skinned," overly sensitive or who tend to take on other's energy that is not to their benefit. Helps to release the sting of hurtful comments or teasing that happened in childhood and beyond, considering the source and moving forward with greater self-esteem and awareness.

Angraeum Sesquipedale

Also known as the Comet Orchid, this essence is very useful for balancing the energies of Halley's Comet in the natal horoscope. Excellent for those who desire to reach beyond earthly limits to be an example of what is possible for others. Helps to release patterns of self sabotage that could result in a fall from a high position.

Arachnis Flosaeris

For those who feel caught in a web of either their own or another's making. To be able to resist being pulled back into old patterns or situations that you have outgrown and need to leave behind. Seeing the trap before walking into it, paying attention to your thoughts and feelings so you create a reality that is joyful and easy to navigate rather than one that is treacherous and sticky.

Calanthe Vestita

Accessing Universal support, allowing the Universe to carry you forward rather than trying to go it alone. Finding your right place in the larger scheme of things, tuning into Universal will to request that what is desired be now brought into form and realization. Learning how to use the right amount energy to create that which is desired. Using too little means the manifestation may not occur until much later or not at all. Using too much pushes the manifestation away.

Calypso Bulbosa

Sheer Bliss and Joy!

Chilglottis Trapeziformis

Working with Sacred geometry, understanding the building blocks of the Universe, especially as it relates to manifestation techniques. Seeing the connection between thought, emotion and what is experienced as form in your life. Very helpful for students and professional astrologers.

Chytroglossa Aurata

For Angelic assistance, especially during "dark night of the Soul," overwhelming stress or trauma. Very supportive and nurturing for those suffering from severe shock or heart break.

Cirrhopetalum Bulbophyllum

Unites all the different aspects of ourselves (inner child, parent, teacher, critic, philosopher, etc.) so that they work together and are supportive of one another. This then extends outwards into the world through our relationships with others.

Cleistes Divaricata

Heart centered joy and positivity. Helps a person to be open to expect the best life has to offer. Releases grim expectations or fears that things will somehow go wrong no matter how hard one tries to make sure they go right. Feeling worthy of receiving as well as enhancing a persons ability to give from the heart to others.

Hofmeisterella Eumicroscopica

Opens the Miracle chakra, which is located just below the top of the head, enhances a persons belief in miracles, especially during times of stress and troubles. Assists in helping a person to let go of issues so they may be handed over to the Universe for healing and resolution.

Huntleya Heteroclita

Releases deep seated fear and anger from the second and third chakras. Allows the will to create to be freely expressed in the highest capacities.

Kingidium Decubens

Soul centered self-respect. Learning how to value and appreciate the gifts and talents one has brought with them into this earth walk. Not allowing one's gifts and talents to lie dormant, but actively working with them and polishing them into even greater perfection so that they may be shared and enjoyed by all. As a person learns to honor and love themselves and what they have to offer, others will too!

Lemboglossom Bictoniense

Enhances sexual ecstasy, draws the appropriate sexual/ romantic partner to you. Honoring sexual energies as a creative force. May be very valuable when used in magickal rituals and ceremonies.

Saccolabium Hendersonianu

Speaking out about what is bothering you rather than holding it in and exploding. Very helpful for those who allow themselves to be treated like a doormat or are afraid of speaking their truth because it could offend or alienate someone.

Serapias Longipetala

Dream recall, understanding dream symbols, lucid dreaming is enhanced. Intensifies dream activity. It is best to take this essence in cycles, i.e., on for one week and then off for two weeks or what ever cycle feels appropriate to you.

Stenoglottis Fimbriata

Realizing that being able to receive is as important as giving. For depletion of self and resources due to overextending what one has to give.

Telipogon Pulcher

To feel the love of the Goddess for all of creation and in all of her forms. Feeling worthy of asking for and receiving her blessings and support. Helps to release trauma or anger associated with how a person was treated by his/her mother, realizing that the mother is/was human too and as such did the best she could according to how well her ability to cope with life was developed.

Tetramicra Canaliculata

Opens and stimulates the 32nd or grace chakra, which eliminates negative karmic energies. There was nothing for us to be forgiven for all along.

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