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Soul's Energy Tarot Major Arcana

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Soul's Energy


Major Arcana

The Fool

Taking a leap of faith, following and trusting in one's inner guidance.

The Magician

Drawing together the powers of manifestation and magic, new beginnings.

The High Priestess

Clairvoyance, unsealing the Akasha, higher wisdom.

The Empress

Nurturing, giving birth to creativity and abundance, fertility.

The Emperor

Integrating the inner male, building strong foundations.

The Hierophant

Being one's own authority, bowing to a higher power, trusting in one's wisdom.

The Lovers

Integrating the inner male and female, soul mate work.

The Chariot

Moving forward with great conviction and energy. Nothing stands in the way.


Marshaling one's forces when feeling depleted. Drawing in greater and greater amounts of life force.

The Hermit

Seeking inner guidance and wisdom. Deepens spirituality. Becoming a teacher for others.

Wheel of Fortune

Acceptance of cycles. Changing one's luck through knowing what actions to take.


Taking responsibility for one's creations and reality.

Hanged Man

Surrendering to a higher power. Giving up to gain wisdom.

Death and Rebirth

Death and rebirth. Transformation. Rising like the Phoenix from the ashes.


Integrating all aspects of one's self. Alchemy.

The Devil

Accepting the shadow side as a source of strength and deliverance.

The Tower

Shattering blockages, preconceived notions, old limiting beliefs and structures.

The Star

Hope and Grace. Following one's star. Dreaming dreams that come to pass.

The Moon

Deep inner psychic and psychological work. Understanding one's dreams, dream incubation for problem solving.

The Sun

Radiant Solar energy that is now available to you. Direct this energy wisely.


Hearing one's Higher Self and acting upon its guidance.

The World

Breaking free from limitations, finding the core of one's self.

Minor Arcana


Ace of Wands

Starting a new journey, new job or new adventure in life.

Two of Wands

Intense creative energy that is balanced and focused.

Three of Wands

Drawing in the energy required to manifest ones full creative potential.

Four of Wands

Celebrating life, making maximum use of the energy available to you.

Five of Wands

Taking stock of what has occurred, making necessary changes, group endeavors.

Six of Wands

Victory, success in one's endeavors, knowing that one is already a success and reaping the fruits of that success.

Seven of Wands

Choosing what is worth fighting for and sticking to it. Proving one's self in battle or competition.

Eight of Wands

Dynamically releasing energies towards a goal of great importance. Harnessing energies that had been previously lost or scattered.

Nine of Wands

Meeting face to face with your greatest fears and mastering them.

Ten of Wands

Developing a sense of responsibility that is not overly burdened by caring for others or taking on more than you can handle. Visions that are blocked.

Page of Wands

Being open to one's creative impulses and acting upon them.

Knight of Wands

Fiery energy that boosts creative projects, helps one get the job done.

Queen of Wands

Business concerns, conflicts with women in authority.

King of Wands

Developing mastery over your life as an ongoing creative process.


Ace of Cups

Emotional commitment is crucial for the growth and development of any goal or circumstance. Passion for the process that allows things to flourish.

Two of Cups

Moving towards greater spiritual expression. Healing through love.

Three of Cups

Disciplining one's self so that the garden of your life can flourish .

Four of Cups

Going within to find answers to questions or long standing problems. Receiving assistance and support unexpectedly.

Five of Cups

Transcending loss, fully experiencing grief so it can be released.

Six of Cups

Giving and receiving, forgiveness and childlike acceptance of the world.

Seven of Cups

Creative visualization, learning which goals have true power and are able to fulfill you.

Eight of Cups

Moving beyond difficult experiences. Learning to say no to those who take and never give.

Nine of Cups

Creating one's reality. Moving beyond Maya and not getting complacent about past achievements.

Ten of Cups

Dreams that can come into being, but must still be worked for. Mending relationships with family.

Page of Cups

Awakening to one's inner love and guidance.

Knight of Cups

Dissolves emotional blockages, flowing with one's true emotions.

Queen of Cups

Tapping into one's clairvoyant abilities, sharpens intuition, becoming one with the sea of consciousness.

King of Cups

Drawing support and assistance from others in order to master your emotions and goals.


Ace of Swords

Focusing one's consciousness, taking the necessary steps to achieve what needs to be done.

Two of Swords

Going within to balance logic and intuition. Freeing one's self from fear and limitation.

Three of Swords

Healing past wounds, heartbreak, fear of loss or failure.

Four of Swords

Needing to meditate, to withdraw from the world in order to reemerge rejuvenated.

Five of Swords

Restructuring fragmentation, releasing the desire for revenge, transcendence.

Six of Swords

Transitions, moving from one place or state of consciousness to another.

Seven of Swords

Using your talents and abilities with honor.

Eight of Swords

Releasing one's self from self-imposed prisons of the mind.

Nine of Swords

Walking into the heart of depression and fear, wakening from the nightmare that one has created through false beliefs.

Ten of Swords

Letting go of a no-win situation so a new opportunity can present itself.

Page of Swords

Pursuing a new path that is unfamiliar, but fulfilling.

Knight of Swords

Gathering together the energy required to continue on the new path.

Queen of Swords

Learning to ask the right questions of your intuition in order to speed progress on the new path.

King of Swords

Gaining mastery over the new path, discriminating between wishful thinking and the truth.


Ace of Pentacles

Clarifying what keeps abundance and prosperity from your life.

Two of Pentacles

Balancing what is needed with what is wanted. Weighing what really matters and what is a burden for your path.

Three of Pentacles

Doing work that you love, carving out a special niche that is life affirming, mastering the skills required to make your career a success.

Four of Pentacles

Finding security within, mastering the techniques of manifestation.

Five of Pentacles

Releasing the shadow of poverty through releasing fears and negativity about money.

Six of Pentacles

Giving with no strings attached, feelings of abundance and plenty, sharing gifts with others.

Seven of Pentacles

Facing the fears that arise while waiting for your efforts to bear fruit. Releasing expectations and expecting that only the best will occur.

Eight of Pentacles

Sharing what you have learned with others in a tangible way. Mastering new techniques and building confidence in one's ability to succeed.

Nine of Pentacles

Enjoying what has thus far been achieved. Allowing yourself the freedom to enjoy what you have worked for and earned through your own efforts.

Ten of Pentacles

Building lasting structures in the world that can be passed from one generation to the next. Using what previous generations have passed on to you. Mastering the material world.

Page of Pentacles

Tapping into the wisdom of one's prosperity self.

Knight of Pentacles

Following through on the guidance of one's prosperity self and allowing the energy to increase.

Queen of Pentacles

Attracting healing energy on all levels, infusing one's prosperity path with Divine influence.

King of Pentacles

The climax of the energy, drawing abundance and prosperity on all levels. Mastering the techniques of creating matter from the source.

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