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Pleiadian Butterflies

Pleiadian Butterfly One

Helps to identify codes in the Soul's blue print that are causing distress or trauma in this lifetime. Once the cording have been identified, the choice can be made as to whether to change the cording so it becomes of benefit to you or to consciously release it.

Pleiadian Butterfly Two

This essence facilitates the release of stubborn, negative cording and Soul imprints when other methods of releasing them has failed. Excellent when used in conjunction with Full Moon Moldavite for same.

Pleiadian Butterfly Three

This essence is for contacting the keepers of time, inter-dimensional beings who can teach us to navigate forwards, backwards and sideways through time in order to shift events and vibrational patterns.

Pleiadian Butterfly Four

Exploring limitless possibilities, inter-dimensional awareness and connections especially with probable selves and realities. Works quite well with Apophyllite Pyramid Essence.

Pleiadian Butterfly Five

Assimilating Higher vibrational knowledge and frequencies into the DNA structures. Helps to build a stronger light body. This essence has an entirely different frequency than the Akumon DNA essences and yet my guidance suggests this essence would work quite well in conjunction with any of the Akumon DNA essences.

Pleiadian Butterfly Six

Understanding and Harnessing the layers of vibrations that are emitted from sounds within the spoken word, music, animals sounds as well as the vibratory meaning of "noise pollution" and how you can shield yourself from its negative effects.

Pleiadian Butterfly Seven

Understanding and working with the concept of Free Will. This is not as easy as it sounds for the programming within us is to acknowledge that we have free will yet it can still be thwarted by something higher than ourselves. While for each person the truth of free will may differ radically, it is important that we begin the process now of understanding just what free will is and how we may move past any conditioning that does not allow us to experience the truth of free will for ourselves.

Pleiadian Butterfly Eight

Understanding your soul assignment from a cosmic perspective. Tracing your lineage to roots in the distant past in order to own who you were, are and are in the process of becoming.

Pleiadian Butterfly Nine

Shaking up realities, becoming a "systems buster" or one who steps up to the challenging what we think we know of the Universe and reality. Helping others to shift their own consciousness towards higher and higher states of enlightenment simply through your presence.

Pleiadian Butterfly Ten

Completion of Soul lessons within an entire soul family.

Pleiadian Butterfly Eleven

Accessing the appropriate tools and awareness to manifest deep level changes in one's life. Opening to possibilities that one may not have imagined or envisioned and yet acknowledging that these possibilities are there and one simply need to be open to them in order for them to manifest.

Pleiadian Butterfly Twelve

Feeling at one with the entire web of consciousness and creations. Enhances one's ability to attract mentors and guides that have lived on the earth plane in order to benefit from their knowledge and experience in facing the challenges in your own life. Drawing inspiration from ascended Masters as well as Avatars that are currently working in body on the earth plane.

Pleiadian Butterfly Thirteen

Receiving and transmitting non-linear information through telepathy, writing and the spoken word.

Pleiadian Butterfly Fourteen

Deeper understanding of astrological significance and increasing the vibratory rate of the planets, asteroids and comets in your natal chart to a higher level of expression within your own life.

Pleiadian Butterfly Fifteen

Harnessing your imagination and using it to focus on the positive, tapping into it's highest creative abilities.

Pleiadian Butterfly Sixteen

Clearing fears from the cells, DNA and etheric bodies.

Pleiadian Butterfly Seventeen

Understanding that you do create your own reality. You need not create a reality for yourself based on mass fears, concerns and problems even those around you may choose to continue to do so. You yourself can travel to a different reality in which you experience that which you desire from a space of others who are also choosing to create a different reality than that their counterparts are creating in the mass awareness of the earth plane. In a very real sense, you are leveling up to another version of earth reality in which greater joy and harmony is experienced by all others.

Pleiadian Butterfly Eighteen

Honouring the blood mysteries of the feminine, harnessing its creative and abundant life giving power.

Pleiadian Butterfly Nineteen

Extracting and transmitting different vibratory frequencies from the Universe that may not have been experienced on the earth plane before in order to create greater healing and expansion of consciousness for all sentient beings.

Pleiadian Butterfly Twenty

Clearing negative imprints from animals (especially pets). Helps to introduce a shield of protection for the pet that deflects negative thought forms and illness from the owner or others living near the animal. Elevates the vibrational energy of animals to support and empower them in bringing forth their own higher qualities and purpose for being.

Pleiadian Butterfly Twenty-one

Accessing vibrational aspects of mythological archetypes for deeper self-understanding and wisdom.

Pleiadian Butterfly Twenty-two

Profound shifts of consciousness yet remaining grounded and anchored in the earth plane for greater self and planetary alignment and healing.

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