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Rose Collection

Boule de Niege

Pure White Rose

This Rose is for purity and peace, it complements our Dolphin essences very well and is excellent for easing stress, career burnout and helping one to keep focused and on track without overdoing. It assists those who are seeking to open further within to Spirit and the energies of the Universe and draws Angelic help and assistance in times of need. Unexpectedly, friends and support appear when we need it most! It also supports the process of Letting go and Letting God, of handing our problems and fears over to the Universe that we may be filled with peace and happiness within.

Champney's Pink Cluster

Nearly thornless Rose, Pink

A wonderful essence for children and the Inner Child, soothes aching hearts due to loss of friends, relationships or a cherished dream and helps one to open the heart to love and dream again. Draws angelic guidance in understanding why the event occurred and what steps one need_s to take to move through the process in a loving and gentle manner. Excellent for welcoming Babies into the world, misting the birthing area helps to provide a gentle _cushion_ and sense of support for the newborn to feel welcomed and safe!

Dream Weaver

Climbing Rose, Pink

For understanding dreams, dream recall and working with daydreams (which are just as important as our nightly dreams!) Supports those who have long term dreams and goals they desire to pursue but fear they won't be able to accomplish, helps one to open to more help and assistance, knowing that we never have to try and manifest our dreams alone but that Ever Loving guidance, support and practical assistance is available to us in every moment.

Duchesse de Brabant

Bright pink with an intense fragrance

Sometimes we all need to be reminded that there is so much more to this world and reality than what seems to be occurring on a daily basis! This is the wake up call of the Rose essences, to remind us not to get locked into our old ways and patterns of thinking but to remain open and fresh to what each new day may bring. We can_t materialize anything new if we keep telling ourselves each day is like all that came before! We feel this may be an excellent essence for transits of Jupiter in which the Universe is encouraging one to open one's mind and expand one's perceptions and beliefs.

English Garden

Apricot, delightful fragrance

The essence for those feel homesick or out of touch with their "true" environment. Finding a sense of family and home wherever one is living, feeling a sense of being rooted and secure especially when entering new environments such as through an actual household move or job change. Doing one's level best no matter the situation you find yourself in and remaining steady in your intentions and focus.

Glamis Castle


Helps to release blocked and fearful emotions, replacing them with peace and tranquility. Helps to clear beliefs and thoughts that contribute to "bad luck" or feeling "cursed." Taking on responsibilities and duties that you may have felt beyond your capabilities and discovering that you have depths of resources within you that will see the situation through to the end. Never giving up but moving forward at your own pace and trusting your own process.

Lady of the Dawn


Brings faith and trust that a new dawn will appear after the darkest of nights. Soothes storms of the Soul and brings a fresh perspective into troublesome or confusing situations. Clears the mind and heart, bestowing a sense of lightness and joy from within. This essence may be very helpful for reaping the best from transits of Venus through the natal chart.

New Dawn

Rambler, Cream Pink

Moving on from stuck or stagnant situations with love, gentleness and courage. Helps one to express one's true thoughts and feelings from the heart. Eases depression and sadness, especially helpful when applied to the Heart Chakra. This may be an especially helpful essence for healers who tend to become too empathic and thus lose their perspective when working with clients or who tend to take the problems of their clients on to their detriment.

Old Blush

Medium pink

The essence of Love, Courtship and Romance! This is such a lovely heartfelt essence, it also restores hope after a parting of the ways in relationships and supports one in opening to love again when the time is right. It helps to integrate love and sexuality, expressing both in the highest ways that are appropriate for you without fearing the censure or condemnation of others. Again this may be an excellent essence for use with Venus transits, the Venus return or Venus in the 7th house of a solar/lunar return chart.

Rosa Mundi

Striped Crimson and White

Integrating opposites within the psyche as well as opposing forces in relationships and friendships. Helps to insure that both sides are heard and understood so that resolution may occur that is the highest and best good for all involved. Promotes finding peaceful and loving common ground. Eases feelings of abandonment and fear of loss, also helps one to transform deep feelings of rage and anger into peace and harmony.

Sarah van Fleet

Pink with yellow stamens

Understanding the Soul's purpose and finding the strength of will to carry it out. Takes the "sour" out of life and makes it sweet again. Unearthing what is really important to you in this lifetime and not allowing yourself to be pulled off track by the barrage of media hype and social pressure to conform to standards that do not provide "Hyacinths for the Soul." Recognizing that each moment in life is precious and living life to the absolute fullest.

Sacred Geometry Essences

The Square Root of Two

The whole is more than the sum of its parts. Integrating and expressing the essential truth that you are far more than simply "human", as most people think of being human, but are instead a complex and extremely powerful being who has entered the earth plane to express the truth of yourself and see it in manifest form all around you. Shifting from one frame of reference to another, generating great power and energy through the unification of all parts of your being. 

The Golden Ratio

Tracing your lineage through both the earth plane and other realms of existence. Helpful for Star Seed people who feel little connection to the earth plane or wonder what their purpose or mission is here. This essence helps them to define who they are and receive validation for this awareness in abundance as well as understanding one's Soul Purpose and destiny. 

Vesica Piscis

Cooperation within large bodies of groups, both planetary and interplanetary. Understanding the importance and true nature of resonance and how it both feeds and maintains the Soul while supporting the ultimate unfoldment of one's personal and galactic destiny. 

The Merkaba (Flower of Life)

Attunement to the Akashic records, accessing information for other realms and lifetimes that is pertinent to you current life challenges and issues. Clearing old karmic energy through the raising of the auric vibration so that all accounts are automatically brought into balance. 


Increased flow of communication between the Self and Universal Mind. Supports individual understanding of spiritual/metaphysical concepts and principles which in turn allows the person to more easily release problems and challenges through thought forms rather than always needing to take direct physical action that may not produce the results one is seeking. When physical action is required, the individual will know precisely what action to take and no more, thereby keeping in reserve more of their physical, mental, and emotional energy that can then be channeled into evolving further on all planes. 

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